Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission

The Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission was established and operates pursuant to Article 5 of the Agreement signed in Algiers on December 12, 2000 between the Governments of the State of Eritrea and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (the “December Agreement”). The Commission was directed to “decide through binding arbitration all claims for loss, damage or […]


by Mr Ibrahim Haj   06-12-2004 As we grow up in Eritrea there used to be a perception. People perceived that everything that came from Asmara was the best. There was a strong belief that the people from the capital city were good at everything.  They talked better, walked better, sang better, played football and told […]


by Mr Ibrahim Haj   29-11-2004 Elsa was sort of a spoilt  young, high school girl. She was very popular at her high school.  Prince Mekonnen High school, in Massawa. She was very attractive. A cut above the rest. Her dad  adored her. Her mother had died when Elsa was only 5.  She could not remember […]

What our young abroad, miss.

by Mr Ibrahim Haj 21-11-2004 Some times, I just can’t help feeling sorry for our young. Boys and girls alike. For those born and brought up outside Eritrea. Those who were not lucky enough to grow up in Eritrea. They have missed on a lot of things. Not of their own making, of course. But […]

5 Demonstrations in one day with a Blessing from above

5 Demonstrations in one day with a Blessing from above

Oct 10 2004 Delegations of Eritreans from major cities within Australia, namely Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane have gathered in the capital city of Australia to deliver a memorandum in support of Eritrean refugees to various bodies. The demonstrators arrived to Canberra bringing with them much needed rain, it was indeed a blessing, making the day […]

Teklemaryam Merkhazion, Official of Eritrea Orthodox Tewahdo Church in Jail

8  Oct 2004  Mr Teklemariam Merkehazion is a 62 year old official at the Orthodox Tewahdo Church was summoned for questioning by government security agents last April. His family, relatives and close friends are still looking for him but no one seems to know about his whereabouts at the moment.  A reliable source informed […]

Reconciliation or Rehabilitation?

When this page was constructed, it had specific ambition. That was to open a culture of a civilized dialogue among Eritreans and bridge the differences of opinion. Based on that principle, we are introducing a series of articles under the heading of “Alphabet of Eritrean politics” written by Mr. Omar Jaber. It’s our hope that this […]

A Letter To The Eritrean Youth “Please Don’t Go….To Sawa”

By Farajat Team July 01 2004 It is deeply regrettable that valued members of the Eritrean community abroad have decided to embark on an ill advised trip to the state of Eritrea despite the current political dynamics of the nation. The Eritrean government has systematically and repeatedly repressed the democratic values we hold dear in […]

Mr. Adhanom Ghebremariam In Toronto

Mr. Adhanom Ghebremariam In Toronto

Seminar concluded successfully August 31, 2002 The seminar opened with introductory remarks from the co-chairs of EriForum that sponsored this historical seminar. The introduction was made in Arabic and Tigrigna mainly highlighting the principles and objectives of EriForum. EriForum Toronto has encouraged such civil forums to continue mushrooming all over the world wherever Eritreans are, […]