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VOA correspondent freed in Eritrea 16 journalists remain in secret jails

New York, March 3, 2005—The Committee to Protect Journalists has learned that Voice of America (VOA) correspondent Aklilu Solomon has been released after almost 18 months in jail. He was freed on December 31, 2004, and is said to be in poor health. Solomon was arrested in July 2003, after the VOA broadcast his report […]

ECMS will launch a new website

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –4/4/2005   In a move to intensify its services the Eritrean Center for Media Service will launch a website in the coming two days, the center announced here in Khartoum on 5th of Aril 2005. The center which had been known by the abbreviation ECMS is launching its website […]

419 students fled to Sudan

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) 3/4/2005   The flow of Eritrean youth is increasing,the latest number of new arrivals to Kassala in April has reached 448 our source asserted. According to the source, most of the new deserters, are students who have taken leaving certificate examinations in Sawa. The exact number of students is […]

Red Sea Governor’s Son has fled to Sudan

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –3/4/2005         As a continuation to the constant flow to Sudan, son of Red Sea zone governor, Ibrahim Totil has fled his country and came to Sudan on 31 of March 2005 reporters asserted from kassala. The son of the governor named Asrar Ibrahim Totile was a student in […]

ቻርተር ንፈተውቲ ክእክብ’ምበር ንጸላእቲ ከዕግብ አይኮነን ዝፍጠር

ኤ.ዲ.ግ.(ስ.7 ውድባት) ክፍሊ ዜና ሚያዝያ 02-2005 ዝመድናታት 1.    ውድባዊ ፖለቲካዊ ፕሮግራም 2.    ኪዳናዊ ቻርተር 3.    ሃገራዊ ቅዋም መእተዊ፡ ንወድዕነት ብእንታይነቱ ማለት በቲ በጺሑዎ ዘሎ ደረጃ ምዕባሌ ኣጽኒዕና ንባዕልና ካብ ዝነበርናዮ ንላዕሊ ማዕቢልና ብታዓጻጻፍነት ናብ ረብሓና ከነውዕሎን ክንሰርሓሉን እንተዘይበቒዕና፡ ወድዕነት ክገዝኣናን ክረግጸናን ይነብር። እቲ ኣብ ቅድሜና ተዘርጊሑ ዘሎ ሓቂ ክኣ ንሱ ኢዩ። ሎሚ እዛ ንርእያ ዘላ […]

General Secretary of PFDJ hinted out his government’s intervention in Sudanese affairs.

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –1/4/2005            Mr. Alamin Mohamed Seed, the general secretary of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice the only ruling party in Eritrea has disclosed his governments intervention in the internal affairs of Sudanese under the cover of proximity, in a speech he made with the Al Jazeera […]


መክት ጸላእትኻ ከትክት ክተት ናብ መሬትካ ሰተት ረ.ክ. (ባሻይ) ሚያዝያ 01-2005 ሕጂኸ ‘ታይ ይብሉ ብዓል ሙጒያ ጒድ ረኺቦም ሳረምኦም ተኻዕያ መኽደን ዕትሮ ስኢኖም ጥፍረርያ      ነዊሕ ተጓዒዞም ብፍትሊ      ተቓሊዖም ተለሊዮም ብዕሊ      ቀምሽ ውሽጦም ወጺኡ ብላዕሊ ካቲማ የብሉን መታለሊ ሕልኩስ ፍጥረት ኣብ እቶን ዝበሊ መዀስ ሓምሊ ጠበንጃ ናይ ጻሕሊ      ፈኲስ ዕጥቂ ሽራርኡ ጨርቂ […]

Kalifa called for peaceful resolution to the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –30/3/2005 The chairman of the executive office of the Eritrean democratic alliance Mr Hussien Kalifa has reiterated the need for both Eritrea and Ethiopia to act in accordance to the boundary commission to resolve their border dispute, in a briefing he made yesterday 29 March 2005 while leaving to […]

ቓለ መጠይቕ ምስ ኣቶ ዓንደብርሃን እስቲፋኖስ

ጋልፍ ኢንፎርሜሽን ሰንተር(ጋኢሰ) ካርቱም ዕለት መጋቢት 26,2005              ክቡራት ተኸታተልትና ጋልፍ ኢንፎርኔሽን ሰንተር (ጋኢሰ) ምስ ኣቶ ዓንደብርሃን እስቲፋኖስ ቓለ ምልልስ ኣካይዳ። ኣቶ ዓንደብርሃን እስቲፋኖስ ገዲም ተጋዳላይ ኣብ ልዕሊ ምኻኑ ካብ ግዜ ንእስነቱ ኣትሒዙ ሙሉእ ሂወቱ ኣብ ቓልስን ምህናጽ ሃገርን ዘበርከተን ዘበርክት ዘሎን እዩ።ገዲም ተጋዳላይ ዓንደብርሃን እስቲፋኖስ ንመንግስቲ ኤርትራ ብምውካል ኣብ ምምላስ ስደተኛታት ኤርትራዊያን ናብ […]

Eritrean Workers union strengthens it’s relations with Arab workers Union

Eritrean Centre for Media Services (ECMS) –29/3/2005 The Arab workers union for the agriculture, food production and fishery has asserted its stand with the general union of Eritrean workers, in his second conference which run in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan starting from 27  to 28 march. The union has pledge to give its full […]

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