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Journalists in 2010 targets and bargaining chips

Published on 30 December 2010 Figures in 2010 57 journalists killed (25% fewer than in 2009) 51 journalists kidnapped 535 journalists arrested 1374 physically attacked or threatened 504 media censored 127 journalists fled their country 152 bloggers and netizens arrested 52 physically attacked 62 countries affected by Internet censorship Fewer killed in war zones Fifty-seven […]

Prominent journalist arrested, ex-prison guard reveals fate of other detained journalists

Published on 12 May 2010 As World Press Freedom Day was being celebrated on 3 May, Eritrea continued to be the world’s worst country for journalists with around 30 currently held incommunicado in the most inhumane conditions and more arrests still being made, such as that of Said Abdulhai, one of the country’s most famous […]

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