Call for generla meeting inclusive of all Eritrean   justice seekers living in greater TORONTO area (GTA) and surrounding cities

History shows that Eritrean justice seekers living in GTA and surrounding cities have played a leading role in confronting the dictatorial regime of Eritrea and its operatives in Toronto. We have highlighted the plight of Eritreans who were forced to leave their beloved country and family but fell into the hands of human traffickers or perished in the Sahara as well as the Sinai deserts, only to drown in the ferocious Mediterranean waters trying to reach Europe. We raised the awareness of Eritreans and Canadians alike.


Friends now more than ever we have moral obligation to re-double and re-focus our efforts to highlight the plight of thousands of Eritreans fleeing the inhumane treatment they are enduring at the hands of their own government in Eritrea. We have to expose the dictatorial regime of Eritrea for what it really is.


United we shall overcome the dictatorial regime and save our people and our beloved country. To this effect and based on the understanding at the meeting of the New York rally we are here by calling General meeting inclusive of all Eritrean justice seekers who are living in the GTA and surrounding cities.


Date:          December 13, 2015


Place:         729 St. Clair Avenue west (inside St Matthew United

                           Church hall   West of Christie St, at Rushton Rd)


Time:          3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Main Agenda: 1. Update the October 29/2015 New York Demo

  1. Discus and plan our next move.


Thank you


Provisional Committee of Justice Seekers Toronto

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