Press Release


Press Release

Eritrean Liberation Front UK – London

about the circumstances of the detention of the Sudanese authorities militant commander Hussein Khalifa, chair person of the front and  the struggling colleague Abdulah  Saleh Hamdoy Member of the Executive Committee


Summoned the Sudanese security authorities in January 30 fighter Hussein Khalifa to offices under detention without clarifying the reasons of the phenomenon of sleep on surprise and disapproval, then caused by  Abdullah Hamdoy, a member of the executive leadership of the front it is worth mentioning that Khartoum authorities had sided and offered full to the bandits in Asmara after the signing of the Agreement on Asmara between Sudanese government and East Front in the 2006, this option, the Eritrean Liberation and all the forces of the Eritrean opposition, we respect the choice of and consider the options of the Government of the Sudan in dealing with the gang of Asmara the For its part,

what we reaffirmed here is  Eritrean liberation front and the Eritrean forces of change in general, any political activities in the sense of the Sudanese lands and the world knows that the Sudan had closed all the offices of the Eritrean opposition and that the latter had transferred their activity to Ethiopia, either to deal the security authorities in the Sudan through the organs of the repressive regime in Eritrea residing in the Sudan opponents of Asmara gang is considered a dangerous sign which can affect the relation  between the two peoples, especially in the Sudan thousands of Eritrean refugees who left their homes and forced the policies of a gang Isaias. What should everybody knows also that the peoples of Eritrea and the Sudanese have historical and cultural ties are better acquainted with the near of kin and the people of Eritrea did not forget the universally recognized role of the people of fraternal Sudan in support of the struggle of the people of Eritrea against Ethiopian colonial concern of refugees on its territory. It was the role of the Sudanese political powers of the various components of the play a supportive role in the issue of the people of Eritrea in their struggle for independence, all the supervising attitudes live restored influence during the October Revolution 1964.

We deplore the step of others are justified by the Sudanese government to arrest the leaders of the Organization, we call upon them to bear the immediate release, we hold the Sudanese government what commencement lending from harm.

Freedom leader Hussein the Chairman of the Eritrean Liberation Front

and his companion struggler Abdullah Hamdoy.

Eritrean Liberation Front – United Kingdom- London





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