Memo Submitted to Swedish Government

Memo Submitted to. Date 2016-07-11

Swedish Government
Swedish Parliament
Human rights Institutes

Dear Madams/Sirs,
We, the undersigned representatives of Eritrean political and civil society organizations and community members residing in Sweden, have jointly decided to submit to you this urgent message regarding the latest resolutions of United Nations Human Rights Council based on the reports of the Commission of Inquiry on human rightss violations due to this extremely critical situation in our country of origin, Eritrea. We submit this appeal that seeks your most immediate attention and action against:
– All illegal activities including the Festivals held every year in Stockholm of the PFDJ in Sweden handled by the young PFDJ (YPFDJ), a youth Diaspora – of the ruling party which was formed and operates under the patronage of Yemane Gebreab, the adviser to Isaias Afwerki, the president of the Eritrean regime.
– We urge the Swedish Parliament and Government to investigate the role of the Eritrean official emissaries in Sweden as well as in the European Union. It also requests the Governemnt of Sweden to investigate of the activities of all affiliated associations / Ideella föreningar of the PFDJ that operate as quasi-community organizations.
We also urge that the Swedish Government/ Immigation Department also curtails access of the PFDJ affiliate entities from accessing centers where asylum seekers stay. In financial aspects, this means that subsidies provided to the affiliated organizations must be stopped.
The European Union resolution to be granted a 200 million Euro to Eritrea should be reconsidered and must not be given without strict conditions, in this case Swden as a member of the EU must put pressure to stop these grants.
We urge the Swedish Governmnt and Parliament to investigate asylum seekers of the Eritrean dictators supporters. There are thousands who sought asylum affiliated with Government of Eritrea running illegal financial transactions and spionage.”
As you know, recently the UN Commission of Inquiry on the human rights situation in Eritrea has recommended to the Security Council to refer Eritrean officials to the persecutor of the International Criminal Court.

With this in mind , we would like to recommend the Swedish Government and Parliament based on this referal ask the PFDJ delegation visiting the Sweden on the occasion of the PFDJ Festival that will be held in Stockholm from 28/7- 31/7-2016

Trusting that you will give due attention and appropriate action on the above, we remain,
Respectfully yours,

Political and civil society organizations in Sweden

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