Huthi forces stationed in the island of Hanish and Zagar launches missiles to the Eritrean Navy and air port base in Assab

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Red Sea Afar Democratic organization

September 20, 2016 AD


maperi-yemen The firing of rockets comes after Eritrea received 5,000 members of legitimate government of Al hadi to give military exercises in Eritrea’s land to face the houthi rebels. Al huthi rebels accuse Eritrea’s government cooperation with the Arab Coalition. Our source, also, confirmed that Eritrean authorities had imposed a tight security cordon in the area and warns Fishermen in moving in and out of those areas.

Hanish and Zagar islands were replaced border disputes in 1994 between Eritrea and Yemen. Two countries took the case to international tribunal, in which the two islands ruled in favor of Yemen in 1998.

We all remember in the past that Eritrean authorities sheltered both Alhuthi and Ali Abdella salih forces giving them military and training and Security support creating destabilization and instability in Yemen and the Region. When some new events appeared in political scene of Yemen with the help of Arab Coalition forces to support the legitimate Al hadi Government, the Eritrean Authorities changed their evil game and sided with the coalition forces and alhadi government in order to obtain financial, political and military gains


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