A response to Fesha Nair’s recent articles

Managing interorganizational Relations and Unity on what and how?

By Zemeheret Andemicael Seare From the land of Bogos (Sharki)


The objective is to engage positively and highlight the different views such that the reader and our people benefit in understanding the difference in visions, approach and choices of solutions to the Eritrean problem, especially the debate on the right of Eritrean nationalities, minorities and the difference on the path presented;

First, how far the debate has progressed;

Helped by the voices, projects, programs and work of organized and unorganized opposition a significant political growing has been registered which I hope we will continue to build on.

Not withstanding the failures of the opposition organizations, I believe they all have the right to exist and a role to play. We know they all have different philosophies and different programs, hence the different organizations.

The debate continues until an acceptable formula is found for us Eritreans to live in peace within and without our borders.

The aim of this article is to illustrate and point out how the two articles Brother Fesha Nair authored recently have the potential to muddy the progress attained in our national debate so far.

The fall-out befallen to EDA (kidan) in its last conference is heart braking for many Eritreans and especially to those actively working and sacrificing more of their life in the opposition to say the least. However observing the refraining and abstaining from bashing, tearing and bloodying each other through media-war between the protagonist organizations and their cadres, I thought EDA leaders have evolved to conduct them-selves in a civilized way in this last crisis.

In contrast to the contents of many articles he authored in the past, Fesha either chose or is forced to break the welcome phenomenon of limiting inflammatory comments and intra feud of the opposition.

Fasha Nair’s articles

In his article, ”Managing interorganizational Relations” Fesha Nair not only broke the unannounced seas-fire or moratorium of refraining from finger pointing, accusations and counter accusation that the opposition politics suffered in similar fall-outs and differences, but contradicted himself several times making diametrically opposite statements in one breath.

To avoid going to details of Mr. Nair’s articles I will only invite the reader to read the articles. http://www.farajat.com/english/writers_corner/articles_2007/Fesseha_Nair_23_4_07.htm

http://www.nharnet.com/May_2007/Fesseha_Nair_May0207.htm  by Mr. Nair and two articles by Asfaha Weldenkel  http://www.nharnet.com/April_2007/Asfaha_Woldemic_April2907.htm And http://www.nharnet.com/May_2007/Asfaha_Woldemichael_May0507.htm

No matter how one looks at the two recent articles by Mr. Nair, the intention is clear, it affords us no advancing of the debate no vision or solution to the problem in front of us. What ever the motive may be the intent is clear, to take jabs at ELF-RC.

Turning the wheels of the debate back words

I found the two articles to be good only in muddying and turning back wards the debate.

Anyone can see that Mr. Nair made a blanket indictment on ELF-RC and its Cadres and insulted the intelligence of his readers with his faint claims of separating the people from the problem on one hand and poking on ELF-RC and its members on the other.

Leaving judgment of Mr. Nair’s articles to the reader let us focus on what is beneficial.

For this let me take the reader’s attention to ELF-RC from its members’ perspective of rights of the Eritrean people, regions, nationalities, and religion within a united country in contrast to Mr. Nair’s perspective of assuring rights of nationalities by slicing the country to its lowest communities. Mr. Nair sunk so low as far as inviting and openly calling people from his region and tribe to join his EFDM with implicit and explicit claims of freedom from domination by Mendefera people in the ELF-RC. As disgusting and regurgitating they are Mr. Nair’s articles and views got the rebuke they deserve on a personal level, by my friend Asfaha Weldenkel. On organizational level the ELF-RC’s stand and vision is clear.

The ELF-RC while doing every thing to find common ground and common solution in cooperation with all political and civil parts of the country as an equal partner has been exerting steady efforts in evaluating and renewing itself. Our vision is a united decentralized political administration. The ELF-RC discourages regional, religion or ethnic politics instead encourages and offers the choice for common growth in a united country. The organization has published and revealed its vision and solution to the historical impass we find our country in this day and age through its national congress resolutions. The Keren region and the Bilen ethnic sitting at the center of Eritrea have been known as a model of homogeny and peaceful coexistence in the country. One shudders at the backward views of Mr. Nair as Eritreans first, those from Keren region second and especially to us from the ethnic of Bilen. As a choice of different walks of life known to Eritrea, ELF-RC still is representative to the Keren region, all the regions ethnics and religions and all parts of our people. But this did not come by false promises and fallacy politicking rather by choice of those who chose the organization for its history, vision and contribution. Before we refer to any foreign history I encourage Mr. Nair, his readers, to look at our own history with the fallacy and consequences of Nhnan Alamanan and compare if there is any difference from the message and call Mr. Nair’s is making with his recent articles. Known to all who follow the journey of the opposition is the size of Mr. Nair’s organization, what nationalities, ethnic and religion it is made up. But to satisfy Mr. Nair’s line of thinking let me divulge the secret that the size of our region and ethnic within the ELF-RC is ten to twenty times the combined size of EFDM and thanks but no thanks for the offer we are here to remain united rather than heeding or following disgruntled dooms day calls by disgruntled elements who at the end of their life want to burn and destroy every bridge behind them.

Since most or all of the confusing blanket claims, and smoke screen Mr. Nair cast, has been dispersed aproriately by my brother Asfaha, my advice to Mr. Nair is One do not insult your readers by treating them us ignorant who could not understand and follow the debate. Second please leave some bridges and not leave your people in despair and abyss without hope of unity communality and progress. As members of ELF-RC, our ethnic, region and people we stand for the right and success of every Eritrean within a united country and we intend to strife to achieve this goal.

Glory to our martyrs

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