Do the Eritrean Opposition Political Organizations own the struggle from Dictatorship to Democracy in Eritrea?

By Fesseha Nair


I have been reading and following the process of building of alliances and partnership inside the opposition camp since 20 years in the past period. All the alliances and partnership failed to succeed and succumbed to factionalism and internal disagreements.


The root causes of this factionalism and internal disagreements depends on that these organizations have no ownership and freedom of their own but stirred by foreign interest  nations neighbouring Eritrea.


It is also an inherited political legacy from the very beginning of Eritrean nationhood and spread inside all political and civic organizations.  Today,  the Eritrean opposition either political or civil society is contaminated by prejudices and hate politics based on ethnic and religious identities. Such cleavages can risk the Eritrean nationality and Eritrean identity.


As I see the opposition in the past 20 years couldn’t built a united common platform that can gain the trust of the people in Eritrea and the draw the attention of the international  can be community.


What is ownership?  Much has been written about the importance of ownership and leadership in the Eritrean Opposition.


Ownership is the main factor to develop or change in your way of life and have self -confidence that you can change your position by your own self.  Ownership can be described as the ability to decide without exterior control. Looking with perspective , the Eritrean Opposition in Ethiopia do not own their struggle from dictatorship to democracy. Organizations with exterior control cannot have their  own initiatives and cannot be proactive and dynamic.


The past 20 years of the Eritrean Opposition meetings with different names and occasions in Ethiopia has never produced  a healthy and strong united opposition but instead splittring and confusion. This must be studied and find out the causes why all are failed.


I have been informed that the Eritrean Opposition Political organizations are going to meet in Addis these days. What is required from them  is first to assess and reassess if they own the struggle from dictatorship to democracy, be clear, what the Eritrean people wish and desire, establish a genuine national alliance accommodating all forces for democratic change regardless of their affiliations.


The writer of this notice is just involved in searching  a model that can provide skills and knowledge for the moderates who can accommodate these diversities to own the struggle and have their free and independent decision.



More on this will soon follow……………………..

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