Refugee Day Assessment of NUEY/NUEW by the Tyrant’s Menus

June 20 is the International Refugee Day.  It is a day to be observed as a day to sympathize with all refugees of the world.  Listen to their stories and try to understand their sufferings at the hands of their abusive governments, governments that failed to react to their daily problems and forced them to live like animals.  The call of the day is to involve as many people as possible to help remove suspicious and dubious information about the world refugees in order for them to be accepted by countries that are offering resettlement programs.

Although our welcoming and good treatment of the refugees are crucial to the survival of the Eritrean refugees, the NUEY (National Union of Eritrean Youth) and NUEW (National Union of Eritrean Women), as the tyrant’s nerve center for defending the regime outside Eritrea and the Arab Gulf countries, is seen to defame and disparage the Eritrean deserters or refugees.  Just for the purpose of understanding the refugees’ situations, there are still a few Eritreans who would run for covers on the mention of the Derg in an attempt to avoid airstrikes compared to a lot of Eritreans who would hurry away to hide under bed, any coverage, or jump over walls on mere mention of Higdef or Isu.  That is why the NUEW/NUEY’s practices failed to be recognized as consistent with the Eritrean culture; the culture of mothers who did their best to lighten the burden and sufferings of refugees and the culture of mothers who believed in reaching out to help the traumatized and terrorized refugees.

NUEY/NUEW’s failure is in that their unions are only responsive and welcoming to those who pay the 2% tax and donations to strengthen the Eritrean tyranny.  The weak and the refugees are pushed aside unless they surrender to NUEW/NUEY’s blackmails.  The regime that failed to lift the Eritrean youth up producing waves of refugees, its culture cannot be depended upon for bringing the Eritrean people together.  Indeed, unlike the regime that failed to do the needful, the NUEY/NUEW members should stand up for the Eritrean refugees and those who are in need of help.

The regime organizes festivals, each year, with the purpose of ensuring the continuity of his supporters’ loyalty and allegiance.  The motivations are done through threats of losing rights should the supporters fail to support the festivals.  The festivals are not about allegiance to the nation and the Eritrean people.  Since NUEW, NUEY and Higdef are not for the Eritrean people, the allegiance is to the tyrant and is measured by the pledge to defend the tyrant and keep him safe from the deserters or the refugees.  A festival participation is just like taking an oath to become an informant for the sake of partying each year.

The festival participants are obliged to hold their silence.  They are made blind to all crimes against the Eritrean people.  They have given up their rights to condemn the condemnable crimes of the tyrant.  They cannot break from their voluntary silence because they are attached like addiction to the partying environments of the regime.  They strongly believe in leaving politics to the only Eritrean politician, the tyrant.

The festival goers associate festivals with life in Eritrea.  Their silence to the hurdles and sufferings of the Eritrean people at the hands of the tyrant is part of the game played by NUEW and NUEY.  Indeed, their silence to what is happening to the Eritrean people, if not in self-defense of their group-thinking it must be a paid dishonesty to betray their people.  If how they are paid is not the question, the disturbing fact is about what these people expect in return from the tyrant?  These people are happy to ask the cashier at the embassy about their unpaid balances or arrears and what is new on the tyrant’s menu.

For the festival goers knowing the menu well is part of the entrance ticket.  The prices of the dishes on the menu vary according to their income.  The menu is indeed about a commitment to promoting and strengthening Isayasim and not Eritreanism.  Those clammed up in the memories of the past hardships during the liberation struggle have tendencies to enjoying the menu because it perpetuates the past hardship on the new or post-independence generation.

To justice seekers, upon glancing over at the contents of the menu they get heartburn if not heart attack.  This is so because the justice seekers do not want the past to control their future.  However, the pro-tyrant festival goers, unlike the justice seekers, have desires to acquire favors that prevent them from complaining of heartburns.

With regard to the list of the dishes on the menu, the names of the dishes are made to sound like there are threats to the sovereignty of the nation in order to impose acceptability of paying higher prices in the name of defending the nation and above all dying for Isu.  When reporting the generating support from the menu, the tyrant does anything to boost the public support for him except to properly account where and how the money collected is spent.  The blind belief in Isu Nihna, Nihna Isu does not allow the festival goers to ask such a question.  Not that  the supporters of the tyrant don’t understand their rights of questioning, but the fact is that they never glanced out the world-window to grip how all new independent nations evolved within two to three years to catch up with the rest of the world.  Twenty six years into independence and still the tyrant could not improve a single sphere of public life in that it is difficult nowadays for all families, rich and poor alike, to satisfy their basic needs.

By now Yemane Manki and festivals have become interconnected.  Yemane Manki is the only trusted person who is authorized to provide narration of the dishes on the tyrant’s menu.  The dishes on the menu are specially prepared for the Eritrean Diasporas and the average cost for a family is two months salaries a year.  In the tyrant’s terminology, the main dishes on the menu other than the 2% and funding raising events include Hizbawi Mekhete, YPFDJ, NUEW, Adetat dinner and NUEY.

Hizbawi Mekhete and YPFDJ: Who to fight or resist?

All the titles about defending the nation are associated with “no peace, no war.”  What matters most are the purpose and not where and how the titles were chosen?  Unlike the objective of Mekhete or the resisting force, the title sounds like there is an urgent need to defend Eritrea from an unidentified enemy in countries where the member of Mekhete/YPFDJ were hosted as refugees and currently are living as citizens.  In fact, there is no any threat to the nation of urgency nature that requires Mekhete and if there are, they must be the threats that are the products of tyranny and the fear from victims of tyranny.

With the objective of the project “Mekhete” in mind, one would ask about the location of the enemy to be resisted against and what the threats are.  The members of resisting force of Hizbawi Mekhete as militias have the right to know about the expected dangers so as to prepare and be ready to defend.  The militias, as reserve forces, can be called up to active duty as and when the immediate hurdles are expected to strain the regular force.  Until such eminency of threat there is no need of such Mekhete unless they are assigned to watch, follow and weaken the victims of the tyrant in their host countries.

From rational point of view, the fleeing people are more than billowing smoke where from fire can be expected.  The refugees, as fleeing people to enemy lands, can have plans to pay back as revenge whenever opportunities arise.  This may lead one to believe that the Mekhete is a reality because the tyrant is at war against the Eritrean people, wherever they are.  The tyrant fears the energetic fleeing youth more than from the elderly Diasporas.  On the flip side of the coin, the Eritrean opposition has declared that the Eritrean people inside Eritrea are facing the risk of annihilation.  As such, with the Eritrean opposition taking the side of the people there is People versus Regime proxy war in the Diaspora world with the members of Hizbawi Mekhete and YPFDJ taking the side of the tyrant.

What the regime is missing is that the Eritrean Revolution was based on the fact that the people are the ultimate winners, no matter how long time it takes.  Those fleeing youth, who survived the regime’s shoot to kill orders, crook human smugglers, cruel deserts and seas, will never give up easily and will never allow any problem to defeat them.  For them, strong willingness to free their comrades inside Eritrea from the daily abuses of the tyrant have become a reality because they could and to face the regime politically a priority because it is party of the game.  As active youth, they played leading roles in the demonstrations in support of COIE against the regime.  Yes, they were also there saying “over my dead body” when the YPFDJ so-called conference was secretly planned to be held and forced to abort.  The defeat of YPFDJ in Holland made it clear that the tyrant’s strategy of using a thorn to remove a thorn has failed to work.

Unlike the elderly opposition members, the energetic youth within the opposition don’t allow the tyrant agents to plan and don’t wait the tyrant’s threats as they build up and become real threats to them.  Their action in Holland proved that they are hunters and nothing can be hidden from them.  The Eritrean youth on the side of the opposition are in better position to confront all the threats that comes from across the tyrant side.  They are within the YPFDJ.  Penetration of the regime’s informants into the opposition to neutralize them has become something of the past.  The energetic youth have helped the opposition to deal with their enemies successfully in the proxy wars of People v. Regime and made all Diaspora streets and meeting places free from the regime’s threat.

NUEY, NUEW and Adetat Dinner: IS Where the Mystery Regime-Support is

The NUEW, NUEY along with Adetat Dinner are two arms of the tyrant with two mis-functions; to mis-inform and mis-lead the pro-tyrant Diasporas.  Past experiences indicate that when the going gets tough for the regime, the Adetat Dinner doubles its activities to distract the diehards from realizing the sign of the regime’s weakening trends.  A kind of keeping out bad information reaching the supporters that causes them to believe the unbelievable about the people’s power.  Thus, it can be said that the diehards are not blind to truth but the truth is kept out of their reach.  Otherwise, in the face of the mounting problems the regime is diving into, the diehards cannot keep singing their usual song of “today like yesterday, our fighting back will make our enemies bow to us.”  The diehards don’t even know that the regime’s stubbornness already made the tyrant to bow even to the small nations like Djibouti let alone the world together.  The tyrant’s diplomacy that is based on arrogance is the source of his leadership failure that internationally likened him to worst world dictators.

The odd thing is that NUEW and NUEY are led by people who never paid a cent towards their dues of 2% tax.  The non-payers include Sophia Tesfamariam.  Yet, the NUEY/NUEW leaders are the only people who are capable of changing the pro-tyrant’s group thinking for better.  Given the nature of NUEW and members of Adetat Dinners, the elderly within the opposition are best fits for penetrating them.  The goal of penetration, here, if it helps to advance noble causes cannot be considered adversarial.  In fact, the penetration will help to widen the reach of Adetat and NUEW thereby boosting their services to cover the whole Eritrean Diasporas without reference to political inclination.  Indeed, serving to unite the community will be their focus by offering conciliatory programs that can help de-polarization of the already polarized community by fighting back politics of animosity, hatred and alienation of the tyrant.

Adetat as mothers of the community are cornerstones to uniting the Diaspora community.  Mothers are never expected to be ill-wishers of the community.  They should empower the youth to be able to pursue their dreams by securing a peaceful home and allowing them to shape their future.  If confidence of the youth derives from the encouragement they get from the community, the mothers within the community should be the sources of that encouragement that results in holding the community together.

The Eritrean people always respect mothers’ words and never question their judgment and decisions because they are always motherly and caring.  As symbols of unity and encouragements, the Eritrean mothers should take part in helping to sprout the dreams of the young generation by encouraging them to fight for their rights.

The fleeing Eritrean youth appear to have failed to reach their full potential due to haunting threats, lack of support, fear of more adventures and disconnection with caring parents and family members.  Imagine amidst all these hurdles to be overcome, how the fleeing youth would take the defaming and denigrating words that come out of NUEY and NUEW members, let alone the Adetat.  It is time for members of NUEY/NUEW to closely review their mission and do serious soul-searching.

Who are the Camouflaged Mothers for Destruction of the Youth?

The lasting memories of encouragement that prepare the youth to face the heartless world are the mothers’ words when nurturing and training them.  The youth expect encouragement from all mothers, be it from within the family, neighborhood or the Diaspora-world.

At the time the world is observing the International Refugee Day on June 20, the NUEY and NUEW members as well as members of Adetat Dinner should review their stands towards the world refugees in general and the fleeing Eritrean youth in particular.

When the NUEY/NUEW and members of Adetat Dinner mimicked the tyrant and Eri-TV in badmouthing the drowned refugees and those organ-harvested youth, most of the people thought of those members as being carried away by their political chants.  Some people thought of them as being distracted.  Some other people thought of them as misled.  But, despite all the given benefits of the doubt, these members including members of Adetat-Dinner appear to have been falsely represented by a few heinous anti-Eritrean people.  No doubt, it is a cruelty of them to show joy at misfortunes of the country’s youth who are dying in the deserts and high seas.  Yes, it is not healthy politics to take pleasure in their own people’s pains.

The NUEY/NUEW and Adetat Dinner members’ outcries should turn against those who brainwash and poison their inner feelings.  The crime offenders should not be defended.  Those who are committing heinous crimes against the Eritrean youth should be condemned.

The unspeakable crimes and atrocities against the innocent Eritrean are reasons for the Eritrean youth to flee their country.  Those refugees who witnessed and continue to witness horrible atrocities being committed by the regime deserve the protection of mothers and not to be blackmailed back into the hands of the regime.

The NUEY/NUEW and Adetat Dinner members should stop employing the tyrant’s model in their host countries using; any means to inflict psychological traumas and fears in order to control the escapees’ minds, or blackmail ex-officials into silence not to divulge secrets of the tyrant, or use partying addictions to blind the youth’s eyes and deafen their ears to reports about the tyrant’s ongoing destructions and abusive policies.

On June 20, International Refugee Day, the Eritrean Diasporas while showing their appreciation to those countries that opened doors to world refugees; they should do their part to raise the awareness of the Eritrean community about the sufferings of the world refugees.  The tyrant is doing his best to get the Eritrean refugees involved in self-sabotage and self-destruction in order not to join the justice seekers in ending tyranny in Eritrea.  Indeed, the World Refugee Day is a day the Eritrean refugees should know their enemies.  The Eritrean refugees should also raise their awareness on how to become good residents in their host countries and how to bring to themselves joy and fulfilment by taking part in self-developments.  They should also know that surrendering back into the hands of the regime’s agents will not give them peace of mind other than being ripped their remaining flesh off their bones.  They should keep in mind that until the tyrant forced them to walk away and flee the country; they never gave up helping their country and their people.

As refugees, there is no reason to look the other way when they see members of the agents of the regime exploit or inflict any injustice on other Eritrean refugees.  Just knowing when to say “enough is enough” is the first declaration of freedom from the mental slavery as a process to break free and enjoy the real freedom.

In observance of the International Refugee day



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