Launching and running radio broadcast or TV channel were very difficult in the past decades particularly for the masses of the poor countries however information technology has made the task of overstepping thought suppressing regimes uncomplicated in the present time. This huge technology advancement has empowered poor peoples to express their views without restrictions. This great expansion in Information Technology has assisted the peoples of the world to commence exchanging their views without even the intrusion of the great powers. These effortless facilities for exchanging information have created a wonderful world that is clearly recognizable pacing with time to introduce and score new scales of development within short intervals of periods that history never registered at least in the past thirty centuries.

Information is the most vital factor in the development of peoples socially, politically, economically and educationally. We have seen the role of information in winning wars, boosting economics and in raising the consciousness of societies. Information is the most indispensable instrument that can unveil and defeat dictators, and strike fatally corrupted politicians. In case information industry handled professionally can play a major role in uniting peoples, avoiding wars, shielding rights, and heightening the cognizance of citizens, so as societies can be qualified to move forward as a whole entity clearing all obstacles that hinder them from building strong, prosperous and stable democratic nations.   

 It is essential to make a swift glimpse and shed light on the Eritrean people armed struggle information system which had begun with pamphlets, later magazines and in special occasions communiqués. In the end of the seventieth of the last century, our communities in the Arab Gulf States openhandedly contributed to install radio broadcast information system in the struggle of the Eritrean people but unfortunately wind up after a short test period of broadcasting from inside Eritrea due to the conflict between the ELF and EPLF. This ambitious project of radio broadcast evaporated under the catastrophic roll up of the Eritrean Liberation Front. The EPLF started its radio broadcasting in the eightieth of the last century from inside Eritrea. Nonetheless the EPLF information media has become clear to all now that it was propagating and paving way for the establishment of the kingdom of Isaias than a democratic rule in Eritrea.

The Eritrean opposition after independence in the ninetieth of the last century had started their radio broadcast from a neighboring country however closed after a short period of broadcast because our neighboring countries political temperament is governed by their interests which they are not blamed for.   

On the other hand, Eritrean communities in Australia, Europe and America have launched local radio broadcast or local TV channels that serve them in their exile. Of course, this is a positive work for this type of information media continues to connect our community members with each other, bear them news of the other communities and conveys them the grief, agonies, bitter tears of mothers, the perishing of our young generation under the servitude of the dictator, and profound distress of our people whether those inside Eritrea or in the refugee camps. At this turning point of our struggle from dictatorship to democracy, our communities around the world are required more than anytime before to extend their strife beyond localities and assist their people primarily in enhancing their consciousness that will help them towards a united action against the dictator and his associates, and secondly to make them rally knowingly for the construction of new Eritrea – action preceded by consciousness and planning for ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, hundred, one thousand years more fruitful than singing, dancing, jumping and acting unconsciously to preserve or remove a single obstacle – let us think and act for tomorrow not for today that is on its decline and yesterday that has become piles of debris and motionless except the shining live part of the Eritrean people history which has engraved in our minds.    

The Free Eritrean Websites and Information Centers since their inaugurations have gone a long way in enriching the consciousness of a large part of our people specially those who have the potential of owning a computer and at the same time trained in dealing with this new technology. Our Free Websites and Information Centers still do not embrace the whole Eritrean masses – in their different age levels – whether those who are inside or outside Eritrea. Nevertheless, the Free Eritrean Websites and Information Centers since their foundation have managed to stand in front of the dictator and his cohorts’ deceits, and have conveyed the agonies of the slowly demising imprisoned people. They – our Website and Information Centers – have succeeded in enhancing the level of consciousness of a large part of our people that has definitely assisted our people to stand side by side to defend to some extent their interests against opportunists, sick mentalities and hijackers of the Eritrean people struggle. Obviously, this should not be the end of the day of our Websites and Information Centers aspirations for there is a large part of our people uncovered by the present information media system, thus we have to endeavor to heighten our information media capacities to encompass the whole Eritrean masses.

To guide our people towards matured consciousness, preserve our history and culture, educate our children and youth their history, culture, and inspire them to play their role in building effective and efficient democratic institutions that can generate stability and prosperity for the present and future generations – to achieve this great culmination – we are requested to enhance our means of getting in touch with all age ranges of our society inside their homes wherever they are. This effectual goal can be successfully accomplished through launching a Satellite TV Channel that should be located in one of the Free World Countries, so as not to be affected by political circumstance changes in accordance with the interests of our neighboring countries, and in response to the nasty absurd games impacted upon our neighbors by Isaias and his associates to humiliate the Eritrean people pride and force them succumb to the lustful jungle instinct of the regime. Naturally, this bitter experience of shaky stances compels us to stretch beyond obstacles and quest for locations of installing our radio broadcast or Satellite TV Channels outside our region in the Free World. 

It is not something inaccessible launching a Satellite TV Channel in our contemporary world either by small businessmen or organizations for different goals. It is not too unachievable for the Eritrean masses who struggle to topple the totalitarian regime and the setting up of democracy. As we all remember, the Eritrean struggle had suffered of a total hushing-up from the international media centers during the struggle era. Unfortunately, we are also suffering now from the same problem in our struggle towards democracy. So, who will advocate on behalf of the Eritrean people who are facing a savage attack that intends to tear down their values, sow the seeds of turmoil and hostility among them? And who will articulate the perishing of our youth under the deadly slaps of the dictator or on their way of escaping from the hellish condition the dictator has created? To face this tragic condition and aggressive assault, we are obliged to hustle our way and enhance our information media potential by launching a Satellite TV Channel that can approach our people, heighten their sensibility, and to come within reach of our neighbors and the international community to stand by the side of the Eritrean people against the dictator and his cronies.

The international information media and the international community have ignored our people suffer under the worst dictator in history, thus we have to be initiatives and impose ourselves by expanding our information media capacities through the installation of a Satellite TV Channel in order to draw attention of the international media and community rather than waiting from the international media for a humane glance at us. We have to endeavor to elevate ourselves to the level of peer that will qualify us to communicate with the international media centers easily. Our people adversity oblige us to approach them holding the folded up maltreatment stories and expose it inside their offices with the intention of making, watch the blind and hear the deaf. 

To launch a Satellite TV Channel is not something unattainable particularly in the present time. Many of us may assume this kind of project costs millions of dollars however the case is different to the extent that it may surprise many of us. The cost of equipment and a subscription for one year in a satellite is approximately USD150000.00 or much less than this amount.  

 It is crucial in this context to spotlight – though it requires special topic for detailed discussion – on the Formation of Eritrean Independent Free Press Body. I think, it is high-time to begin to establish an Organized Independent Free Press Body – the Nucleus of Future Eritrea Free Press Authority. I hope our Free Websites and Information Centers to make a move to bring into being, and inaugurate openly Future Eritrea Free Press Body that is not connected to Party, Front or government. We don’t want to hear in future Eritrea the fallacy of Information Ministry and Information Minister or EDA Information Executive, say government or EDA spokesman – democracy is not segmented, is it? I earnestly call our Free Websites, Information Centers and all those who work in the field of journalism to shake themselves from the dictations of political bodies and formally constitute an Independent Free Press Body that guards and preserves the interests and aspirations of the Eritrean people, and this move will be the first step towards the right direction of having Independent Free Press Authority in modern Eritrea. The founding of the proposed Satellite Channel will be a strong shift towards that end. I believe, the Eritrean people from all corners of the world will contribute openhandedly to make this project a reality. I anticipate from all to participate in materializing this vital project that will play a great role in enhancing the consciousness of our people through reaching the vast sector of them with the aim of making them rally for the freedom of the Eritrean people from Isaias and his visionless supporters, and to set up consciously brighten future, and democratic rule.

In conclusion, I foresee this proposed Satellite TV Channel to cover the majority of the Eritrean people moreover will convey to our neighbors and the international community the suffering of our people under the present regime. This ambitious project will certainly be a vital window in mobilizing and enhancing the consciousness of our people. Currently, we are incapable of visiting our children, youth, and our adults in their homes, nonetheless through this aspired channel can penetrate all the barriers and communicate with our people easily. This high-aspiring project will bring the move that makes the difference in our struggle towards democracy and resistance against the evil that suffocates our people. This intended project is not beyond the realms of actualization, scope, capacity and the reach of our people who are known for their generosity in stances required to unshackle them from the grips of alien or homegrown cold-blooded enemy.  

                                                                        By: Ibrahim Tada


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