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20-22 October 2017


Memorandum of Understanding

Shared National Vision, United Action and Transition to Democracy in Eritrea

This Memorandum of Understanding is the outcome of the CONFERENCE ON TRANSFORMATIVE COLLABORATION (CTC) and of the discussion and understanding reached among Eritrean civil society and political organisations that met from 20 to 22 October 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.


A multicultural, democratic and prosperous country in which the dignity and rights of every individual on the basis of a constitution are ensured; the right to full participation is guaranteed; the rule of law is upheld; social justice is guaranteed; and a country whose national sovereignty and territorial integrity is secured; and at peace with itself and its neighbours.


Establish a unified national democratic movement that will endeavour to dislodge the present dictatorship and replace it with a constitutional system of government.

The unified national democratic movement will engage and ensure the participation of all pro-democracy Eritrean political organisations, civic associations and individuals on the basis of a common purpose to create synergy and accelerate the transition to a constitutional order.

To this end, it will strive to create an effective national resistance by linking the pro-democracy opposition in the Diaspora with the democratic forces of change at home.

To work towards ensuring a smooth and peaceful political transition.


3.1 A Shared Homeland

Eritrea is the common homeland of all Eritreans and the State of Eritrea is the product of the collective struggles, sacrifices and efforts of the entire Eritrean people.

Eritrean society is multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual and multi-religious.

The unity, progress and prosperity of the Eritrean people would be predicated on ensuring the equality of citizens, mutual respect and harmonious coexistence on the basis of unity-in-diversity.

3.2 Constitutional Government:

A constitution is the basis of rule of law, which guarantees the fundamental rights, freedoms and equality of citizens. It serves as the legal foundation of the State, the repository of the sovereignty of the people and the source of all legitimate authority.

3.3 Democratic Government

A democratic government would be predicated on the inclusive participation, representation and consent of the people in their diversity, with special protection for women and minority rights.

3.4 Decentralised Government

Establishment of a political system that would put the people at the centre, allow their full participation in decision- and policy-making at all layers of government, and effectively and adequately responds to their needs.

3.5 Uplift the Human Condition

A new macroeconomic policy framework focusing on mobilising the resources, creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit of the Eritrean people, where the private sector under effective regulatory oversight, would open the economic space for domestic and foreign direct investment to create employment, wealth and alleviate mass poverty.

3.6 Peaceful Coexistence and Good Neighbourliness

Build a new relationship founded on a strategic framework of regional political cooperation, economic integration and reciprocal respect of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    4.1 Work to create broad popular acceptance of the principles and goals enshrined in this National Vision and Common Goals through an intensive outreach effort to create national consensus;

4.2 Propagate the formation, as an outcome of the Conference, of a broad-based coalition that would: 1) mobilise active participation of the Diaspora in an emerging unified national democratic movement; 2) reinforce the effort for democratic change inside the country; and 3) work to link and strengthen the internal and external forces of the unified national democratic movement; and

4.3 Carry out an outreach effort to gain broad international and regional support for the goals and efforts of the unified national democratic movement.


The Conference on Transformative Collaboration (CTC) established a five-member liaison committee comprised of two representatives from civil society, two from political organizations, and one from the FND Board of Directors, as a communication hub with regard to this MOU.




FND CTC Preparatory Committee



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