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The Red Sea Afar Youth in Europe has convened its conference under the banner “Energising and Strengthening the role of the Red Sea Afar Youth in the Diaspora to play their fuller role in the struggle against the repressive regime in Asmara” from 27th to 28thJanuary 2018, at the Community Centre in the City of Västerås, Sweden.

The Conference was opened by remembering, paying special tribute and honouring those gallant heroes who sacrificed their precious lives for our freedom and liberty and those still struggling in the field to follow their footsteps. RSADO’s President’s message was delivered to the participants.

The Conference brought together over 200 participants from across all European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Germany, etc..

The Conference combined seminars, panel discussions, keynote speeches, presentations, poems, group workshops and social programmes in its two day sessions. The main objective of the Conference was activating and strengthening the role of the Red Sea Afar Youth in the Diaspora in the struggle against the dictatorial regime in Asmara by equipping them with the necessary information and knowledge in order to empower, mobilise and enable them to take a vibrant role in organising themselves in the Diaspora. They should be given a strong voice on all issues affecting their communities and country and to actively participate in the freedom struggle that is led by RSADO to liberate our people from political oppression, economic and social marginalisation. Stop the widespread gross human rights violations which are being committed by the Eritrean regime against the Afar people in Eritrea.

Recognising that the Red Sea Afar Youth as agents of positive change and peace and that they can make tangible and positive contributions in the struggle for democratic change in Eritrea.

Taking note of RSADO’s leadership’s message that expresses its strong support for the efforts of empowering, activating and building the capacity of the Red Sea Afar Youth and their leaders in the discharge of the responsibilities entrusted to them as the Liberation Front in order to enable them to contribute to the democratic struggle, the promotion of human rights, the development of Afar culture and the advancement of education.

Reaffirming that our full support for the armed struggle of the Red Sea Afar people under the leadership of the RSADO to achieve the rights of the Afar people to Self-Determination in accordance with federal arrangements stated and highlighted in the Political Programme of the RSADO.

Approves that the report presented at the Conference regarding the current situations of Eritrea and the continued acts of human rights abuses, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity committed by the Eritrean regime against the Red Sea Afar considered as crimes against humanity by the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) 2016. The Red Sea Afar population have been terrorized, killed, imprisoned, disappeared and forcibly evicted from their homes by the regime. These abuses constitute grave breaches and blatant violations of international human rights laws and Afar Customary Laws. Condemns these gross human rights violations, unlawful killings, arbitrary detention and crimes against humanity committed against Afar by the Eritrean regime.

Recognising that the Red Sea Afar families experienced the most difficult challenge in present times due to the systematic persecution and human rights violations they are facing. The discriminatory policy of the State of Eritrea brought cataclysmic impact on the entire Afar society in Dankalia related to large scale economic loss, societal disorder, educational backwardness, mass psychological depression, forced brutalisation and oppression. The conditions of everyday life of the Afar population in the Dankalia region are at serious threat and risk. They have lost every belonging they had.

Gravely concerned at the continuing use of indiscriminate attacks on Afar fishermen and unlawful restriction on their movement in their own region by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Military Forces based and stationed on their land without obtaining the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) from the Indigenous Afar people of Dankalia. Afar businesses have closed down forcibly. Many families and elderly people are suffering due to lack of basic necessities such as food, water, shelter and medical supplies. This is completely against United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) that was adopted by the General Assembly on 13 September 2007.

Acknowledging unanimously the freedom struggle in the Afar region of Dankalia -Eritrea.

Highlighted that racial oppression, marginalisation and human rights abuses as key causes of poverty, inequality, refugees and a lack of social and economic justice for the Red Sea Afar.

Noting that the Red Sea Afar Youth have already witnessed both the mental and physical element of the crime of genocide through indefinite compulsory military conscription administered by “cruel and corrupt” camp commanders who threaten to kill, punish, rape and violate the human rights of conscripts who disagree or do not follow orders.

Underlines that the importance of education to the Red Sea Afar Youth to carry out community awareness, mobilization activities to develop political awareness and to raise awareness and understanding about the plight of the Red Sea Afar population who are deprived of an education and democratic rights.

The Conference came to conclusions and made recommendations with the aim of strengthening and activating the role of the Red Sea Afar Youth in the Diaspora.

  • To firmly stand with legitimate political rights and aspirations as determined in the RSADO Political Programme and in the Principles of the Samara Declaration Resolution to which the Leaders of the Afar People solemnly committed in Samara on 11 August 2014, in the Afar Regional State of Ethiopia, in our fight against the genocidal regime to achieve the realisation of the principle and fundamental right to self-determination of the Red Sea Afar people to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.


  • To recognise the Red Sea Afar Youth as one of the main forces in the process of liberation actions, planning strategy, solidarity and supporting liberation actions to achieve our collective objectives.


  • To open Red Sea Afar Youth community organisations and branches where they reside across the world in Diaspora. The Conference supports the idea of creating Red Sea Afar Youth Organisations where they reside in Europe and as well as in other countries to play their fuller role and to be able to contribute to the democratic struggle against Eritrean dictatorial regime.


  • Requests all Eritrean Diasporas and the peace loving Eritrean people to provide all possible assistance and support as well as material, financial, military and other assistance to the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) so as to enable it to intensify its struggle against Asmara regime.


  • Urges the UAE Authority to stop killing Afar fishermen and remove its illegal restriction on movement against Afar fishermen and salt miners and leaves Dankalia region immediately and unconditionally. UAE Military presence has already caused gross violations of human rights, loss of human life and destruction of economic and social infrastructures of the Red Sea Afar population.


  • Calls upon the international community, EU, RF, US, UK and human rights organisations to put pressure on the government of Eritrea to immediately and unconditionally release political prisoners, to respect human rights, economic, political and social and development rights of the Red Sea Afar population.





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