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Last 8 June 2018, the Executive Committee in a statement to media outlets had stated that the Eritrean National Salvation Front had welcomed the Ethiopian governing coalition’s declaration to accept the Algiers Accord, and hence duly carry out the rulings of the Boundary Commission. We did not; moreover, let the occasion pass without voicing our curiosity as to whether or not the autocratic regime in Asmara would positively or negatively react to the step the Ethiopians have taken. Pressures exercised or incentives promised notwithstanding aimed at enticing the regime to interact with Ethiopia’s decision, the regime announced on June 20 to had accepted the offer, with an intention to dispatch a delegation included, to discuss the matter, which we considered as a positive measure to take.

Nonetheless, while this step is hoped to make an end to the stalemated Ethio-Eritrean boarder conflict, and thereby solidify national sovereignty vis-à-vis Ethiopia as a country that has had long and troubled history with our nation; and considering the regime’s aversive nature to  internal and external peace, we reserve  our cautious skepticism about whether the regime can and would pursue the matter to the end. We, along with many the national forces, therefore, remain concerned lest the regime may slide back to its usual disruptive behavior and hinder the anticipated process to peace making.

Mindful that in case Ethiopia would fulfill the requirements of the Algiers Accord, and duly implement the clauses of the Boarder Commission to let the boarder demarcated, the regime would certainly forfeit the card for keeping on forced and open-ended conscription of the youth, and block any chance for peace and development, constitutional process, allow as well the continuation of gross violation of human rights and denial of any opening to the people and the political forces.

It is standing on this ground, thus, that we state with firm conviction that it is incumbent on us to underscore our keen interest in establishing peace between our nation and neighboring nations on solid foundations. It is our expressed desire in particular to underline the importance of having the boarders demarcated and the conflict between our nation and Ethiopia settled in accordance with the accords governments of the two countries had signed, which determination of relevant international bodies overseen, as the necessary entry to lasting peace. In this regard, moreover, the self-evident difficulty of establishing peace and security in the region cannot  be overemphasized when internal peace and stability in Eritrea itself becomes absent. Accordingly, therefore, the forces of change in Eritrea do look forward to governments in the region and states and organizations elsewhere that cherish and love peace, freedom and justice to support the just struggle of the Eritrean people’s aspiration for democratic transformation of their country.


The executive Committee of the Eritrean National Salvation Front

 25 June 2018



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