The World Diagnosed Some Eritrean Refugees with Inborn Mistrust and Tyranny Instilled Fear

Although the International Refugee Day falls on June 20, the whole of the month of June is considered refugee day for those who come from countries whose leaders extremely oppress and repress their own people.  According to the UN, the Refugee day is a day “to commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees.”

The bravery and courage of the refugee are about their saying “No” to injustice and tyranny.  That “No” comes in many forms.  Some refuse to take orders to abuse their people.  Some others say “No” to living heaven on earth should they serve tyranny by committing atrocities against their own people.  Still some others refuse to support injustice that enslaves their people to serve the tyrant of the country. 

Thus, the majority of the people who are victims of the unbearable abuses are forced to comply burying their hatred and rejection of the tyranny imposed on them.  When the naysayers to injustice and the silent rejecters of tyranny are compelled to denounce openly the tyranny that is perpetrated against humanity in their nation, they are either thrown into prison or forced to flee for their lives by crossing the border.

The bravery and courage to say “No” to tyranny have become grounds for persecutions.  The moral courage to face the threats of tyranny have made many the target of injustice after coping for several years with all types of persecution including political repression and violations of basic rights.

Once a person crosses the border to become a refugee, s/he is in the international protection.  But that protection requires one to break silence and condemn the persecutions perpetrated on the people left behind.  Those who do not break their silence are considered to be betraying their rights to be granted asylum and protected by their host countries against their claimed abuser and the systematic threats by those who represent their ex-abuser.

Once one gets refugee status, s/he should feel safe to expose those informers and infiltrators, if any, among them.  The refugees should not, in anyway, fall into the hands of those who represent their ex-abusers, who denied them peace and freedom in their homeland.

Indeed, the courageous refugees walk with their heads held high and do not crawl inside their new life and freedom.  Yes, the courageous refugees do not allow other refugees to re-live threatened by the memories of the tyrannical injustice and cave in to serve their ex-abusers.

The same old fears should not deprive any refugee of participating in freeing others from being haunted by injustice that enslaved them back in their homelands.  Silence will endanger all refugees if one among them lacks the moral courage to expose those informers and infiltrators who put any refugee in fear of retaliation by the ex-abusers.

With the new ripple of hope, each refugee has the right to peace and decent living.  And, once one obtains refugee status should feel free to report to the authority of any threat exposed to.  Also, knowing that silence gives consent to more abuses, refugees should keep in contact with those who defend their rights and seek justice on their behalf.  Moreover, it is a fact that if a refugee is not ready to speak out and speak up for others’ rights, her/his dignity would be abused once again by the tyrant’s representatives in the host country.

The Refugees who Tiptoed versus Those who had to Dodge Border Bullets    

Eritrean refugees are automatically granted refugee status because they are judged by their long and riskiest journeys across lands and seas.  From their aimlessly running and jumping into many risks, the plight of the Eritrean refugees is considered extreme that needs immediate attention and priorities.

The Eritrean refugees realize from their harsh journeys how Isayas has earned the title: The Cruelest Tyrant ever, who hates his own people.  Because the refugees know that it was their tyrant who not only took away their peace and freedom but also put them through all the difficulties and horrible life, each Eritrean refugee must be principled to be the voices of those voiceless hostages held inside Eritrea.

Among the Eritrean refugees, there may be some who developed mental health problems during their detentions in Sawa or by human traffickers.  The detention victims might have been conditioned to believe that they would never be free from the coercive control of the Eritrean tyrant.  As a result, those affected refugees by fear, as prisoners of the Eritrean tyrant’s horrors, may take long time to realize their freedom as to become ready to create or lead their peaceful new life in their host countries.

The retained fear can be the reason for those refugees’ loss of self-confidence that incapacitated their reasoning.  With distorted reasoning, those fear-affected refugees could easily fall into the hands of the Eritrean tyrant’s representatives and become his voice against those who shared with them their past sufferings.

The odd thing is that those refugees with distorted reasoning, when they were in their homeland they were crying out for help to escape from tyranny.  But, once they were granted asylum they turned against the victims of the same tyranny they escaped from.

The recent violent clashes between the pro-tyrant refugees and the pro-justice Eritrean refugees were viewed as drawing line between the two clashing groups.  The pro-tyrant refugees are no more considered as people who fled their country due to their political opinions or any persecutions.

Since the pro-tyrant refugees are now considered economic migrants, their crossing of the international borders was illegal and in violation of the crossed countries’ immigration laws.  As a result, the pro-tyrant refugees do not qualify or expect solutions for their predicaments from any country but the embassy of the tyrant.  And, should the pro-tyrant refugees be considered a threat to those refugees who are seeking asylum, they can face mass deportation back to the tyrant’s land, Eritrea, where they came from.

The pro-tyrant refugees are not blind-idiots to the above stated facts that may result in immigration orders of their voluntary repatriation or deportation.  Unless once again they are mocked by the tyrant’s agents into serving the tyrant’s agenda against the Eritrean justice seekers, the pro-tyrant refugees cannot be unaware of what impairs their asylum rights and their right to live in peace and freedom in the host country.

The Eritrean opposition groups or justice seekers and the Eritrean civil societies, seeing the vulnerabilities of the Eritrean refugees, are duty bound to step forward.  They can appeal on behalf of the threatened refugees to local authorities for the protection of those threatened from the tyrant’s representative.  The protection will ensure the refugees’ safety and freedom in their host countries.

The asylum seekers, unlike the pro-tyrant refugees, cannot return back to their homeland without persecution on entry.  Many innocent Eritrean refugees lost their international protection and their peace due to the pro-tyrant refugees’ actions, who are dedicated to advancing the interest of the Eritrean tyrant.

Defeating the Tyrant by Emancipating Those with Inborn Mistrust & Instilled Fear 

The Eritrean tyrant, from day one he joined the liberation movement, has achieved his conspiracy and hidden agendas by first winning the hearts  of those around him and then injecting his inborn bitterness and hatred.  Because he never liberated himself from hatred, he has failed to liberate himself and has continued to impose intolerance to shared or collective decision-making and treatment of the people with dignity and respect.

Always the Eritrean tyrant depends on those anti-people and anti-constitution elements.  The tyrant brings such anti-democracy and anti-people elements under his control to serve him by getting injected in their heads mistrust and fear of retaliation.

Only by looking at how the pro-tyrant groups function, the Eritrean justice seekers can understand how to defeat the pro-tyrant elements.  These elements only see through the eyes of the tyrant and the tyrant focuses only on what benefits him.  His diehard supporters are working hard to achieve with full glory all what the tyrant wants and benefits from.

The pro-tyrant elements are indeed committed to advancing the interest of the tyrant without any soul-searching in their thoughts that they are committing crimes against their own people.  For them, safety or peace or freedom of movement that the Eritrean people are missing is unnecessary.  They just deny all the negatives reported of and written against the Eritrean tyrant.  Thus, the pro-tyrant elements are on irrational missions driven by their irrational expectations that what benefits the tyrant benefits the Eritrean people.  Yet, the world views the endeavors of the pro-tyrant groups to put obstacles to the peace and freedom of the Eritrean refugees as the cruelest complicity to transgress the rule and security of the host countries.

The tyrant and his representatives have different ways of bringing a foreign nation under their control.  In the Sudan, the tyrant used his strategy of arsonist and fireman role to control the Sudanese government.  Then, the tyrant’s agents combed every Eritrean household to make sure that the Sudan was not a threat to the one man rule in Eritrea.  Finally, the opposition groups and their supporters were forced out, closing their offices and stopping their activities.  However, unlike the Sudan, Ethiopia is expected to ask the Eritrean tyrant to reciprocate by matching their approach of expanding democratization to wrap up provisional administration by fostering reconciliation, freeing prisoners, implementing constitution, and allowing election.

In other countries, the pro-tyrant Diasporas either break or bend the rules of a country to interfere with the rights of the Eritrean Diasporas.  The pro-tyrant groups always show cold contempt to the Eritrean communities that do not take the orders of the tyrant’s embassy.

Many Eritrean veterans who do not accept the dominance of the tyrant’s representative are libeled with names that put their patriotism in question.  And, many innocent Eritreans are made to fear retaliation on their family members inside Eritrea in order to neutralize their political activities against the Eritrean tyrant.

Even some Eritrean refugees who still have anger born of pain and oppression before they crossed the Eritrean borders are seen to be mocked into accepting the dominance of the tyrant’s representative.  The pro-democracy and justice-seekers can only expand the meaning of peace and freedom by engaging those under the embassy control.  Only by removing their fear of retaliation, those victims can be transformed to work on their self-liberation.  Unless they feel liberated, those victims cannot believe in others’ liberation and condemn the tyranny in Eritrea.

Only by defeating the fear of retaliation, first the Eritrean Diasporas and then the Eritrean people inside Eritrea can be freed in the same process the Eritrean Revolution liberated first the villages, then the Eritrean cities followed or were liberated.

Celebrating the Refugee Month


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