Geneva Demonstration Organizing Committee Statement

On behalf of the organizing committee we warm-heartedly welcome all the participants present here today. Members of the Stockholm-based Task Force have initiated and collaborated with members of the Eritrean Dialogue for Justice in Switzerland to organize today’s demonstration, which is the third of its kind in Geneva. This important demonstration is the product of coordination and consultations with Eritrean community associations in several countries in Europe.


Using this special occasion, we express our profound gratitude to all the justice-loving as well as interested Eritreans who have supported us through the preparatory phases and contributed to bringing the project to this stage. Our appreciation also goes to all of you present here for answering our call without considering expenses, time and long journeys. You have been mindful of the goal of raising a loud voice for our beloved nation suffering for too long under a ruthless one-man regime. We thank all of you, members of political organizations and parties, community associations, intellectuals, women, youth and elders present with us here today.


Very significantly, moreover, we use this venue and occasion to express our deepest gratitude to Ms Sheila B. Keetharuth, the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Eritrea, for her appreciationearning leadership and dedication in discharging her mandated responsibilities. Hence, recognizing her professional competence, extensive knowledge, experience and devotion, and above all, her impeccable fair-mindedness and clarity of conscience for justice that her work has duly demonstrated. We expressly declare that it is our wish that she stays on her job in her current capacity. Therefore we plead that the UN authorities concerned support her role with a renewed mandate.


It is a fact, and there is no doubt about it, that Eritrean problems should be handled and resolved by Eritreans. Therefore we call upon the Eritrean civil society and the different political opposition groups to unite and shoulder this responsibility. The Eritrean people have been watching and waiting to see us in fruitful dialogue, to wake up from our current paralysis and recuperate to play the role our people have been hoping for. Our conscience should be moved to action by the citizens suffering and dying in prisons without charges, by the predicaments of families whose loved ones have been kidnapped and banished without any trace, by families counting generations in wretched refugee camps in neighbouring countries and beyond, by the young wasting their youthful days in idle camps without any prospects, by scores of people perishing in high seas and deserts, and more crucially by a nation losing its future social and economic capital. All of this must move us to action!


Remembering Martyr’s Day, which was two days ago, we must ensure that every one of us remembers our compatriots, who have been enduring harsh ordeals due to the ruthless regime and the despot at its helm. We are proud of their patience, endurance and courage to survive. Finally, we raise our call to the international community in general, and in particular to governments of nations that cherish human rights, to international human rights organisations, and to justice-loving individuals everywhere  to intervene urgently in order to end the gross violations of human rights in Eritrea.


Fall to the regime

Freedom and peace to our suffering people organizing committee 22-06-2018


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