Join A Tradition of Peaceful Resistance

Show Solidarity with the Oppressed People of Eritrea

(Melbourne – 6 Years of Resistance)


Does injustice, infringement of human rights, torture, oppression, exploitation of youth & helpless citizens enrage you?

Then Resist, speak out & demand JUSTICE, because simply wishing for things to get better is not enough. Act now to save Eritrea, before more innocent lives are lost.

Don’t be deceived, the PFDJ (The ruling regime in Eritrea) festival is not about culture, but about diverting the attention from the horrible human rights abuses committed against the people of Eritrea. It is aimed at silencing critics & collecting foreign currency to keep the Dictatorial regime in power.


Date:          4th & 5th January 2008

Time:                    6:00PM till we make our voices heard

Place:          4 Carrington DR. Albion (The Polish Club)        

                    (Melway 26 – C9)

Australian-Eritreans for Justice and Peace

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