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In a pre-emptive stance on the African Union’s decision on the developments in Sudan, after the sit-in of protestors were disbanded by force, the Eritrean Ministry of Information issued a Press Release on June 5 and published on the official website of the ministry, warning the internationalization of the Sudan issue and working to exacerbate the situation there. The statement included an accusation of the African Union for failing to meet the aspirations of the African peoples and that it provided appropriate pretexts for external interference.

The African Union (AU) announced its categorical rejection of the military coup in the Sudan, stressing the urgent need for a speedy solution to the current crisis, respect for the will of the Sudanese people and loyalty to the establishment of a civilian authority. It also rejects any non-African interference during the transitional period. The AU called on all Sudanese parties to support the supreme interest and put it before all considerations, and called on the Transitional Military Council and civilian forces to continue working together to reach a compromise solution to the current crisis. The Chairman of the Commission of the African Union (AU) Mr. Moussa Faki strongly condemned the violence against the protesters in the Sudanese capital, and called for an immediate investigation to hold those responsible in the violence accountable.

We-the Executive leadership of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) are not surprised by the political motive of the Eritrean dictatorial regime towards the African Union and any role it can play in supporting the smooth and peaceful transition of power in the Sudan to the civilian forces. In order to prolong its oppressive rule in Eritrea, its positions are always based on the existence of unrest and conflicts in all neighbouring countries. We assure our Sudanese brothers and the African and international community that the position of the Eritrean dictatorship does not in any way reflect the wishes and position of the Eritrean people who supports the popular revolution in the Sudan.

At the same time, we affirm that the Eritrean National Council’s support for the brotherly Sudanese revolution and its just causes. In order to achieve the aspirations of the Sudanese people, we call upon all civil, military and political parties to spare all forces entrenched in the unity and territorial integrity of the Sudan by crossing the transitional stage peacefully towards the final goal of constitutional and democratic rule.

Chairman of Executive Office

The Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change

June 6, 2019

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