Tyrant’s Abstinence from Explaining his Secrets with Ethiopia Pushes “Enough is Enough” Call to Head-on Confrontation

This year’s Liberation Day, May 24, brought shame, disrespect and humiliation upon the tyrant.  On this day, the tyrant was likened to the naked king who thought the clothing he had on was the best that could only be seen by the wisest people proved to be foolish and irrational when a kid spoke up that the king was naked.  The tyrant had forgotten that his secret holding was forfeited when the Ethiopian side fully divulged or made known all the secrets of the agreement he signed with Ethiopia.

It was easy for the tyrant to either confirm or deny what was officially stated by the Ethiopians.  The other option for the tyrant was to swallow the signed document and deny the agreement or to explain that the agreement was torn up and invalid.

The tyrant did not realize that the divulged details sparked anger, fear and hostile-minds even among his own staunch supporters.  Yes, the tyrant should have realized that time had passed to spin the divulged facts and truth that came from the Ethiopian side, which facts are considered by all Eritreans to be direct evidence from an eyewitness.

Here’s a circulating story related to this year’s May 24 celebration, which goes: a lady came rushing to find out, who asked saying: what’s the matter, mama Eritrea, why are you pulling your hair out?  Mama Eritrea replied, “It is Bi-Ido (Isayas) again.  Mama Eritrea went adding, “It is Bi-Ido’s habit of keeping secrets that is killing me.  He is opening his mouth as if he is taking all his secrets to the grave with him.  What he did today is the worst ever and that is why I am pulling my hair out.”  The lady then asked why is it that of your today is the worst?  Mama Eritrea replied explaining that, “after what he (Bi-Ido) did what he did, he got in his bed folding the sheet along with the blanket around his neck and he is sleeping with no worry.”  The lady, surprised by what she was heard, asked “so, what is he saying and what his argument?  Mama Eritrea replied, “He is just telling me that even if I make a loud and sharp raging noise he is not going say anything.” The circulating story as told in Tigrigna is as follows:

ሓንቲ እትግደስ ብማማ ኤሪትራ ሰበይቲ ትሓትት፣ ማማ ኤሪትራ ደሓን ድኺ ጸጉሪኺ ትነጺይ ዘለኺ፧

እንታይ ፈሊጠ፣ ቢኢዱ እንድዩ መከራ ዘርእየኒ ዘሎ፣ ክትብል ማማ ኤሪትራ ትምልሽ።

እታ ሰበይቲ ቀጺላ ትሓትት፣ እንታይ ተረኽበ፧

ማማ ኤሪትራ ትምልሽ ክትብል፣ ቢኢዱ እንታይ ዘይብልን እንታይ ዘይገብርን። ሒጁ ድማ ከም ቀደሙ ዝገበረ ገይሩ

ዓራቱ ኣቲዩ ኣስተርሒዩ ደቂሱ።

እታ ሰበይቲ ክትብል ትሓትት፣ እንታይ ኸ ቢኢዱ ይብል ኣሎ፧

ኣጉሪዒ እንበር ዝብሎ የብለይን ይብለኒ ሎ፣ ክትብል ማማ ኤሪትራ ትምልሽ።

The tyrant’s declaration of “no pressure, no word” on his silence regarding the agreement he signed with Ethiopia is preventing him from coming clean.  The tyrant handicapped by his refusal to tell the hard truth about the secret agreement is causing the Eritrean people to continue living in disappointments and bitterness.

The Eritrean people were expecting this year’s May 24 would bring to them the joy of seeing all political prisoners freed.  However, the total damage is on the tyrant who let the day, May 24, slip away from him without evoking the expected connection with the people.

The tyrant, who ruined the Eritrean people’s lives by going to war, equally caused this time the joy of pain and sufferings by denying then what they deserved this year’s May 24.  The tyrant’s claim of shattering all the isolations imposed him was supposed to be celebrated by claiming an end of all atrocities and oppressive policies on the people because there is no any justification or any room for escape-coating.

This year’s May 24, more than ever, the Eritrean tyrant was expected to play exceptional role to show the world that he was ready and focused on sharing power and ending brutality.  Instead, the fear from implementing the change under the border crossing agreement has hit the tyrant like a heavy truck load forcing him to retreat back to Adi Halo.

No one knows whether it is shame or fear of accusation of traitorousness and anti-Eritreanism that is getting on the way of the tyrant being truthful.  Not even a word of truth slips from his tongue to either deny or confirm what the Ethiopians are claiming under the secret agreement.  The absence of truth already has taken a toll on the tyrant’s relationship with his own diehards.  To the tyrant’s diehards, for the first time, the absence of statement of truth represents a time-bomb that cannot be diffused.

The dishonesty crisis that the tyrant created has ripped the holding nails out of the relationship frame with his supporters except those who are suffering from mindlessness and those addicted to degrading themselves.  Now, the world and even the tyrant’s diehards believe that the lasting peace in the region can only be achieved by removing those who are involved in adventurous and irrational decision-making to cover up their lies and betrayals.

If the Tyrant is not Alone, Who Others is there to Blame?

Although the tyrant is the one who has absolute power there are others with him who cling on to ruthless power and have the authority to enforce the entire tyrannical rule.  However, it is the tyrant who can drag in the others with him to facing the UN’s accusations and it is him as well who can drag them out of problems with the UN or Int’l Criminal Court.  Additionally, there are those pro-tyrant Eritrean Diasporas who are helping the tyrant to milk money from innocent Eritreans as to worsen the merciless oppression and repression against the Eritrean people.

According to the Eritrean opposition, the Eritrean tyrant and Alamin Mohammed Said, as leaders of Higdef, which is the only and cohesive (with one hearted and one minded members) political party, are having the country to their own.  As such both, the tyrant and Alamin Mohammed Said, are equally held accountable for all betrayals and crimes.  There are also those pro-tyrant Eritrean Diasporas involved in propagating and lobbying for the tyrant while denying suppression of human rights in Eritrea.

The tyrant together with his associates, crime-mates and accomplices have gotten the most notorious publicity likening them to lunatics, Africa’s North Korea, unprincipled and arrogantly adventurers in advancing their interests.  For example, the tyrant recently brokered peace between the Ethiopian government and its adversaries based in Eritrea.  As well, signed the border crossing agreement and promised to participate in the regional democratization and economic cooperation.  As a result, the UN lifted all the sanctions that were imposed on the tyrant.  To all UN members who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the tyrant’s going back on what he had promised is leading them to believe that the tyrant had all the sanctions on him lifted under deceptive circumstances.  The awaiting question is whether the UN is in the process of considering the tyrant’s change of heart as a justification for re-imposing all those sanctions that were lifted.

The tyrant and his associates, knowing that their tarnished image is beyond repairs, feel like they are not reconcilable with or dialogue-able with.  However, the South African model of reconciliation contradicts their views thereby encouraging them to open up for the proposed changes under the agreement reached.  The change is expected to give Eritrea to be transformed and its ruling system to be reformed.

No doubt, the Eritrean justice seekers know well that mercy and forgiveness come only from the victims and family members of the victims.  Reconciliation, as international understood, does not deny the clarity about the committed crimes and the abuses inflicted on the innocent Eritreans.  Surely, the Eritrean people will insist on obtaining clarity through investigation for otherwise to let the criminals get away with crimes is doing injustice to the victims and the families members of the victims.  It is also unfair to forgive criminals in the name of reconciliation.

Indeed, the Eritrean opposition believes that more Eritreans died in protecting the regime of the tyrant than in the cause of liberating the country.  The number does not include those who died in the war to return Baduma and to preserve the Eritrean sovereignty and its independence.  Now those numbers can be added after the tyrant dismissed the need for preserving the Eritrean sovereignty by reason of his claiming the question of border with Ethiopia is meaningless and that the people of the two countries are one.  If it was not for the Eritrean people’s immediate reaction and uproar, the tyrant’s conspiracy would have materialized as if Eritrea was a lost child that needed to be re-united with its parent.  The Eritrean opposition still considers the unmaterialized conspiracy as a plot to commit treason.

The tyrant who never learns from his mistakes, he might overstep the bounds of sovereignty once again.  The Eritrean people should, therefore, stop standing by and doing nothing while the tyrant and his associates are involving in things that compromise the sovereignty of the country and safety of the Eritrean people.  Indeed, like the tyrant imposed “one heart” on his supporters to ensure loyalty to his tyrannical rule, the Eritrean people need to be united under “one heart and one mind” to end the tyrant’s political and economic domination through forces of oppression and repression.

Isayasism that Inflicted Injustice can only be Ended through De-Isayasism    

Isayasim is a system that pursues policies of isolating the nation from the outside world and yet claims that the world isolated Eritrea.  It rules the Eritrean people by inflicting all kind of fears including fear of starvation, fear of imprisonment, fear of ex-communication (cut off from the community and own family members), fear of not getting a befitting and dignified burial, fear of shame, fear of not getting access to health care services, if any available, and fear of terrible tomorrow.

With all these wars of fear declared on the Eritrean people, one has to pick her/his fight by combating the picked fear.  The easy to use tool against the agents of the tyrant is to first label them Izni, Qarma or Jasus and then get them cut off by their family members, neighborhood and friends.  Next, is to serve the targeted agent with a notice of warning on a letter headed paper of a resistance group.

Once the Eritrean people inside the country start to stand up for their rights, they will have time to plan to free all the subjects of the tyrant by countering the tyrant’s injustices that forced them into slavery.  If the people can bravely face the inseparable tools of Isayasism: the fear and starvation, for sure they will triumph over the tyrannical rule.  And, once the Eritrean youth taste and know that a win over fear can be achieved by overcoming it, they will not be forced to flee the country.

In a country where life has totally stopped, can there be any reason to fear the consequences of not fearing and standing for dignity.  This Eritrean who recently visited Eritrea described life there as if the whole population is on time out: eat not, drink not, talk not, or walk not freely.  The description confirms that it is time to combat fear that let down the people as well that let them be brutalized.

As a matter of fact, the focus of the justice seekers inside Eritrea should now be on creating a new reality where the feared (those presently at the service of the tyrant) become the terrorized and disrespected.  Thus weakening the beast fear that the tyrant has imposed to humiliate and deny human dignity to the Eritrean people will encourage all and even those who embraced fear to speak up and resist tyranny.

It is, therefore, time for justice seekers to take the “enough is enough” call into the camps of the tyrant.  Nowadays, all the tyrant’s camps are easy to cross into because all his protectors have given up on him.  The tyrant has already been exposed and cannot play as a puppet master anymore.  Although the tyrant sees and considers his blind supporters now as threats to his rule, he is still continuing to make political capital out of their gatherings in festivals.

Those people who are still cheated by the tyrant into believing that he stands for the Eritrean independence and sovereignty should go back and review what the tyrant had said regarding the Eritrean people and the country’s sovereignty.  Indeed, those who have chosen to remain deaf and blind despite the revealed facts that identified the tyrant with betrayal are considered to be true supporters of what the tyrant stands for.  They should know that they cannot be labelled as politically immature because the accusations are betrayal and treason.

In support of the flourishing “enough is enough” movement,


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