Eritrean Pro-justice Movement: Uniting Eritreans to See a Day Nothing Left of Isayasism and an End of Threats to the Eritrean Nationhood

Since the members of the Eritrean Pro-justice Movement come from all the Eritrean political organizations, civil associations and the silent majority, it (the Eritrean pro-justice movement) is considered to be the melting pot organization. As such, the movement has the duty to unite all Eritrean endeavors to confront those who are threatening the sovereignty of Eritrea. Here, it should be remembered that unless the response to the threat is in time and appropriate, Eritrea will suffer once again like it did in the past, when liberators failed to say the right thing at the right time that gave birth to the Eritrean tyrant.

The movement should send clear and complete messages. For example, a politically conscious non-Eritrean when sees Eritreans displaying placards reading “Enough is enough,” s/he would wonder whether the onslaught message is directed against the Eritrean tyrant or the silence of the Eritrean people inside Eritrea. Yes, a precise understanding to explain the two targets will provide the movement with new perspectives focused on the sufferings of the Eritrean people as to direct its campaigns to Eritreans and foreigners in order to gain their support.

Some people are not stunned by the international community’s failure to condemn the tyranny in Eritrea but rather by the Eritrean people’s inaction and silence. The unusuality of the Eritrean situation is not that the regime brainwashed the people not to complain but the fact that it appears the regime succeeded in re-engineering the Eritrean people to absorb the shocks of the problems intentionally created by the system.

Many of the Eritrean humanitarian questions remain unanswered. What the world labels as problems are not problems to Eritreans inside Eritrea. The environmentalists and globalists, who have concerns about what would happen when the earth’s population doubled, see the answer to their concerns/questions in the Eritrean situation. The moral issues are yet to be clarified, but presently their focus or question is on how Eritreans are able to survive on a piece of bread and little amount of water per day.

Many Eritreans with oppositional political views agree with that of the globalists’ views in that what has been going on in Eritrea is experimental. Eritrea and its people as experimental land and experimental people, when their stories told as it, are not so hard to believe. Yes, many Eritreans had sneaking suspicions that Isayas was seeking to mold Eritreans into machine-like people who could be made to work hard without humanitarian concerns.

A few to mention of those unbelievable stories about Isayas is that some of his followers referred him as supernatural and some considered his mysteries (or hidden agendas) as proven miracles. On the part of the Eritrean opposition members, the reading is that Isayas’s soul is not in his body but is located outside his body, which reading agrees with the tyrant’s followers confirming the fact that their patron has patrons. That clarifies, that the outside located soul (of the tyrant) represents foreign powers disguised by the pro-tyrant Eritrean Diasporas.

The painful truth is that the real enemies of the Eritrean people are those who support and empower the Eritrean tyrant. And, the right question is not why Eritrea was chosen to be the hell on earth but how the pro-tyrant Eritrean Diasporas find satisfaction in seeing their own people suffer under the tyrannical rule. The life-long pain inflicted on the living parents of the tyrant’s victims will not be undone until all those criminals involved are identified, condemned, the onslaught slogan “Enough is enough” is called upon them, and brought to justice.

All open questions and open answers about the Eritrean predicaments indicate that although the Eritrean tyrant is the headliner, all the torturing machines and the grinding boots are of others. No doubt, the Eritrean tyrant rose to power through deception and all kinds of dishonesty. And indisputably, he gripped power by turning the people around him against each other and whack-holing all emerging leaders. Then, the tyrant delayed the implementation of the constitution by declaring and going to war with Ethiopia over an Eritrean land that he intentionally put into the Ethiopian hands for future conflicts.

The tyrant did not hesitate to declare the collapse of the promised democracy upon his taking absolute control and ensuring absolute conformity to his one man rule by first staining the image of those who stood on the side of the people and democracy (the G-15). Then, he locked up and sent to mysterious disappearance all the pro-democracy elements and the crime-investigators (the journalists), who were warning of the upcoming rule of jungle.

From the land to every company’s business and every Eritrean person were brought under absolute control by way of getting the tyrant’s nose in the middle of everything they do daily and every minute. Thus, the hope of democracy was crushed killing the will of the resilient Eritrean people, who are known for their tough fight against injustice. The weakness of the people in the face of the regime’s threats and intimidations made it easy for the tyrant to punish all sympathizers of G-15 and the pro-democracy elements.

The people’s lack of preparedness for the worst made them the victims of their silence and inaction. Instead of simply agonizing they should have defied all the odds by picking their fights to overcome their challenges one by one. In desperation, those who do not see an end to the tyranny train running over them started to pray for the Eritrean tyrant to abdicate (step down) in favor of his son. Conversely, the majority of the people, who are inspired by the Sudanese revolt against the Sudanese dictator, believe the justice train is approaching the light at the end of the tunnel enabling them to develop 2020 plans as to plow into Isayas’s off-limits to protest carrying the slogan of “Enough is enough, you must step down” in Adi Halo, in front of the tyrant’s office.

Is the Fight against the Eritrean Tyranny well defined?

During 2019 the Eritrean pro-justice members succeeded in creating a common slogan of “Enough is enough” to the injustice in Eritrea. The empowerment of the pro-justice movement came from across the world.

To enable build and secure wider grassroots’ support, the pro-justice movement started exploring for new ways to be involved in campaigning and pushing for its fight against injustice in Eritrea. To get widely enough support, the movement has to empower itself at all levels of its fight. That empowerment should come from the power of understanding the situation in Eritrea clearly.

Unless the Eritrean predicament is fully and clearly explained, the movement will not secure wider participation to bump the needed time and money to fight the fight against tyranny in Eritrea. Various representations in the form of associations are needed to serve as hubs of mothers and youth support performing all the assigned functions of the movement. Once again, the movement as the melting-pot organization has to invite all the political organizations and civil associations to contribute towards building the hubs of mothers and youth under the movement’s assigned sub-committee.

Admittedly, it is discouraging to see some Eritrean Diasporas including women and youth on the side of the tyrant. And surely, these followers of the tyrant know that if one does not denounce tyranny, s/he supports it. With the exception of those Eritreans in the Arab Gulf countries, who are on the side of the tyrant by necessity and not by choice, other Eritrean Diasporas have no sound reasons to remain mouth tight when their people are tortured by starvation and all types of injustice.

To be fair, the pro-justice movement has to verbalize clearly the Eritrean predicaments on its placards and slogans. What the pro-justice movement phrased its condemnation of tyranny in Eritrea as: “Down, down dictator,” or “Enough is enough” may be is not inciting enough for the followers of the tyrant in the Diaspora to trigger their emotion, as they are emotionalists. Indeed, all the ills the tyrant is blamed for must be displayed or explained vide flyers.

Evidently, in order to jump start the pro-tyrant Diasporas political will to stand up and speak out for justice in Eritrea, the pro-justice movement should find a new ground with them. It is well known that the tyrant’s followers should realize that they have to stand up to the tyrant when he declares that the Eritrean people are part of the Ethiopian people or that the two are one people. Indeed, they should rush, without any doubt, to condemn the tyrant when he enforces starvation upon the people and commands atrocities to be committed. As a matter of fact, the tyrant’s followers should be enlightened that it is unpatriotic to be used as human instruments to protect the tyrant when he is trampling on the rights of their own people.

Can the Pro-justice Movement Get to the Bottom of the Eritrean Problems?

If the Eritrean pro-justice movement team up with the tyrant’s Diaspora-followers and top prioritize saving the Eritrean sovereignty, both can jointly declare “Game over, Isayas” as their new year’s resolution. After all, the pro-tyrant followers whether they believe it or not, Ethiopians have announced that Eritrea’s feet are off the ground with the help of Isayas and Eritrea, as a sovereign nation, can fall anytime. According to the Ethiopian announcement, the rules of the road to peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, have been substituted by conditional

terms that Eritrea to lose its prestige as a nation to become a country without army and foreign representatives.

Since words come before action, the Ethiopian announcement makes known the details of the Isayas’s plot, which the tyrant himself confirmed recently that it would be hatched (carried out) and no one could stop it. This is not coming as a surprise to the Eritrean opposition, whose appropriate response kept postponing for fear of not igniting civil war.

According to the Eritrean tyrant, the plan was given effect as and when he (the Eritrean tyrant) announced the handover of authority to Dr. Abiy, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, to lead Eritrea and Ethiopia. However, lucky Eritrea, the takeover of Eritrea by Dr. Abiy was delayed by reasons that Ethiopia remained on the brink of disintegration. Again, lucky Eritrea, the Eritreans action to foil the tyrant’s plot was hastened by the arrogance and audacity of the Ethiopians’ redrawing of the Eritrean map along with the uncovering of the details of the tyrant’s plot by close associates of the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

On the part of the Eritrean pro-justice movement, the immediate action that should not be neglected or delayed is to seek to issue a joint statement of concern with the pro-tyrant Eritrean Diasporas. It should be understood that the pro-tyrant Eritrean Diaspora consists of the mass organization and the dishonest politicians, also known as the cyber-defendants of the tyrant. It can be expected that the members of the mass organization can take mass action forcing the embassy to issue a statement condemning the Ethiopian announcement and map re-drawing.

Looking forward to seeing a day nothing left of Isayasism in 2020,


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