The Eritrean Political Forces Towards Crafting Grand Strategy

By Fesseha Nair

What is Grand Strategy? Why do we need it?

Any organization needs a sound strategy to compete successfully, manage the performance of its activities and strengthen its prospects for long term success. The Eritrean political forces realized the importance of crafting a grand strategy and assessed their present situation, where to go from here of mismanagement and how to move towards a competitive advantage outcompeting the one-man rule system in Eritrea.

The Eritrean political forces agreed and resolved to unify their efforts to achieve the Eritrean people’s aspirations, thus their sovereignty and territorial integrity, remove the dictatorship and democratize the Eritrean multicultural society under one democratic system of governance respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms, rule of law and peaceful co-existence inside Eritrean and its neighbors.

The Eritrean political forces in diaspora strategy’s aim first is to work in teams like forming task forces for the different activities in political, economic, social, and cultural lives of the Eritrean people.

The core concept of the Eritrean political forces is to achieve the Eritrean aspirations freedom from dictatorship and oppression, justice, peace and development.

The Eritrean political forces are now in their first phase of the process of transformation from separate and divided towards united actions but still need skills and knowledge of organizing such diverse political organizations locally, regionally, and globally.

Why crafting and executing grand strategy an important task for the Eritrean Political Forces currently? It is the Eritrean people’s situation that moves the Eritrean political forces to unify their activities to overcome all the sufferings of the Eritrean people under one criminal gangster.

The Road Ahead: The Eritrean Political Forces need to know about the grand strategy crafting and execution. What they need is to explore what this strategy entails, defining the concepts and tools of the partnership of the Eritrean political forces in diaspora. ( ENCDC, EPDP, ENF, EUJ, UDC and RSAD

The partnership of these political organizations’ success depends on its management teams/ task forces of each department. The Foreign relations or the official and people’s relations is now in its stage of exploring and organizing this team at local, regional, and global level.

Key Points

1. Directions of the partnership

2. Road map

3. Sustainability

4. Transforming from reactive to proactive

5. Partnership structure delivering salvation to our people.

6. Internal and external consistency

7. Caliber and proficiency

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