The Unity of three Opposition organization

ee political movements: Eritrean Unity for Justice, United for Democratic Change and Eritrean National Salvation Front-HIDRI became one on February 28, 2021. The new name officially announced to all is Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU). The Central Council of OEU established the following institutions and asigned individuals who will temporarly serve as transitional officers:-

I. Secretariat of the Central Council (CC)

1. Mr. Hamid Drar, CC’s Spokes Person

2. Mr. Mahmud Mohammed (Elaj), Deputy Spokes Person

3. Mr. Tadesse Teckleberhan, Secretary of the Secretariat

II. Interim Executive Committee

1. Mr. Tesfamichael Yohannes, Chairperson

2. Dr. Teshome Berhanemeskel, Deputy Chairperson/Secretary

3. Mr. Ogbazghi Debus, Head of the International Relations’ Office

4. Mr. Yassin Ibrahim, Head of the Organizational Affairs Office

5. Mr. Afeworki Kidane, Head of Security/Public Safety Office

6. Mr. Abel Haile, Head of Finance and Budgeting Office

7. Mr. Ghebrekidan Ghebrezgi, Head of Information and Mass Mobilization

8. Mrs. Saba Fessahaye, Head of Social/Community Affairs

9. Mr. Abraham Iyassu, Head of Research and Documentation

The Central Council also established Auditing and Conflict Resolution institutions and asigned officers to run the offices.

Following the unity proclamation, OUE has been conducting virtual meeting via social media. Some of its agenda items for discussion were preparing ground work for functional organizational structure. Appointing members to provide operational assistance to the Executive Offices was a prime example. The (director) Head of each Executive Office will set program activities, implanting them in priority order. Organizational and administrative details has enhanced Organization of Eritrean Unity profile. The Organization of Eritrean Unity to operate effectively, the Executive Committee has been busy setting proper condition.

Additionally, the Executive Committee has been in dialogue with various political movements, initiating conducive environment of coming together into one fold. During Organization of Eritrean Unity meeting, members of the Executive Committee underlined to commit themselves without reservation and use their skills to advance the movement’s cause. They further pledged to expedite the process for complete unity with other movements.

OEU considers Popular Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) regime as enemy number one of the Eritrean people. PFDJ leadership has forcibly denied human rights and necessities to Eritreans. The regime has condemned our people in general, our youth in particular to abject

destitution, using them as its tool of aggression like the Tigrinya proverb, “Chewing sand with other peoples teeth.” The regime has been the principal instigator of conflicts with our neighboring countries instead of living in harmony. Consequently, our youth are dying and being maimed in wars of no national interest to Eritrea. Currently, the regime is engaged in reckless gamble with our neighbor, in brutal bloodshed, nearly impossible to blot out. The world is following closely on how the PFDJ regime creating mayhem on Eritrean youth, sheltered in UNHCR run refugee camps. The Executive Committee strongly condemns the heinous crimes perpetrated by the PFDJ regime against innocent and peaceful civilian population of Tigray in the neighboring Ethiopia.

The primary enemy and cause of Eritrean misery is PFDJ regime. OUE is committed to work hand in hand with other Eritrean political forces to remove this brutal regime. The Executive Committee calls upon all Eritreans to unite their efforts to remove PFDJ power. The regime is leading our people on path of annihilation. The expectation and hope of Eritreans are to dismantle the regime, to save our country and people.

The Executive Committee is deeply concerned impeding crisis in the Red Sea, and in the Horn of Africa region, drawing the world’s attention. Our country is not only affected by the unfolding crisis, the leader of the PFDJ regime is the principal instigator, immersing our people in its midst. Aware of the veracity of such reality, the Executive Committee of Organization of Eritrean Unity, more than ever, gives undivided attention for the removal of PFDJ, the sole enemy of our people.

In conclusion, the Executive Committee expresses deep appreciation and gratitude for the moral support and encouragement from our fellow political forces and our people at large. The conference (meeting) also echoes its pride and honor for the tenacity and enthusiasm exhibited by its members in the continued struggle for justice.

Victory to the People of Eritrea’s Struggle for Democracy! Unity to our struggle for dignity and honor!


Ghebrekidan Ghebrezgi Head of Information & Mass Mobilization United Eritrean Movement

March 11, 2021

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