Afwerki’s regime sends a delegation to Europe and the Middle East for general mobilization and considers war with the Tigrayan forces as inevitable

Farajat: Sources

Yamani in Germany and the campaign slogan: We are ready for all possibilities

The Haqdaf regime is carrying out frantic activities in Europe and the Middle East in what was described as a general mobilization to prepare for the upcoming war, which has become inevitable, according to the messages carried by top cadres in the regime to supporters abroad.

Some European and Middle Eastern capitals witnessed meetings with party cadres and representatives of the regime’s communities.

The foreign minister and the advisor of the regime’s president arrived in Europe on a different paths after a short visit during which they stopped in the Somali capital, accompanied by an Ethiopian delegation that included the foreign minister in Abi Ahmed’s government.

Othman visited Sweden, which it might followed by a visit to Italy, while Yamani was assigned to go to Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.

It is noticeable that both men did not hold extensive public meetings, but rather met with party cadres, party youth, community officials and employees of diplomatic missions only.

Observers described this external move as having specific directives passed on to these cadres to undertake mobilization activities, which will include collecting funds for the war, demonstrating, and filing memoranda containing the intention of attempting to attack the Eritrean sovereignty and other claims that party cadres and its official media have been repeating.

Farajat learned that Hagos Kesha was assigned to go to the Middle East countries, which includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Sudan, to carry out the same task, with a focus on collecting financial support.

At the internal level, the campaign started early, with the regime tickling the feelings of the Eritrean people by sending more than one message in more than one direction. The party’s Secretary Almin Muhammad Saeed, and General Abraha Kasa appeared on the regime’s TV during the celebration of the Independence Day last May, where they addressed their conversation Topics intended to win over a certain component of the Eritrean people, and the focus was on the imminent danger of the TPLF on Eritrea’s unity and independence and the extent of their hatred of the Eritrean people.

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