“No More” a Repeat of Eritrean Revolution to Liberate the People of the Land

The campaign “No More” is launched to liberate the people of the land, like the armed struggle liberated the land.  The question is how to disseminate the campaign “No More” faster and wider.  In Eritrea, the familial and provincial lines are believed to be the fastest and easiest way to disseminate.  Although, the regime uses the familial and provincial groupage to ex-communicate or condemn its adversaries, the organized Eritrean opposition self-tabooed them denying itself the most effective Eritrean tool of mobilizing people inside and outside of Eritrean.

 The campaign “No More” is expected to address all the questions posed as treasonous and a threat to the stability of the regime.  The “No More” campaign as a tool of awareness is expected to raise the awareness of the family members, neighbors, villages, cities of each province towards the good of the country through open and trusted familial communications.

The campaign “No More” is a call to action.  In order for the campaign to have a resonating effect, the action should be furthered by the next person’s action motivating groups within the circles of villages and cities of each province.  The call “No More” is on all Eritrean, whether inside or outside Eritrea, as to coming clean in not becoming enforcer of starvation and injustice on the Eritrean family.

If the Diaspora Eritrea is a sample of the inside Eritrea, there are two sides.  The pro-justice side, as a stream of politically conscious, and the pro-the-regime, as a stream of emotional Eritreans, the two streams are expected to flow into the main Eritrean river of Eritreanism.  All members of the two sides, because of the allegiance to Eritreanism, have the duty to stand against the co-imposition of starvation and injustice on the Eritrean family.  Yes, all have to stand for what is right demanding loud and clear “No More” injustice on the family.

Eritreanism, as a product of the Eritrean revolutionary struggle, does not lack the global knowledge of what is right and wrong.  Accordingly, Eritreanism gears up all Eritreans’ emotion to self-condemn being a mastermind or a component of corruption or injustice on the Eritrean family.  Indeed, the family should be cared for and not victimized by it family members.

This year, from the stages of the regime’s festivals in Europe and the USA’s Dallas, the pro-the-regime cadres gave doses of awareness to the pro-justice festival attendees on the obligation to protect and keep the borders of Eritrea safe from the threats of its enemies.  The pro-the-regime sounded prepared to reciprocate with keeping the Eritrean family protected and safe from the threats of starvation and injustices.

Diagnosis of Isayasism’s Oversized Shoes and the Eritrean Family

While the world was stunned by not only the Eritrean fighters defeated the heavily armed Ethiopian army but also chased and drove the army deep into the capital city of Ethiopian, the victory boosted the Eritrean people’s morale to believe that their fighters also brought the two big powers (the USA and Russia) down to their knees.  The pride activated a feeling that Eritreans could rebuild the country without any foreign help and that no one could stand in the way of its invincible fighters.

The activated believe and pride soon started pushing back at Eritrea to go to war with its neighboring countries.  And, the war(s) kept pushing backward at the Eritrean family because each war was a turn for the worse.

The Eritrean leaders instead of helping out the Eritrean family, they let the country fall on the Eritrean family and its Diaspora to help out the government.  As a result, the Eritrean family was forced to go for more flight of its (family) members instead of fighting back for its rights.

The G-15 members, who were for the government’s getting off the shoulders of the Eritrean family and to finding an end to the ongoing chains of wars, realized that the country was getting false messages from its oversized shoes.  The slides inside the oversized shoes were being read as strides forward.  The G-15’s explanation of that fact and their suggestion that Eritrea, in order for it to get the right reading, needed to wear the right-size shoes, was considered treasonous by the Isayasists.  Thus, the G-15 had to face their fate of a forced disappearance.

To date, the slides inside the oversized shoes are being read as strides forward despite the fact the country is seen not moving forward, even an inch, because it is stack in one position and is not able to move the heavy oversized shoes.  Indeed, it is puzzling and upsetting that the Diaspora pro-the-regime could not bring any transformational changes in Eritrea by presenting persuading facts and evidences from their host countries to the regime’s decision-makers.

Lately, the wars in Ethiopia and the threats to the sovereignty of Eritrea, forced some pro-justice to side and stand for safe and protected Eritrean borders.  Although, all pro-justice Eritreans believe that the hardship on the Eritrean family is only the result of the regime’s anti-people policy, the compounding factors of the ongoing Ethiopian wars appear to be a threat to the existence of Eritrea and its people.

On the spur of the new stand towards standing for safe and protected sovereignty of Eritrea, many pro-justice Eritreans appear to be convinced to attend the regime’s festivals this year or visit Eritrea.  Some pro-justice already were pushed to visit Eritrea accompanied by their close friends who are members of the pro-the-regime Diaspora.

The pro-justice who visited Eritrea are said to have found the Eritrean family in a worse living conditions than reported by the media.  One of the pro-justice, who had visited Eritrea, said engaging some officials of the regime in interesting discussions were a success.  He added that he had to smooth over his conflicting viewpoints about the country’s economic situations and the Eritrean family suffering by comparing them to those in his host country.  He also chose not to give context to the chronic human crisis in Eritrea and its isolation in international political arena.  Overall, the pro-justice explained that his caring discussions with the regime’s officials helped his pro-the-regime friend to shift gear from total silence to breaking his silence regarding the sufferings of the Eritrean family.

The two friends from the two sides uncovered through escalatory testing questions that Eritreans can benefit from their political engagement.  The two friends, realizing that their political opposing viewpoints’ lines run parallel, unless efforts are made to converge them, they will not serve the best interest of the Eritrean family.

Through their engagement, the two friends from across the sides came to know when their political desires to fight for what is right cooled off and where their political desires overpowered them to react.  Both, as well, sought to exonerate their sides in the process of identifying the real enemy of the Eritrean family.  The two friends raised questions against each side as to find out who is responsible for the ruined Eritrea, its failed economy and the sufferings of the Eritrean family.  The pro-the-regime’s answers were embargo, embargo, and embargo for all failures.  However, the two friends’ combination of intellectualized and emotionalized response linked the embargo to the Eritrean family’s sufferings.  Accordingly, in order for the embargo to be lifted, the regime must relinquish its control on the Eritrean family.

Eritrea, as a country with the highest anti-family arsenal, the real enemy is not the western world that is siding with the regime, as evidenced by its freely conducted festivals, for not treating it like the other tyrant governments.  Here are a few countries for the sake of comparison, such as: Cuba, Venezuela, South Korea and Syria that are listed as pharaonic governments by the west.  Unlike the Eritrean regime, those listed as pharaonic countries are totally alienated and their ruling political parties are on a list of total exclusion of all favors.  Therefore, the real enemy of the Eritrean family is the failure of its members to international its sufferings while coming clean by condemning those family members who are supporting the regime’s policies of injustice and starvation on the family.  As such, the campaign “No More” goes first and foremost on the members of the family.

The Campaign Should Focus on the Family’s reclaiming of its Members’ Loyalty

The Eritrean family beset by the endless military conscription and the flights of its members, it is on the verge of seeing an empty Eritrea of its own population.  The everyday sensed truth is that between the elderlies’ dreaming for a day of reunion with those forcibly disappeared as well as those forbidden to visit the country; and the youth of the family who are weaving plans of flights to achieve their dreams outside Eritrea, the Eritrean family, if not saved, is going to disappear.

Analogically, considering the Eritrean youth on the endless conscription as a pencil that is subjected to over-usage and over-sharpening, the pencil is likely to be shrinking and disappearing before any possible reunion of the family.  Just open discussions and head on confrontation about the actual conditions of the Eritrean family may remove the roadblock reactance of those who pose challenges to the campaign “No More.”

Some youth who are accused of betrayal acts on the Eritrean family may also present some challenges for the campaigners of the “No More.”  There is no need for excommunication or condemnation, as the regime does, for peaceful engagement to raise awareness can do the job and help those who erred on the members of the family back to the arms of the family.  Those committed to the success of the campaign know well how to use the fastest and effective familial and provincial ways of communication.

According to members of the opposition, presently, under the regime, each person within a family is considered an enemy to be watched.  Instead of providing peace to the family, each member is seen working to weaken the family bondage.  The bridge from injustice to fostering family stability should now be from the barrels of the campaign “No More,” like it was during the armed struggle from the barrels of the gun.

In order for the campaign “No More” to be a success, it should focus on justice to takeover.  That necessitates a function of trust and dedication for the campaigners to feel empowered and potentiated to broaden their fight to save and protect the already weakened Eritrean family.  Although, the pro-the-regime visitor exonerated the person at the helm thereby putting all the blames on the military rulers of the zones, all are known as the governing or ruling body.  As such, the campaign should include those who have viable links to regime’s leadership.

Like the regime’s festivals in Europe and the USA’s Dallas were initiated by the pro-the-regime and made a success by the pro-justice, the campaign “No More” should focus on the will of action of those pro-the-regime to penetrate the homes of the regime to give a push for a climb out of the denial that the Eritrean family is in imminent threat of disappearance.  Together in action to foster and strengthen the Eritrean family’s stability as well as to enable family reunion happen for family time and family moments without fear.

The rejection of starvation and fear in two words “No More,” if not chanted and said loud, it can be acted on to liberate those with mindset of master and servant.  Eritreans as one family, inclusive of pro-justice, pro-the-regime and the middle-grounders, they have to face and stand together against all odds and sources of hardship to the Eritrean family.  Since what is go for the Eritrean family, it is go for the country, the campaign “No More” should be chanted and said loud and clear to enable the wronged upon Eritrean family to be set free for the long awaited reunion of its family members.

In support of the revolutionary “No More” to liberate the people of the land.


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