Final Statement (Meeting of EDP, ENSF and ELF-RC)

Dammbach, Germany

10 May 2007


Coming from 10 countries in five continents, 13 high-level leadership members of the Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF), the Eritrean Liberation Front – Revolutionary Council (ELF-RC) and the Eritrean Democratic Party (EDP) met between 8 and 10 May 2007 in the German village of Dammbach near Frankfurt and thoroughly discussed national issues of paramount importance as well as the role of the opposition camp in facing challenges ahead. The meeting also reached understanding on future tripartite relations and on a work plan.


The meeting believed that the belligerent policies and acts of the dictatorial regime of the ruling PFDJ that literally detained the entire Eritrean youth in military camps and frontline trenches have caused a total collapse of the economic life in the country and that the condition of our people is unbearably desperate. This sad and urgent situation makes it incumbent upon the Eritrean opposition forces to find ways of making the Eritrean people fully and effectively rally behind the opposition camp. The  high level leadership meeting of the three organizations underlined the urgency of identifying and exerting all possible efforts to put an end to the plight of the conscripted Eritrean youth forced to slave-labour to serve PFDJ interests and others  exposed to risks on high seas and death in deserts while trying to escape the excesses of the dictatorial regime.


After deep and constructive deliberations, the meeting agreed to upgrade relations and joint activities of the allied three organizations in the fields of diplomacy and  public information, and to enhance relations with human rights organizations and civil societies with the aim of redoubling  campaigns against the dictatorial regime in Eritrea by pulling together all  opposition forces determined to shorten the life of the regime.


The meeting also made a strong call on the Eritrean Defense Forces to refrain from providing any services to the oppressive regime, and instead rally behind the Eritrean people in an effort of removing the dictatorship. Likewise, the meeting   appealed on neighbouring countries to give adequate support to the Eritrean opposition camp with the full understanding that the Isaias regime is a  factor of conflict and insecurity in the region and that its removal will open the way for stability and economic prosperity for the peoples of the zone as a whole.


The meeting believed that the split that occurred in the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) in the aftermath of its recent second congress was an occurrence that saddened the opposition as well as the Eritrean people and friendly countries. The meeting highly commended the compromises and draft proposals tabled by the three organizations to avert split in the EDA which eventually happened because of the unacceptable positions of the other side (EDA-2).


Also with the understanding of the importance of engaging the capacities of our people in the struggle to remove the dictatorial regime, the meeting mandated the provisional EDA-1 leadership to formulate a mechanism that can allow smooth coordination and work relations between the two blocs of the alliance.


Glory and Eternal Memory to Our Martyrs!


The Eritrean Democratic Party (EDP)

The Eritrean National Salvation Front (ENSF)

The Eritrean Liberation Front – Revolutionary Council (ELF-RC)

Dammbach, Germany,

10 May 2007


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