It is to be remembered that the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) held its second congress on February 15-20/2007.

The goal of the second congress was to elect a new executive leadaeship with a new chairman, instead EDA concluded (ended) its second congress without electing its executive leadearship claiming that they could not agree on the issue who should be the next chairman of EDA.

There fore splitting in to two blocs calling them selves Bloc 1 and Bloc 2. AT that point it is very clear that Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) terminated itself by itself from being the umbrella leadership of the Eritrean political opposition Organizations. Leaving the Eritrean struggle for democracy without common (umbrella) leadership, hence in political crisis because of the created leadership-vaccum. Our struggle for democracy have been in stalemate since February 20th/2007, hoplessly frustrating our people.

It is 5months since we are without umbrella (common) leadership for the Eritrean opposition organizations.


Taking in to consideration the present political situation in Eritrea and the surroundings, the democratic struggle of Eritrea should not be left with out common leadership

for five (5) days let alon for 5months (five) months. Since the split of EDA, happened endless efforts have been made to reconcile the two blocs of EDA.

Immadiatley therafter many concerned Eritreans and the government of Ethiopia the honorable prime minister Meles-Zienawi advised

And pleaded them to compromise, reconcile and elect their executive leadership before it is too late, but they refused to do so.

Again thinking that they had 5months to cool down and think twice and more, Amsterdam Conference 16-17/2007 accomadated them with a place to meet and people with experience to help reconcile and elect their new executive leadership with a new chairman. They were officially invited (called) to come to the Amsterdam conference 16-17/06/2007


Myself, Memhr- Tesfagaber- Asfaha-keflemichael and other concerned Eritreans thought that the Amsterdam conference 16-17/27 was very important and decided to attend it. We went all the way from Toronto-canada to Amsterdam on our financial and time expense to see if we can help.

Before we went there, we asked our selves what we are going to do if:

A.  The EDA blocs dont come

B.  If they come, but refuse to reconcile.


To answer this question i.e to address this we put plan B in place. In our plan B we decided that a new umbrella organization which replaces EDA should be

(Established) and declared at the end of Amsterdam Conference 16-17/06/2007 as a resolution.

After discussing thorouly we agreed the name of the new umbrella to be called :


CDFE is consisted of all the opposition political parties and organizations of Eritrea.




We also decided that CDFE have a Central-committee in which all the leaders of the opposition organizations and parties are members of it.

We had our doubts like every Eritrean that Plan A- will work (succeed). As we stated above plan A- was the coming of the two blocs of EDA and reconcile. So, we were in Amsterdam June 11th/2007 to try our best to make our plan B- works.

Here was our procedure for our plan B-;

A.  To declare that the Entrean Democratic alliance (EDA) is not existing any more as an Umbrella leadership for the opposition camp of Eritrea since the date it closed its second congress without slecting its Executive-Leadership and its Chairman i.e. Since 20-02-2007.

Then officially announce to the people of Eritrea that EDA is replaced by a New opposition Umbrella Organization called


To this end, we decided to appoint a Caretaker-Chairman (Temporary) for CDFE and CDFE and we wanted him to be one who was not member of EDA.

My colleagues recommended one Particular Person to be the Caretaker Chairman of CDFE. I didnt know this particular person before.

But I accepted their decision and I agreed to it. Eventually we met with the particular person and we introduced our names to each other. AS I said my colleagues knew him before, I was the only new person to him. We started explaining to him our Plan B- and our procesure for I, was written therefore very easy to understand.

We started it as follows;

A)  The ERITREAN DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE (EDA) is gone, it is out from the struggle for Democratic Eritrea since February 20th/2007.

B)  The struggle for Democracy of Eritrea has been without Umbrella-Leadership for the last 5monts, we all know this.

The struggle for Democracy of Eritrea should not be left without common leadership for 5days let alone for 5months,

You understand this more than any body else. We have Leadership Vaccum as the result of this ; also we have Political- Crisis

As the result, hence our struggle for democracy in Eritrea is in STALEMATE hopelessly frustrating our people.

All of us know the political situation in Eritrea and the surroundings is more volatile now than any time before.

Now, to solve this problem we have Established a New Umbrella Organization in which All the Political Organizations and Political Parties are members.


C)  SO, we need you to be CARETAKER-CHAIRMAN of COALITION of DEMOCRATIC-FORCES of ERITREA (CDFE), we said to him.

We also assured to him that we will be in the Executive-committee to make the necessary sacrifice any work. We told him he will be joined by people who really want to struggle from heart to mind.


We all pleaded to him to grab it and lets declare it in the Amsterdam Conference 16-17/2007. If it seems to him hard to continue,

We told him that he can call congress any time and tell the CDFEs Central committee to make democratic election and then you can

Hand the chairmanship peacefully to the person who is democratically elected. This can also set a precident to the future democratic

Eritrea, we said. At this point he said okay i.e. he accepted to the Caretaker Chairman of the COALITION of DEMOCRATIC FORCES of ERITREA (CDFE).

He also confirmed for us by saying Kisenu Tekebileyo-Aleku.

We felt happy so we relaxed for the next 3days, because we thought one of our plans is going to work (succeed), but after 3days i.e.

On Friday June 15th/2007 the would be Caretaker-Chairman phoned and told us to meet him in a place, we went there and met him.

After explaining some personal reasons he told us that HE CHANGED HIS MIND, he is not going to be CARETAKER-CHAIRMAN of CDFE.

WE pleaded to him a lot, but he refused absolutely.

Even thought we were unhappy about it, we accepted his decision again and also accepted the reality that our plan B- was failed,

Leaving our search for Caretaker-Chairman for CDFE encountered with a little hiccup.

The so called recommended person could have told us early that he changed his mind, but what can you do.

Now, we didnt have much choice left except to wait till June 16-17/06/2007 to see if EDA1 and EDA2 come to Amsterdam conference 16-17/06/2007,

Resolve their differences and reconcile. But, EDA1 and EDA2 did not come to Amsterdam conference 16-17/06/2007, therefore they did not reconcile.

Hence, our plan A- automatically failed.

We did not have PLAN-C- at that point, after staying for a week in Amsterdam and wasting our time and considerable amount of money, we had to go home

(TORONTO) empty handed. We insisted to accomplish one of our plans A or B in the Amsterdam conference 16-17/06/2007, because as all of us know it:

A)  It is very difficult and very expensive to arrange another conference, congress or even meeting.

B)  It makes more political sense and legetmacy to declare or announce resolutions or agreements as the result of conference, congress or meeting,

C)  Considering the length of time that our struggle for democratic change have been with out Umbrella leadership and considering the volatile political situation in Eritrea and its surroundings makes it very Urgent now than any time before the political opposition camp of

Eritrea have an umbrella executive leadership now i.e. today, infact it is long over due : that is why we insisted a lot. It is sad news for the people of Eritrea and for all nations and people who wish to see lssayas Afewerki gone and a democratic Eritrea flourish.


We accepted the reality that our search of chairman for the COALITION of DEMOCRATIC FORCES of ERITREA (CDFE) encountered with a little hiccup for now.

At that point we discussed our next move. As a result we all agreed that we should continue to work hard to find a chairman for CDFE, hence activate the STALAMATED Struggle for establishing a Democratic Eritrea. To this end we agreed to put PLAN C- in place.






For our plan C- we decided to hold an Emergency-Meeting of Eritreans Concerned about the Political Crisis and Leadership Vaccum that is existing in the Opposition Camp of Eritrea. The emergency meeting was held in the city of TORONTO-CANADA on the date 06-07-2007.

In this meeting the assembly made three (3) sessions.

In the first session of Plan C- meeting the assembly of concerned Eritreans decided and confirmed tha the Eritrean Democratic Allians (EDA)

Is not anymore existing as as Umbrella leader of the Opposition Camp of Eritrea since the day it closed (Ended) its Second Congress on the date 20-02-2007 without electing its Executive Leadership and its Chairman. Instead EDA came out of its Second Congress Divided into Two Blocs.

This conclusion and fact was confirmed again by the Assembly of concerned Eritreans who attended the Emergency PlanC- Meeting in TORONTO- CANADA on the date 06-07-2007.

Plan- C- held its second session :

In the second session the Assembly of Concerned Eritreans Ananimously agreed and Replaced EDA by Umbrella Organization called COALITION of DEMOCRATIC FORCES of Eritrea (CDFE) (LFNTI DEMOCRASIAWIAN HAYLTAT ERITREA).

Second session of plan C- meeting also ananimously agreed and decided tha all political Organizations and Parties of opposition camp of Eritrea are members of CDFE.

CDFE have a CENTRAL- COMMITTEE made of All leaders of the opposition political Organizations and parties of Eritrea.


The following are members of the central committee of CDFE (The political opposition Community of Eritrea) :

!. DR. Beyene- Kidane 2. Ato- Mohamed- Nasser 3. Ato-Tewelde-Ghebreslassie. 4. Ato- Hussen-Kelifa 5. Ato- Berhane-Hanjema

6. Ato-Kalil-Mos-amir

7. Ato. Ghebrhiwet-Teweldebrhan 8. Ato-lbrahim Haroun 9. Ato-Weldeyesus-Amr 10. Ato-Halie-Mengesha  !1. Ato-beshir-Ishaq

12. Ato-Alnoor-Idris 13. Ato-Mesfn-Hagos 14. Ato Abu- Suhel

15. Memhr-Tesfagaber-Asfaha-keflemichael 16. Ato-Keleta-Kidane

17. Abbassader-Adhanom

18. Ato jaafer- Assad 19. DR. Fessahazion-Menghistu

20. Ato- Hamid- Turki 21. Dr. Yowhanes-Zerimariam

22. Ato Ghezae- Kidane 23. Ambassader-ABDELA-Adem

24. Ato Huruy- Tedlabayru 25. Ato- Rezene-Habte

26. DR Tesfazion-Medhanie 27. Dr. Abubeker 28. Dr. Habte

29. Ato-Habtemariam-abraha 20.Ato- Kernelios-Osman

31. Ato- Mengsteab 32 et al (and others)


 PLAN C- meeting held its third (3rd) session:

After thoroughly discussing many options and choices the Assembly OF Plan C- meeting in its third session Ananimously agreed and appointed

MEMHR-TESFAGABER-ASFAHA-KEFLEMICHAEL as a CARETAKER CHAIRMAN (TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN) of COALITION of DEMOCRATIC FORCES of ERITREA (CDFE) i.e. to serve for ONE YEAR only. The Assembly also Empowered the Caretaker-Chairman to assign individual persons from the central-committee of CDFE as he thinks the person is fit for the post and assemble his Caretaker-Executive Committee

The assembly of Plan-C- emergency meeting in its third session also Ananimously agreed and decided that CDFES CENTRAL-COMMITTEE to Hold its FIRST-CONGRESS IN ONE-YEAR and Democratically Elect Its FULL-TERM EXECUTIVE-COMMITTEE with ITS FULL-TERM CHAIRMAN from the MEMBERS of the CENTRAL-COMMITTEE of CDFE (LFNTI-DEMOCRASIAWIAN-HAYLTAT- ERITREA).

After gladly accepting the position and gave his gratidude; Memhr- Tesfageber Asfaha-Keflemichael Pledged that he is going to do his utmost to make the new umbrella organization of Eritrean opposition camp (CDFE) succed.

He pleaded Full support from:

The people of Eritrea

The opposition camp of Eritrea.

The neighbour countries of Eritrea and the international community


Thank you

13 July 2007





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