OEA’s State of Denial

OEA suffers from what our forefathers succinctly said,

“Kabtom Ri’eyom Ze’endru,

Netom Ze’endru Ri’eyom Ze’endru Gedidomna”

It is totally baffling to understand why the good men and women of OEA would forego their God-given instinct and pursue mindless hand-clapping.  Their continued blind support has put our precious Eritrea on a destructive campaign and warpath.  The nagging question is why do they choose to support this brutal regime despite the overwhelming evidence?  The following could be some of the reasons why they blindly throw allegiance behind a quickly decaying regime,

  1. Many have been trapped into buying land in Eritrea from the regime.  These good men and women paid thousands of their hard earned USD to buy small pieces of land for investment and retirement, and are afraid that if they don’t cooperate with the regime that they would lose their hard earned money.  But what good is your land if the whole country is burning?  Unfortunately, these men and women fail to understand that they are throwing good money after bad by supporting this brutal regime.  CAN OEA NAME one OEA member whose support for OEA isn’t tied to some direct interest (land, investment, etc…) in Eritrea?  Guaranteed NONE!


  1. Beyond direct beneficial interests, some OEA members may suffer from delusions that only PIA is capable of holding Eritrea together.  One may call this as the ‘defeatism’ mentality, or as some stated “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” syndrome.  The 4 million brave men and women of Eritrea are reduced to one man, and the rest of us are just untrustworthy or destructive.  But PIA is simply a mortal man, and what would happen if he was to depart suddenly?  Nothing!  Eritrea is a nation of 4 million brave men and women who can take his place anytime.  Eritrea will live long after PIA.  Some will say that after PIA PFDJ will maintain continuity.  If PFDJ really exists, why not hold the 4th Congress which was due to be held 13 years ago?  PFDJ is defunct!  The next possible successor is the army, but even the army is so rife with rivalries designed to avoid collusions that succession can only come through possible civil war.


  1. Some genuinely believe that if border is to be demarcated that the good times will roll back again.  That is a big assumption, but we will leave that for the future.  The immediate question is, however, when will the border be demarcated?  What are the consequences to Eritrea and its people if we solely focus on the border issue?  The socio-economic conditions in Eritrea will continue in unabated downward spirals to a point of destruction.  “Kab Seb Zitetsebeye Bidewu Beleye!”


  1. Some support the regime solely based on the old twisted philosophy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  These men and women have grudges against their former colleagues in the opposition camp, and would rather align themselves with the regime despite their quiet disgust at the regime’s behavior.  These group lack focus and deep convictions. 
  2. Few are simply disconnected from the realities of Eritrea and are simply influenced by the propaganda emanating from ERITV satellite programs.


OEA’s Letter

As one would expect from a good soldier, OEA has accepted its orders from PIA without any question.  This is a chain-of-command, and questioning isn’t allowed.  The good men and women of OEA must sign these letters, lest they lose their PFDJ given lands, or their bonds. 

In reality, OEA’s letter has little bearing on the outcome of whether Eritrea is to be blacklisted or not.  It would be naïve to think that the State Department or the American administration doesn’t know exactly the political situation in Eritrea and Diaspora.  The US Administration will proceed on this issue solely based on its strategic interest in the region.  PIA has been given a meek demand – six months of good behavior.  The question then is, what is so urgent for PIA to delve himself into Somalia immediately that he can’t wait six months?  Is there a noose around PIA’s neck that is tightening so hard and so quick that six months is a death sentence?   Isn’t six months of good behavior worth saving Eritrea from being blacklisted? 

If Eritrea is blacklisted, OEA will be held jointly responsible with the regime for such labeling.  Its letter to Mrs. Jendayi Frazer won’t excuse OEA from the regime’s deliberate acts of blacklisting Eritrea.  WE WILL HOLD YOU R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E!  The Eritrean history will hold you responsible.  Generations of Eritreans will hold you responsible.  Whenever Eritreans aren’t able to travel abroad, we will tell them that OEA is responsible.  

The Endgame

Overall, my belief is that our debates on blacklisting takes away from our discussions and speculations of where the PIA-PMMZ squabbles are taking both countries. PMMZ won’t allow demarcation due to many internal and external factors.  Some higdefawiyans speculate that PMMZ is determined to oust PIA, and thus must have “PMMZ for breakfast before PMMZ have them for lunch”.  But this is a paranoia politics that will destroy Eritrea.  It is like Castro saying that he must destroy the US before they destroy him [Bay of Pigs, etc…].  In reality, both countries have learned to live without each other.  Intense hatred of cross-border regimes can’t be a cause for paranoia politics.  Life must go on, and can go on!

At this juncture of the border impasse, it is PIA who has taken a belligerent policy.  It is true that PMMZ has stalled the border demarcation process.  But PIA hasn’t given a single reason why Eritrea should embark on a warpath to have the border demarcated immediately.  Refreshing our memories, PIA had kept telling us that the border can only be resolved through peaceful and legal avenues.  I don’t believe that any Eritrean would be concerned that PMMZ would relocate the Badme area anywhere else.  Badme and other disputed areas will eventually become part of Eritrea.  Why destroy innocent Eritrean lives for something that will eventually happen?

PIA is rolling his dice with Somali and other regional games designed to scare away the US and its protégé against possible all-out regional warfare.  In the end, PIA can only be prepared for a war.  PIA wouldn’t mind launching another war, but he can’t because he was found guilty of starting the 1998-2000 conflict and PFDJ didn’t protest such verdict.  PIA doesn’t want to be accused of starting another war, thus must create enough friction to let PMMZ start the next conflict.  If PIA had done his homework in the first weeks of May 1998, he and the entire Eritrean nation would have avoided the current quagmire.  Trying to do one’s homework way after it is due, doesn’t get you the needed results.  It is ten years too late!

There isn’t a single rational reason why PIA should pursue destructive policies to finalize the border – and there isn’t a SINGLE compelling reason why we, ordinary Eritreans, should support PIA’s path towards destruction.

What every Eritrean must ask is, what is the endgame?  If PMMZ won’t allow demarcation, and if PIA insists on demarcation and pursues war by other means, what will give?  The answer can only be too obvious!

What is OEA’s role and historical responsibility?  OEA is encouraging PIA to pursue belligerent policies domestically and internationally, thus taking full responsibility for the consequences of the current human rights violations and the highly future destructions of our precious country through needless wars with our neighbors.

Just for clarification, political prudence shouldn’t be viewed as capitulation.  Long-term interests and goals aren’t simply a series of short-term goals, which in effect means there aren’t any long-term goals.  That would be destructive!  Instead, we should agree what the long-term interests are and then work backwards to design our short-term actions that will take us to our ultimate goals.      

Soured by One’s Own

The purpose of my responses to Asmara Rose is never to directly engage in debates with her or to un-convince of her hypocritical beliefs.  As our forefathers would describe Asmara Rose’s acts as,

“Felitu Zideqese, Neqnikayo Zeytisi’e”

However, Asmara Rose’s articles are simply a fuel for our fire.  Without her articles, we would run out of topics to write.  In her latest article, she provides us with ample writing materials. 

Before proceeding with my discussions, it is worth noting that Asmara Rose, OEA and companies’ articles should be viewed as both leading and lagging indicators of the state of affairs in PFDJ land.  The latest lashings from PFDJ land and higdefawiyans are reflective of their increased distressed nature.  Mark these words, it will only get worse!

I will refute some of her accusations and illusions directly,

  1. Treason:  As my favorite writer, Mr. S. Younis, would say, higdefawiyans have no concept of or suffer from convenient advocacy of “chibti” [evidence].  In the words of PIA, where is the evidence?  Over ten thousand innocent Eritreans have been languishing in PFDJ Dungeons for years without trials and not a single shred of evidence.  Is Asmara Rose telling us that these ten thousand Eritreans held in PFDJ Dungeons incommunicado are also American agents?  We judge the regime not only on what it has done to the G-11 but to Mr. Bidweded Abraha, Mr. Hassan Keckia, Mrs. Miriam Hagos and Mrs. Senait Debessai and tens of thousands of others. 


In order to protect the rights of individual citizens against powerful State machinery, our vigilance should ALWAYS be on the side of the private citizen, unless proven otherwise. 

Treason is NOT established by alleged accusations, nor is limited to alleged cooperation with foreign elements.  Treason begins with the subversion of the law of the land.  When a regime imprisons citizens without affording them the protections enshrined in the laws of the country – the regime commits treason.  There are over ten thousand victims [potential plaintiffs] that can be produced to bring cases against the regime on charges of subverting the law of the land – i.e. treason.  The new website:  http://www.ehrea.org/ is an excellent initiative that has both legal consequences and historical significance. 

Moreover, when Asmara Rose and likes engage in direct accusations of treason against individuals, they are engaging in defamation campaigns that have direct and immediate implications.  These individuals may find themselves in court of law in Eritrea and elsewhere.  Don’t hate so much that one lands on legal, political and social landmines.  Prudent would-be politicians never burn their bridges behind them, only pawns do.  That is how we differentiate them.

  1. Independent Media

Dictators’ favorite argument is that opposition and independent private media are always supported by foreign elements.  The implicit argument is that people’s call for basic rights, the rule-of-law, and respect of fellow citizen can only be advocated by foreign elements.  Conversely, it follows that people [in opposition and media] must call for oppression and subversion of the rule-of-law to prove that they are free of foreign influence.  That is one-twisted argument fit for the deranged mind only!

When Eritreans fought for their rights and land during our struggle for independence, the dergue regime used to call us Arab lackeys.   The Dergue regime portrayed us as bunch of people serving foreign interests against “Mother” Ethiopia.  Unfortunately for Dergue, labeling never fazed us nor detracted us from our deep down convictions.  We won our independence.  Labeling didn’t faze us back then, and surely won’t today!   

  1. The Constitution Distortions

Asmara Rose states, “I am by no means implying that Eritrea should not fully implement the 1997 Constitution, nor do I have doubt that it will. I say fully because most of the articles in the Constitution are being implemented. The one that has the destructors and defectors up in arms is the one that deals with the national elections. Suspending certain Constitutional rights during war is not unique to Eritrea. The fact that national elections have been postponed does not mean that Eritrea is not implementing the other articles in the Constitution. There are articles that call for the defense and security of Eritrea …” [emphasis added] Unless Asmara Rose smokes ganja when writing her articles, facts don’t bear out her claims.

  1. Question 1:  Which most articles in the Constitution are being implemented?  Don’t be afraid to be specific my dear!


  1. Question 2:  Who suspends constitutional rights during war?

                                               i.        Are we in a war, says whom?  Who defines whether we are in a war or not?  Is it defined by one man who has a vested interested in creating war paranoia?

                                              ii.        Has PIA declared State of Emergency?  When was it announced?  We need more details!

                                             iii.        According to the Provisional Laws and Constitutional Laws [which Asmara Rose tells us is being mostly implemented], PIA must seek approval from National Assembly every six months to maintain State of Emergency needed to suspend some, not all, Constitutional rights.  Has he?  Read the constitution again my dear … it is only few pages.

  1. Question 3:  Asmara Rose claims that what has the opposition up in arms is the postponement of national elections.  Wrong again my dear, this is convenient propaganda.  What has us up in arms is, first and foremost, the total absence of the rule-of-law and violations of basic human rights.  Is Asmara Rose implying that at a time of paranoid claims of war that all basic rights and rule of law must be suspended allowing total chaos to rule the country?


  1. Economic illusions

First, the economic accomplishments listed in her article are negligible for a country that has existed for almost 17 years.  Second, imagine how one would respond to someone who keeps e-mailing you and posting on the web of what he did that day at work; you would ignore that person telling oneself that we all do our share of work as we are paid to do.  Whatever the regime does is its job – nothing extraordinary.  It collects taxes and more to do its job, as everyone else does in his/her own lives.  The question is, does it do its fair share of work, or does it give Eritreans value for their money?  The answer is undoubtedly, no!  If you were PFDJ’s employer, which the general Eritrean population should have been, would you have fired this PFDJ employee who scares away your clients by abusing them and delivers sub-standard performance?

Instead of telling us that Harena Boat Factory was built in 1998, Asmara Rose should tell us how many boats have been sold, how much foreign currency was earned, has it shown sales increase?  Instead of telling us the railway has been revived to attract tourism, can she tell us what the benefits are to ordinary Eritreans in terms of employment and wealth generations?  Are the dams supposedly feeding our agricultural production, which apparently remains significantly below our 1998 productions?  

Massawa International Airport:  Private airport for PIA and guests.

Sawa International Airport:  Used for Armament shipping [along with Asseb Airport]

Ports & Jetties Expansion:  Financed through loans from international organizations, is all about upgrading ONE berth.  Regardless, these ports are needed less for economic expansion and more for shipping clandestine armaments and insurgents.

Free Trade Zone:  Nothing is ever free in PFDJ land.  PFDJ uses the word ‘free’ in one context only – ‘One is free to be ripped off by PFDJ’ – as in land allocations and bonds.   

Health Services:  Although they claim to build hospitals, no stats are ever shown to indicate the number of new doctors and nurses.  There are severe shortages of medicine.  PFDJ does have A+++ health services for its kedemti – sending them to Saudi Arabia. 

Education:  Asmara Rose tells how many new schools and colleges have been opened up.  Education isn’t consumed for its own end, but is a means to an end.  Education is used to propel an economy by providing the necessary knowledge to drive the various job functions in the economy.   This in turn would provide citizens with necessary incomes to enable them to settle into family life, leading to sustainable and stable society.  Can Asmara Rose tell us how Eritrean education is helping our cause?  In reality, the regime views every Eritrean with suspicion and thus turning them into warsai-yikealo slaves.

Telecommunications:  Even disorganized Somalia introduced cell phones long before Eritrea.  What is the big deal?

Housing Project:  Asmara Rose will not tell us a single affordable housing built for the public in 17 years.

Railway:  Over $5 Million was spent to earn $10,000 a year from this project.  Asmara Rose tells us that the railway is built for her enjoyment as a tourist.   




EU’s Pathetic Statement on Political Prisoners in Eritrea

On September 18, 2007, EU issued a statement expressing its concerns with continued imprisonment of political prisoners.  This is one those Microsoft Outlook automated messages that no one in EU Commission is aware of or cares about.  EU’s simple foreign policy is to appease dictators and to breathe hard on reforming governments.  EU is an organization trying to find relevancy within the competing members’ own foreign ministries.  One must be cautious with those with residual powers who feel they must assert themselves.   Friends of Eritrea and true believers in rights and democracy are found in their actions, never in their automated messages!  Our continued appreciations to Amnesty International, CPJ and many other independent international organizations!  



Hijiwin Ab Metkelna!

Berhan Hagos

September 26, 2007

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