The Umbrella Created To Survive All Tornadoes

The Umbrella under which all the Fronts, Movements and Parties joined and rallied around is the choice of the Eritrean people. The Umbrella founded on the bases of prohibition marginalization of any group. It is initiated to gather together and protect all Eritreans whatever their believe may be or size composed of. The Umbrella was not created to diminish or demolish, but to survive all shocks, rocks, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis and quakes, for it is the option and weave of the tolerant generous forgiving people. The Umbrella is crafted to triumph and score the aspirations of the Eritrean people for democracy, justice, freedom and prosperity.


Joining the Eritrean people under the Umbrella is the choice of the grassroots of a Front, a Movement or a Party, but the departure permit from the Umbrella is in the hands of the Eritrean people. The only way to depart the Umbrella is to get a written permission from the Eritrean people and this will not take place, for the Umbrella is established to include not exclude, to dig up for solutions for all problems that occur, banning to close doors in front of each other. The Eritrean people believe that any problem that arises within the Umbrella can be solved under the Umbrella. Quitting the Umbrella is considered a crime whatever the reason may be for such a conduct offends harshly the Eritrean people. 


The gains obtained through the struggle of the grassroots, civic societies, Eritrean communities in the forced-exile, Eritrean information centers, writers and intellectuals will not be undermined by some irresponsible usurpers of power. Those Eritreans who trimmed the hands of the despot and confined his movement in Australia, America, Europe and other parts of the world can protect the Umbrella they crafted from intruders, criminals and experienced ruptures who are at large from accountability for their past shortcomings and crimes.


In front of all Eritreans – who are in the opposition camp and interested to see their people achieve democracy, justice, freedom and prosperity – have emerged for them from the current situation opportunities that allow them to turnabout the setback to a historical victory:

1-    To give a lesson to the splitters by protecting the Umbrella.

2-     To prove the choice of the Eritrean people that must triumph not the whims of the artless leaders.

3-    To show the people of Eritrea can solve their problems through dialogue whatever huge, tough and sophisticated, establishing the basics of the culture of dialogue, co-existence, and beating down the culture of walking out, sectarian projects, tribal groupings and short-sightedness.

4-    To affirm walking out from the choice of the Eritrean people is a crime.

5-    To experience for the first time in the history of Eritrea that the people have a say, power and competence to pilot the Cruise towards the shore safely. 

6-    To illustrate practically that Eritrean patriots never kneel down and permit to be humiliated in front of irresponsible weak souls.

7-    To demonstrate that the voice of the Eritrean people is the loudest, strongest and right voice; and to solidify that it is the voice that surpasses the voice of individuals, Fronts, Parties, Movements, Sectarians or Blocks.


Let us brothers make the setback the beginning of accountability, democracy and the establishment of the culture of dialogue by making the choice of the Eritrean people triumph through forcing all parties to comply to the aspirations of the Eritrean people. Let us make the power of the Eritrean people parade and display its authority without slapping cheeks and shrinking by the acts of some irresponsible artless leaders. The Eritrean people is sending a message confirming the era of rallying behind irrelevant walkers out turned over with the last century page. Eritreans are requested to portray practically that they are in a period of rallying behind principles, interests, goals and choices of their people.


Those who walked out from the Umbrella missed to digest that the Umbrella is a Choice of the Eritrean people, and those who were in haste of composing their executive body missed to cognize that dialogue is the only way for solving our problems. Both blocks leaders failed to notice that their mission is to represent their Fronts, Movements and Parties in the Eritrean Umbrella. They have failed to conceive that they are not delegated to configure new minor umbrellas that we bored from. They must learn that in case a leader fails to solve a problem under the Umbrella must resign and hand the flag to others who can make a breakthrough and solve the problem under the Eritrean Umbrella. The Eritrean people are not ready to rally behind leaders who don’t know the culture of dialogue, art of co-existence, matured vision, and competence to encompass problems that arise.  


The setback of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance exposed clearly the absence of a watchdog from the side of the civic societies. It emerged into view nonexistence of Assemblies that represent the Eritrean people civic societies that can intervene as a neutral party to guard the interests and ambitions of the Eritrean people against the whims, corruption and short-sightedness of politicians. For decades politicians were cooking our affairs alone without the participation of our civic societies’ representatives. Now the time is ripe for all sectors of the Eritrean people to compose their civic organizations to watchdog their interests and to stop those politicians who go astray and who are accustomed for decades of cooking alone poisonous meals for the Eritrean mess.   


I call upon our communities in Australia, America and Europe to raise the level of their participation to the guidance stage by forming an assembly from competent and honest Eritreans who can assist in founding civic society assemblies specially, in the sectors of our people that are incapable so as to enable them participate positively in guarding their interests; an assembly that can supervise seminars, make studies and put criteria about a character of a leader that our Fronts, Parties or Movements should have. An assembly that can prepare studies about basic democratic practices that should be utilized inside our Parties, Movements and Fronts in order to get rid of a Life-Long-Party-Leader style – a style that many developing countries are suffering from.


The Eritrean Parties, Fronts and Movements if they do not practice democracy inside their Organizations, they can not implement it in the Eritrean arena – charity begins at home. The Eritrean people suffered for a long time from the lack of competent and honest leadership therefore the assembly is expected to assist in coining standard criteria of a character of a leader, and to lend a hand in the formation and implementation of democratic practices inside our Fronts, Movements or Parties. Democracy must begin inside our Parties, Movements and Fronts. Our people must be assisted by written materials of a character of a leader and how to nominate, assess and account their leaders. The only way to rectify what has gone wrong is to begin from the base and put the bricks of democracy properly one by one. Of course, this process is difficult, but it is the right move that makes the difference.    


The move towards salvation, democracy, justice, freedom and prosperity will not be hindered by weak-willed weak-minded artless leaders, besides the propaganda and advertisement for the expired products – the despot and his beer Generals – will not actualize the objectives of the Eritrean people, thus I invite the advertisers of the despot to rally behind the principles, interests, goals and aspirations of the Eritrean people. The advertisers of the invalid rotten products think that the move towards salvation and democracy buried alive, but I assure them that the real march towards salvation and democracy has begun on February, twenty-fifth 2007, and its vanguards already commenced. It can be witnessed clearly in our national websites, information centers, files and ranks of our Movements, Fronts, Parties and nationalists who are determined to rally behind the principles, interests, goals and aspirations of their people, throwing away the Age of rallying behind prominent leaders and sectarian groupings in the garbage of history.   


By: Ibrahim Tada




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