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Boston, Mass

December 19, 2008

The Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) convened for its 2nd Annual Congress in Boston on December 13, 2008. The congress was called to evaluate the yearly progress and challenges of the one year old association that was established by the voluntary cooperation of the growing number of civic organizations and web- based free press outlets last year in Washington DC.

A five level agenda: reports by the executive leadership and member organizations, evaluation of the year’s work, the outlining of the new tasks and projects, drafting of result ions and leadership election guided the yearly meeting.

EGS was founded to:

 “To pull together all Eritrean organizations focused on the development of Justice, Human Rights and Democracy so they can effectively mobilize and marshal their resources, and wage sustainable campaigns, symposiums, protests to globally expose the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.”


The yearly congress’s was established as a way of evaluating the progress of the EGS Vis- a -Vis its expressed vision and goals.  


The congress was hosted by the Eritrean Democratic public Forum of Boston. The venue was the Eritrean Community Center in Boston.

The delegates invested enough time and effort to honestly look into the work accomplished and not addressed by the organization in its one year life existence.  A frank and transparent discussion was undertaken (that focused on the organization’s process) to pin pint discerned deficiencies and challenges so that rules, methods and procedures will be set up to better handle future challenges. The strategic decision was made that EGS must focus on concrete, pragmatic and manageable projects and plans so that it can make incremental progress while still using all opportunities to advance its wider vision and noble agendas. 

On the basis of the deliberation the congress has outlines a set of objectives that must be the focus of the EGS immediate agenda:

1.      Do every thing in its power to mobilize all member organizations, Eritreans in diasporas, concerned individuals, the world free press community etc to help The Voice of Meselna Delina, in every possible way to  reestablish its shortwave broadcast directly to Eritrea. This agenda was assigned the highest priority.

2.      Second but equally important task outlined by the EGS congress is that the ever-growing Eritrean refugee and asylum seekers crisis must be the central agenda of the organization. The leadership has been directed to develop the necessary process and procedure to bring massive attention to this challenge.  

3.      The third task assignment is that the EGS has to find ways to help advance the establishment of more advocacy civic societies in states and cities where Eritreans reside. The expansion of the civic societies will have strategic significance to the process of the democratization of Eritrea.

4.      To continue building a principled and mutually beneficial working relationship with other Eritrean civic societies around the world and EDA.

5.      Organize a massive demonstration in Washington DC as soon as possible.

These critical projects were overwhelmingly approved by the EGS board members.  

The nomination and election of the executive leadership was done through a secrete ballot. As a result the following leadership TEAM has been elected to manage the day to day affairs of EGS:

Dr. Yonas Mehari

Mr. Petros Haile

Ms. Fowzia Hassan

Mr. Teklai Abraha

Mr. Seyoum Tesfaye

Within few days the EGS will release its resolutions to the public.

The newly elected leadership team would like to convey to all Eritrean at home and abroad that we would do our best to do our share with the cooperation and understanding of all sister organizations that want to transform Eritrean into the land of justice, freedom and Human Rights.

EGS has come out of this congress with a strong sense of purpose and desire to never give up on our people. EGS is also aware of the fact that it needs the participation, help and encouragement of all Eritreans who know and feel the dire situation in Eritrea must change for better with concerned citizen’s full participation and input. EGS door is wide open for those who want to participate in the transformation of Eritrea.

For the Executive Committee of EGS

Seyoum Tesfaye

Atlanta, GA

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