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The situation of opposition parties reminded me of a great Islamic scholar Ibn Khaldoun, who was pioneered in the field of sociology six hundred years ago and said in his book (Muqadimat Ibn Khaldun) that state which made up tribes, clans, and ethnic groups lives short, because loyalty is not for the country, but for those entities mentioned earlier. It also reminds me Mel Gibson’s Brave Heart classic movie where the clan leaders ready to betray William Wallace and his Scottish nationalists

For their narrow tribal advantages .And also how the English play tricks and manipulate the African

Tribes to colonize Africa.

In this critical phase, the country is passing through fragmentation, and rupture. There are serious threats surfacing on the horizon. There are Issues that are not the result of today, but they did exist, and the availability of factors that promote coexistence, and trust need from us to work hard and sacrifice for the sake of Eritrea. Today, very clearly the current system use unethical practices which lack conscience, and responsibility led to the deterioration of the situation, and we are back to the era of darkness, and return to the tents of tribes, ethnicity and clans .when I say ethnicity I mean tribes ,or any group sets itself to certain areas. It so sad to see tribes and ethnic groups interface parties under the umbrella of EDA .The fear is the earthquake of sectarian, tribes and ethnic war will dominate Eritrea as in the case of Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, and Somalia. This kind of climate was the reason to stop the process of development in Yemen and other countries.

The opposition didn’t meet the aspiration of Eritrean people. This situation should be addressed openly. These issues need further study, debate, and substantively analyze the emerging of such phenomenon of groups or organizations ,which represent ethnic, tribes and clans ,and  they have specific demands on their behalf in Eritrean politics. Here I would like to explain as much as possible the relevance of these demands of these movements In Eritrea and the causes to reach this vision which ultimately the point of view, I wish to find its way to post as freedom of the press.

I am writing about the phenomena which needs study, scientific research and investigation from owners of jurisdiction and politicians to find the motives and causes. We are on board a ship which tossed by the wave of Eritrean regime and fragility of the opposition that couldn’t accommodate these real national Organizations to fight for the sake of Eritrea not ethnic, tribes. The phenomena almost permeated all ethnic groups and organizations such kunama, Afar, Jebarta and others are forming in the near future (Saho, Belin and more…..). These parties find the Ethiopian Federation is Acceptable solution or may reach to the degree of self-determination or secession if necessary. The composition of these movements due to nature of the crisis, injustice affected them, and due to two reasons-

1-These Ethnic groups, and tribes paid heavy sacrifices during Eritrean revolution, and struggled side by side with other groups. Unfortunately after independence, these ethnic groups marginalized, targeted by the Dictator of Eritrea and his gang reached to a level of genocide, Ethnic cleansing, seizure of their land, property confiscation, neglect of development on their area, and imprisonment of many persons without trial led to constitute these organizations.

2-The opposition has negative role in trying to attract these ethnic groups under a real National Umbrella, and did not absorb them to have a great role in expressing their views and demands as Eritreans. Some of the EDA members use them

As a ladder to achieve their goals for power, and other advantages.

3- The opposition camp lack a sincere, bold, well focused, determined leadership with vision.The ELF was the first organization to some degree formed the real Eritrean family.

I want to remember the outlines mentioned by head of ARSADO in his recent meeting across the paltalk room. It represents a model for these organizations and its demands:

–          Eritrea is not something to worship and is not sacred.

–          The demands of each nationality should be fulfilled.

–          Afar are Afar where ever they are.

–          Loyalty is not for the country but for the ethnicity.

–          Full rights or separation if our demands are not met.

–          Unity is consensual and is not mandatory.

–          We are not servants in Eritrea and we call up on our culture, belief and self rule of our ancestors land before the existence of Eritrea .we don’t want any entity to impose its culture, language on us.

The opposition and its satellites should unite the efforts, and work of expediting the demise of the Dictator and his regime, and try to get out of shadow of the past, and its consequences to leave the things that outdated from sediment, personalization of organizations, individual work and conflicts that were at the time of Eritrean Revolution. We must draw lessons from the past and head to the bright future.

Peace, stability, democracy, and justice are words which have fantastic resonance. A terrible price should be paid, and have arduous journey in order to apply these meanings. All Eritrean need patience and sticking to ethnicities is not the answer. Separation or joining Tigray, Sudan or other border countries is not a solution because the same problems will exist.

We have to accommodate Afar people by achieving acceptable solutions that will satisfy both parties This is  an issue needs our attention to make Afar choose Eritrean tent.

We sacrificed for independence nearly fifty years of age, and we have to sacrifice for stability, progress, and prosperity through these means:

–          Political Parties that want access to power by climbing on the shoulder of others have to avoid twisted roads, and work side by side with their brethren to end the regime in Asmara.

–          Political parties which don’t have weight and depend on others for their publicity should stop polluting Eritrean political environment ,and also Parties that want score their goals by Ethnicity, and without any contribution should refrain from such ways and work for patriotism ,unity and peace.

–          Parties controlled by individuals who work for the benefit of the tribe and personal interest. We say to them enough is enough this road will lead you, and your tribe, or ethnic to a disaster. Think for Eritrea and its people.

–          Parties which have majority voice shouldn’t use this procedure to achieve narrow minded agendas, and play disastrous games for the sake of their advantages. They should focus on getting rid of Esyass.

Ideology, Parties agendas shouldn’t hinder us from focusing on finding an exit to a better future.  The primary objective goals should be the interest of Eritrean people. Finally I am just trying to voice my concern for Eritrean plight.

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