Message From the National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC)

Recognizing that the responsibility entrusted to it concerns all Eritreans, the Eritrean national Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC) invited, in September 2010, all citizens with relevant expertise to contribute ideas and designs for a logo for the ENCDC. In response, we received 49 proposed designs, all of which reflected the conceptual and artistic creativity of their designers. We take this opportunity to thank all compatriots who participated in the process.

Of the 49 submissions five were short-listed for final selection, and, subsequently, the above-displayed design was decided on. We, therefore, hereby announce the above as the official logo of the ENCDC. The logo symbolizes the following:

v  The map of Eritrea signifies that Eritrea, a land of peaceful co-existence, belongs to all Eritreans in equal and fair measure.

v  The white outline around Eritrea’s map indicates the Eritrean people’s desire to live in peace with its neighbors and the world community in general.

v  The olive leaf represents Eritrean unity and the spirit of hope and harmony embodied in the forthcoming National Congress for Democratic Change.

v  The white dove symbolizes the aspiration for a peaceful and prosperous Eritrea that the National Congress aims to pave the way for.

v  The blue background suggests the National Congress’ aim at building a just, equitable and democratic system in Eritrea.

We trust that Eritrean information media will further familiarize the Eritrean public and all forces of democratic change with the new logo. We also urge all Eritreans aspiring for democratic change to own this logo and use it in their activities, including internet-based spaces such as facebook, twitter, skype, paltalk, and email services.

Finally, ENCDC thank and congratulate the creator & designer of the winning logo, Mr. Saleh Gadi, for his contribution.

Victory to the democratic struggle of the Eritrean people!

Success to the National Congress!

The PFDJ Tyranny shall perish!

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC)

16 November 2010

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