The Public in Perth holds an “Open Family Day” & Elects A17 Member of Local supporting Committee.

 The Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change held its third meeting in Perth – Western Australia on Monday 27 Dec 2010.  The meeting was organized as an “Open Family Day” get together where many Eritreans in Perth spent the whole day together, sharing stories, enjoying food,  playing different sports, family activities and discussions.


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The youth from the Eritrean soccer team and Red Sea soccer team organized sport and fun activities for the kids while the adult also participated in some of the activities.  There was also BBQ in which many participated in the making was enjoyed by many families and followed by traditional lunch.  The festivity and fun was continued throughout lunch.

Right after lunch and relaxation, a short town hall meeting was conducted as planned. The meeting was opened by member of the commission Mr. Abdu Kantibye.  Commissioner Abdu who is the Media coordinator for the Australian region gave a brief introduction remark, among other things he thanked everyone for attending the meeting, and he also shared the overall progress ENCDC has been making so far.  Then members of the steering committee took the stage and reported their activities and updated the progress they have made. The steering committee presented and read bylaws that will govern the work of the local supporting committees. After a productive and interesting discussion about bylaws, the gathering approved the bylaws unanimously.  

The local election process was followed; surprisingly more than 20 people held their hand up to voluntarily serve as members of the local supporting committee to ENCDC.  As the result a 17 member of local committee was formed to take charge locally and to facilitate and work with the ENCDC and 3 people are enlisted as a reserve.  The local supporting committee has elected its leadership and formed its offices composed of the following:

  • Chairman of the Committee   
  • Secretary
  • Vice President
  • Political and Organisational Committee, 7 Members
  • Media & Information Committee, 4 Members
  • Finance Committee, 3  Members


Furthermore, the gathering has decided unanimously every person who aspires to make the upcoming National Congress and bring change in Eritrea to contribute $300 Australian Dollars annually to be used by   local committee for its activities.

For more information about the meeting and brief press conference video, please click here:

Australia Region, Media & Information Committee

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change (ENCDC)

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