EFDM Activity Report in Middle East Countries By EFDM Middle East Branches

The Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement have been conducting public meetings in the Middle East countries from January 1st 2011. In January 20th 2011, it has conducted public meeting in Riyad, capital city of SA. The meeting assessed the organizations activities and developments in particular and the severe situation of the Eritrean people suffering under the tyrannical regime of Essayas. The meeting discussed on the situation of   Eritrean opposition,  in general, and appreciated the role of the Eritrean Federal Democratic Movement in succeeding the national conference and its decisive action to hold the EDA united against all odds. It further expressed its solid resistance against the oppression in defence of the Eritrean people.

The meeting concluded by electing 4 persons for running the EFDM Branch in Riyad city and its environs. The EFDM branch has enlarged by recruiting more members to promote the federal idea in Eritrea where all Eritrean diversity can live together in peace, equality and justice .

Note: More reports on the Middle East Activities follows……………….

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