Eri-Tv Serving the Truth or the Trash !!!

Did you hear about the heroic popular revolt in Tunisia? Did you know that the coward tyrant of Tunisia eloped with his family from Tunis, after stealing millions worth of gold and cash?

I think the above is not true, because Eri-Tv and Dimtsi Hafash didn’t broadcast it at all.

What is ridiculous is the slogan of the Eritrean Television: Eri-Tv Serving the Truth, in the contrary it should be: Eri-Tv Serving the Trash. What happened in Tunisia is not true; it is not real, because people in Tunisia are calling for rule of law and democracy.  Democracy…that is a big delusion and paradoxical word, because as the DIA said: there is no “democracy” in the world or something called “democracy” , the  mercurial tyrant confirmed several times in his interviews with world press that “democracy” does not exist in reality and his diehard supporters still support him, although he knowing he is a criminal.

Egypt…what is happening in Egypt? According to Eri-Tv (serving the truth) there is no news. The ministry of disinformation motto is: “no news is good news” regarding the popular demonstrations in Tunis and Egypt. There is no need to inform the Eritrean people about the “bad news”, they want to keep the Eritrean people in the dark, in delusion by broadcasting lies, music and dancing. The Eri-Tv is called by some people the Eri-MTV in comparison to the famous western music TV channel, which broadcasts music for 24 hours. The popular uprising in Egypt is an internal matter; there is no need for Eri-Tv to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations.

Is it possible, in this era of technological and mass media advancement to censor the “good news” of the heroic popular uprising in Tunis and Egypt?  According to the mentality of the crumbling tyrant that is possible. It is a shameful, repulsive and stupid act by the tyrant and many of the so called third world dictators, because they want to cover the sun single handedly with the palm of their hands. The mentally sick DIA and his Libya queer “concubine” the “mad” colonel are in complete agreement, and whoever is confronted by popular uprising will be dispatched to the dust bin of history first, and that is going to happen soon if people are awakened from their long sleep.

Who is to b kicked first, the insipid hypocrite Libyan colonel or the crass and bigot Eritrean mentally sick dictator? The queer and supercilious Libyan colonel or the mentally retarded, university dropout tyrant of Eritrea? Time will tell, but the beginning of the downfall of all dictators is on the horizon.

 Yes….popular uprising is possible and can overthrow the so called most “stable and feared” dictators, they are neither strong nor stable.

 Yes….people can get up and demand their rights…and can get their rights if they are willing and are determined to get them that are confirmed by historical truths and facts.

Eritrea is being ruled by an ignoramus tyrant and his handful despicable servants. The so called acting minister of Disinformation is a dumb servant of the dictator as are all the other ministers (all acting ministers); they just implement what the dictator dictates them verbally or by phone. The poor country is run by one sick man and several sycophant yes men.

The heroic popular revolt in Tunisia, sent waves throughout the oppressed people of the world, and the oppressors and tyrants started shaking and trembling. While the oppressed people of the third world are praying day and night that the Tunisian people to get emancipated and be able to install a democratic government based on rule of law, human rights and constitution. On the other hand the dictators through the world are shacking and watering (menst……) in their clothes. The queer and weird dictator of Libya tried to minimize the popular revolt in Tunisia and rumbled few nonsensical words as usual, while his concubine the lunatic tyrant of Eritrea kept silent and ignored completely in his media to what happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

We are in an era of technological advancement and nothing can be kept secret or confidential, but the dictators live detached from reality in their own fictitious and self aggrandizement world.

If people: get up, stand up, for their rights…nobody can stop them. The agony of the people in Eritrea surpassed all measures and limits, and it is far worse than that of Tunisia and Egypt. The DIA Eritrean tyrant arrogance is clearly visible, because he can imprison or kill any person in Eritrea without charges, without fear or accountability.

In the case of Eritrea, the system is decaying from corruption, nepotism, miserable economic conditions, all form of abuse (human rights, religious, speech etc..) prisons full of innocent people etc…it needs just a “final push” to ignite the revolt for popular uprising and change, it is moribund and it is in need of euthanasia.

It is funny and shameful that the tyrant’s party to be called – PFDJ (Popular Front for Democracy and Justice). The totalitarian party is neither popular (in fact it is hated and despised by the majority of the Eritrean people except few beneficiaries from the system) nor democratic. Democratic!!!It is funny how the lunatic dictator’s party to be called “democratic” while he clearly acknowledged on several occasions on international TV interviews saying that: “there is no democracy in the world etc…” If there is no democracy in the world, why call your party democratic??? It is a simple question that begs an answer from the mentally disturbed and self-appointed tyrant of Eritrea.

Why do we look at those at the peak of the regime as being very strong, who cannot be defeated or challenged…well protected, while thinking of ourselves (the people) as weak, disunited and unable of reaching at the ruling gangsters and emancipate our people and country.

We have to face and challenge them, be courageous, consistent and persistent in our opposition and resistance and above all we have to be ready to pay the price with our blood, money and time. Negative feelings such as: fear, pessimism, selfishness, negativism, opportunism etc…we have to challenge and be ready to climb the rocky and hard mountains.

“The people frightened of climbing mountains, as destined to live forever in the ditches.”

Do you know the characteristics of those people who are destined to live in the ditches and live forever under the joke of dictatorship? They are the passive, authoritarian and coward people, who do not deserve to be “free” people.

It is the unfortunate ones who surrender to their own fears and despair and become satisfied to live like animals (just eat and drink) and be satisfied and complacent that they are alive and can live with tyrants patiently forever. This is our situation; we cannot change it, what do want us to do?  We are used and became acquainted to the situation. We cannot change our situation, it is beyond our capacity. Everyone knows that the regime is very strong and had got a lot of spies etc…These are some of their questions which are nested on the submissive and pride less people.

Until when the Eritrean people will remain silent under the yoke of the unscrupulous and lurid regime? What are waiting for more to happen until they get up and demand their rights? Submission to oppression and authoritarianism are not the qualities of the Eritrean people as our past history tells us, can our youth follow the path of their heroic fathers?

“Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia.

“Lotus Revolution” in Egypt.

More popular revolutions are on the horizon, and Eritrea is on the list of countries to be the next candidates for positive changes. Are we ready for the:

 “Rose Revolution” in Eritrea!!!

 I hope so by Allah/God will and his gratitude.

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  1. I think if things get any worse in the USA the people here in America will demonstrate against our currupt and wasteful government here in the USA.

  2. sa jan

    so true article!

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