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The two main reasons which force people migrate from their home country are economic problems and lack of peace.The comprenssive war between the government of Eritrea & Ethiopia brought about a massive refugees of Eritreans to Sudan in both  pre and after liberation of the country. Based on this, I would like to express my gratiude to the people and government of Sudan on behalf of Eritrean Refugee.It is natural to fail and commite mistakes in process of adminstration but to take curative measure in time should be considered.

It is obvious that, People and government of Sudan  accepted and yet they are accepting Eritreans refugees .These refugees have dwelled for long period and consolidated with the people of Sudan.The screening of Eritrean refugees by the UNHCR has three main catagories: first catagory is refugees to undergo interview those who passed the interview to be accepted as legall refugees, second those who failed in the interview to retun their home land and third if s/he can has the capacity to offer for the residence card(egame); to dwell in Sudan or to seek the opportunity for the citizen ship.To see the first catagory many of the refugees failed to fulfill the criteria of UNHCR …… .and are obliged to return  their home country, but those who prefered to stay in Sudan obliged to spend a hard life there.They are not a legall refugee, beside they haven’t a capacity to offer the the money for the residence card. There are plenty of refugees who lived there  for so long but they get neither residence card nor get the right of refugees.Further more the Ethio-Eritrea conflict brought about the migration of  massive youth and  worsen the situation of Eritrean refugee camps.

As it is mentioned the second main cause of migration is  economic problem, here in Sudan We observe  a lot of refugees to suffer with economic problems.because, many of the migrant are youth, they seek a quick solution to their economic problem and  parallel to this the opportunity of job here in Sudan is low .This forced youth to undergo illegal migration  through deserts of Sudan to Libiya, then by crossing a sea to Italy.These Adventures are one of hardest illegal migation in the world.It must be observed here a lot of innocent life passed in the process.

There are many poor Eritrean refugees who live in khartoum with low in come.I find out that many more of the refugees fired from their  job with out any mistakes and frequently owners

Refuse to give their salary for the refugees as there is no legal advocator who stand for the right of refugees. I asked some of the refugees if the Human labour Office in Sudan perform its duty well,  many of the refugees reply not at all.This  obviously creat fanancial problems.I heard Some are found to be arrested because they are unable to pay the home rent


There are also some Eritrean refugees who get financial support from out side , they want to invest here, but they also inform the problem of licience which is not given by their name.Some Eritreans who quit their school and migrate to Sudan lost all their opportunity toward education, as there is no Human developing or training center in the refugee camps,Youth oblige to migrate  the Capital city Khartoum for  searching education or  job .Unfortunately here in Khartoum schools ask a high tutition fee inorder to keep studies.

Here I want stress that many Eritreans don’t know their right as refugees which is decrared by the UNHCR i.e. to go their home country by their will as the first option, second to live in the refugee camps  thirdly translocate the refugees to a third country.This is a clear evidence that the counselling  service here in Sudan is not performing its duty with a good will.I found out that the third option don’t work for Eritrean refugees, and the wonderful thing about the UNHCR is that they try to find other solutions ruther they let support people with their specific issues.Let me give one concret example, an Eritrean refugee girl who stated her problem to me.She has a boy friend, and spent most of her time with him, one day her parents insisted her to marry a merchant whom she never saw before.She couldn’t accept and escaped to the home of her boy friend .Her family and the new husband searched her but couldn’t find her.She also claims that a group of individuals  kicks my boy friend.The boy’s family are very poor,Beside she says’ my friend and I differ in religion this worsen the situation in his home.His family hate me and treat me badly.She says I am spending a hard life.I had asked the girl if she has visited the UNHCR, she says yes I did but their answer was short just go to the court and charge his family.This discouraged me she says to express my problem.

I observed  a few countries’ refugee here in Sudan have advocators, however, who will stand for the right of Eritrean refugee? The government, Amnest international,NGOs,Opostion groubs,  UNHCR, Allahu aelem.

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