Will the EDA’s National Equation Put an End for the Crisis of the Eritrean Politics?

BY Abdulhafiz Yassin Mohammed

Gulf Information Center


March6, 2005

 The lack of an effective national equation has been the main determining, shaping, tailoring and structuring political phenomenon for the Eritrean modern national experience. Its lack had become, in the pre-independence and also post independence period, a formidable challenge, if not a huge obstacle, for national unity, national detente, and appeasement in the national decisive issues among Eritreans. It is known that the Eritrean society is based on multiplicity and diversity; and the “national wisdom” would have directed all efforts to run constructive, objective, purposeful national dialogue among the constituents of this diversity and multiplicity to take the Eritrean society to the horizon of national unity. However, this didn’t take place. Rather there have always been fierce, tense, time- wasting, energy- depleting arguments among the different Eritrean political entities in all levels and areas. This argument which has been based on ” exclusion, non-recognition, intolerance, egoism, superiority complexity and down sizing” had hindered the political actors of the Eritrean arena to conclude ” an effective national equation” that helps them get rid of the abyss they have been in order to work jointly through laying well constructed ground to realize unity, peace and stability in Eritrea. This could have been due to several, mainly national, factors, which has identified the Eritrean political culture and seems of  “no likes” in the history of political systems: Jebha and Shaebia; nationalists and traitors; exploiters and exploited; self (ethnic)-centered and nation-centered, civilized and back warded, literates and illiterates etc. The stuff, which has established this political philosophy of the ongoing Eritrean politics, had primarily been the results of the intentions of the successive colonizers of Ethiopia for their strategic interests. Moreover, the policies of the self-instituted handful chauvinist clique of the PFDJ, after independence, have relentlessly worked to deeply nourish these conceptions in the psyche of the Eritrean people. Thus the one-man regime of Isaias has exerted its all-out endeavors to sow the seeds of atrocities, conflicts and misunderstandings among the Eritrean society to keep itself in power. It is known that It has been propagating the concept of” it is impossible to coexist” with a person of a different religious teachings and orders, a different ethnic group, a different political culture, a different way of life etc. Furthermore, the failure of the Eritrean opposition organizations to find out a common mechanism of struggle against the dictatorial, totalitarian tyranny of Isaias, especially over the last five years, have made the Eritrean public to give up “hope” of enjoying life in their homeland. However the opposition organizations have now pinpointed the basic and sustainable remedy for this crisis. That is joint work for they only constitute an “instrument” of change since the power is “the possession of the people”. As a result they have, finally, signed a founding charter for the principal pillars and features of a common mechanism, coexistence, intolerance, majority rule and pluralism among the members of a society that is built on broad multiplicity and diversity religiously, culturally and racially. The grand ceremony of signing the charter of the new inclusive umbrella (the EDA) was attended by Eritreans of Khartoum residents who kept calling us yesterday at Gulf Information Center to know the progress of the election process of the central leadership and the executive body’s members; since the allocation of position has always been a decisive point in the oppositions’ politics. However the leaders of the opposition organizations have, for the first time in contrary to the past, demonstrated in the election process a highly responsible, civilized, conscious political culture. That is why almost all Eritrean residents of Khartoum, when heard the success of the eagerly awaited “to be or not be” meeting, headed to the international hall of martyr al-zuber Saleh for conferences, to swear an oath of support to the leaders of the opposition organizations. Almost all the people were assuring their determination, in different ways, to back the EDA up to push together forward for a united, democratic and justice prevailed Eritrea. Moreover the great Eritrean singer Hussain Mohammed Ali, who came from London, has helped the people to express their happiness and vows the time he sang his known revolutionary songs. The yesterday evening signed charter is a result of many intermittent meetings which began at the last month of the year 2004.The three months continued discussions and arguments have helped the participating delegations of the opposition organizations to retain and regain the public confidence. The Eritrean public has, from the resumption of the last round of the meeting on 23rd of Feb 2005, understood and sensed the “seriousness” of the opposition organizations to a strike an agreement that helps Eritreans to eradicate the PFDJ once and forever. Moreover, the length of the meeting has helped the delegations of the different opposition organizations; some of them I guess have met for the first time, to know each other very well. Thus, the meeting had become, an opportunity, for the participating delegations to discuss national and organizational issues, at the margin of the meeting, in an open, downright and frank way. As a result, they have, in my opinion, rectified many of the wrongs, which were dominating their dealings and contacts. These wrongs were, in my opinion, baseless categorization and classification of the political organizations based on their majority members, the region their chairman belongs to, their regional contacts relationships, with out analyzing the political platforms and activities of each party. The declaration of the seven organizations to be integrated into one organization could, itself, be the result of the marginal meetings among the heads of the political originations who have come to Khartoum.

Indeed, the tolerance culture, which was witnessed and felt in the signing ceremony, proves, in one way, the beginning of a serious work to overthrow the regime of Isaias; and in an other the extent of the care each party cheers to guarantee and defend the reached agreement. Would the Eritrean mass join the opposition organizations to make true the dream of the people where every one lives in equality, peace, and justice? Let’s do!

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