A Letter To The Eritrean Youth “Please Don’t Go….To Sawa”

By Farajat Team

July 01 2004

It is deeply regrettable that valued members of the Eritrean community abroad have decided to embark on an ill advised trip to the state of Eritrea despite the current political dynamics of the nation. The Eritrean government has systematically and repeatedly repressed the democratic values we hold dear in our adopted country.  Participating in such a trip provides endorsement for the continuing abuse of human rights.  

In recent years democratic elections have been permanently postponed and the free press silenced from expressing opposition.  These actions have contributed to an atmosphere of fear and apprehension among the Eritrean populace.  A series of wars and military conflicts have highlighted the government’s inability to adequately handle foreign relations with neighboring countries, adversely impacting on the average citizen.  The human toll has been disastrous among the long suffering Eritrean people.

 Government mismanagement regarding the economy has also reversed initial growth in infrastructure development following independence and shattered the Eritrean dream of self-reliance in basic commodities.                    Consequently food shortages have struck wide areas of the nation risking an outbreak of famine and starvation.

Is it not our duty to express our displeasure with the path the ruling elite have chosen?  Traveling to Eritrea under a government sponsored event only acts to encourage the current situation and set back the hope for a free, democratic and prosperous Eritrea.

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