The dispersal of democrats A great set back to success

Eritrean Congress Party
Oct.16, 2005


Atop the fact that the PFDJ regime is thoroughly unwanted entity, the dispersal of our democrats is the worst unwanted web that obscures a vision to victory. Ever since we considered opposing the dictatorial regime in Eritrea, the growing concern has being how democrats can gather their talents and join hands to become attachments to the will of the oppressed people.

Indeed, we have enough democrats who could play leading roll, exerting excellent efforts should they free themselves from acting at segregated standards. Thanks to the historical chain of oppression and now the dictatorial system in power, the biggest bulk of the Eritrean society do not have the access to media outlets to figure out who is saying what. The only alternative is, democrats should see and feel the outcry of the bleeding society.

History teaches us that no revolution is been won without revolutionaries getting organized. Getting organized is a power tool of both the oppressed and the oppressor and who does better bit the other. The initial power of dictators is the capacity of soldering the components of their product, the hummer. Their greatest weakness is the underestimating and misunderstanding of the unchallenged power (the people) when organized.

In order to counter the above statement, the first task democrats should realize is to determine the fundamental source of their strengths and weaknesses and fix everything organizationally. What is happening to the Eritrean democrats is, lively example when they sit dispersed all over the world with a potential of unimaginable diverse ideas while the enemy is in progress of exterminating behavior. Every democrat is a teacher to the next in his/her own talents in a specific measure. The secret is to be able to integrate the components of capacities and transform that common treasure into revolutionary purpose.

We may have a wonderful dream that Eritrea will be a peaceful, prosperous and our people will enjoy a meadow of happiness. That dream is healthy but, far from reality because it vanishes in a walking ground.  It should be clear to every democrat that dream is a reflection of reality but, not reality.  A dream to become a reality needs a combined effort with those who do posses similar dreams.

Our democrats are now scattered all over, aggravating the Eritrean human dispersal. If this is the case, does it give sense then, a derailed vehicle’s messenger can bring the message to its destination? Every democrat must do something effective and appropriate.  At this critical time, a situation the whole nation knocked down by the merciless punches of the dictatorial system, thrown into the see of hopelessness by betrayers and co-founders of the oppressor, definitely awaits democrats who should evolve and act decisively to develop a counter punching mechanism.  

When democrats contribute ideas at individualistic level permanently, their mission converts into a subjective philosophy hard to capture tangibility. A philosophy that focuses solely to intellectual efforts, forgetting objective reality, and the power of intelligence does not help to pressure the enemy to be pushed into a bottleneck position. The power of intelligence is the light to intellectuality. To acquire these two qualities, democrats must decide to have one choice what so ever bitterness they might encounter. The combination of the two qualities creates the moving energy for the required social, economical, and political change, which incapacitates the PFDJ head on.

To-day the system in Asmara is maiming our opposition by different forms of missions.  We must understand that we are engulfed by pretentious opposing elements on duty to distort our strategy. Our front is penetrated by capitulations, betrayers, reformists, saboteurs, defectors all serving for a hidden agenda.  Democrats need to wake up not to hope against hope but to excavate a new clear avenue to redirect the trail of the genuine opposition to its natural destiny able to uncover the dangerous hidden parcel.

One can hardly claim a democrat when democracy is diluted to weakness.  No one can envision success when democracy is contaminated by espionages and reactionary pollutants. In a situation a strategy is in mess, democrats should free themselves from fruitless argumentative interactions and should come into discussions that can be brewed to value.  Sluggish and defensive behaviors should vanish and give place to co-ordination of ideas to maneuver action.

If democrats do not consider changing the situation by changing themselves, the chance to recover a lost opportunity will deteriorate to abstract possibility.  The excellent opportunity that the opposition has had for the last five to six years from the surrounding geography is starting to slip from our hands.  The weaker we continue, the more our hands will remain empty.  When democrats and friends do not know each other, they cannot truly recognize their real enemy. A friend is considered an enemy by accident and vice versa.  In a now or never situation, democrats must come to the forefront and lead the revolution by opening the eyes of our people to read the right chapter. Reformism is controlling or at least confusing our united front and people are reading the wrong chapter.

The Eritrean Congress Party (ECP) has surrendered to the unity of democrats since its inception more than any time ever, to save the strategy in danger. Join our voice and let us step up to reactivate the true journey. The human dispersal in Eritrea cannot be stopped by any means unless democrats save themselves from dispersal and freezing ideas.

ECP Information Office

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