Farajat.com was an Eritrean initiative dreamt by few ones. Fortunately, now, that dream is a reality. This site has a huge readership among Eritreans and friends of Eritrea, inside and outside Eritrea.

    Farajat team would like to seize this occasion, 1st anniversary of farajat.com and wish the Eritrean people happy 14th anniversary of our independence day.

   Our objective will remain uncompromising. That is, speak out the truth with out any reservation. And lend a hand to and be in the forefront with those progressive individuals, groups, and organizations etc. who strive to depose this totalitarian regime and replace it with a constitutional people’s government.

   Farajat.com opposes all ideas or activities which supports the unjust policies of the regime Policies of injustice and corruption. Our language and rhetoric is fiery and uncompromising. This is a conscious choice of style. How else could we voice out the agony and suffering of our people. True, Eritrea had won its independence, only to come to the realization that it would suffer under domestic tyranny. Clearly, this is not what the Eritrean people as a whole has fought for and sacrificed themselves.

   We will never sugar coat the words and resort to euphemism to describe the ugly and inhumane condition of the people. And this style had won us much more respect from our readership than what we had anticipated. In the same token, we had angered many government apparatus and their puppets.

   Farajat.com, within this short time of its existence, has been able to increase its reader ship throughout the world. To give you an idea I have included some statistical facts below.

       We would like to thank all our readers who supplied us with information and constructive criticism, and that in turn helped us to better our site. Moreover, we would like to remind our readers to give us their opinion concerning the new changes in the site. You could see the new face of farajat.com through this link   Farajat

Daily Statistics for May 2005
Day Hits Files Pages Visits Sites
1 6977 16.23% 4455 15.81% 1033 15.79% 443 17.76% 356 25.37%
2 7895 18.36% 5599 19.87% 1290 19.72% 458 18.36% 380 27.08%
3 7759 18.05% 4963 17.61% 1128 17.24% 481 19.28% 389 27.73%
4 8053 18.73% 4916 17.44% 1257 19.21% 439 17.60% 354 25.23%
5 7644 17.78% 5178 18.37% 1117 17.07% 412 16.51% 324 23.09%
Top 30 of 41 Total Countries
# Country
1 Unresolved/Unknown
2 Network
3 US Commercial
4 Australia
5 Saudi Arabia
6 Sweden
7 Netherlands
8 United Kingdom
9 Norway
10 United States
11 Canada
12 Germany
13 Jordan
14 Italy
15 Eritrea       
20 Qatar
25 Egypt 
30 UAE

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