Why America Adheres to Silence Towards the Crimes of Afwerki?

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Feb.26, 2005

Al-Hayat Political News paper of Khartoum has published a political analytical article about the media jamming up of the international community particularly the western regarding the exercised selfish policies of the ruling clique in Asmara. The article called upon the international community to save the Eritrean people from an inevitable catastrophe. It underscored that former political leaders and ministers are still suffering behind the bars of Afwerki. “They have never seen the sun,” it asserted. “They have neither committed a crime nor sins rather than calling for reforms, more freedoms, justice and democracy.” However, they have been put behind the bars and yet the repressive regime is pushing its agents against writers, journalists, thinkers and students. The Eritrean people are living the worst economic life. “The people are surrounded by starvation; in addition the sky rocketing of the prices,” The article said that Eritrea is living in a big prison whose  “guard” is “Isaias”, the dictator of the Horn of Africa and “ Saddam” of the African continent. The international community is watching the brutal and repressive inhumane acts of the regime, though it calls for freedoms and human rights in its conventions and media. Most of the western countries, the article said, never denounce the policies of the regime; though the Eritrean opposition has disclosed all the acts of the regime to the world and has, also, been able to clarify all the kinds of the policies of the regime which violate all basic human rights. “However the international reactions, particularly of the West are still zero toward the North.”

What is required at this time, from the international organizations, is exertion of more endeavors to besiege Isaias in order to reply to the demands of the international community and to entice the Eritrean people to resist the regime in a  united front to get rid of the dictator. Would the Eritrean people mob against the clique of selfish individuals to get rid of the one-man regime or just endure more sufferings?

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