posted 16 Aug 2005

The aim of the Eritrean struggle was not only the liberation of the Eritrean land but its object was to establish a constitutional democratic state. Eritrea’s were dreaming Eritrea to be the Singapore of Africa in the form of political stability and economic growth and to be the leading country especially in the horn of Africa in business and tourism.

Singapore of Africa (Eritrea) since the arrival of the dictator and his regime become single (isolated) and poor in Africa. Isolated from its neighbours Poor and dependent on foreign aid (.food) Eritrea is one of the world’s most food aid-dependent countries, with about two-thirds of its 3.6 million people surviving on food handouts (15 June 2005 IRIN news report). After all those sacrifices in our armed struggle with the heavy lose of life and property, we did not obtain what we deserve justice and freedom. In contraire, we   ended up with injustice   brutal dictator regime.

Once the independence achieved the hope and dream of each Eritrean, who suffered from the bitterness of the war, was to enjoy its fruit stability and peace. However, our suffering continued in a new guise in many and various forms. Which was suffering it from the foreign occupiers? A foreign master replaced with a national master. However, they both practice the same brutality

Eritrean people struggled for 30years for justice and democracy permanent peace, equality and prosperity. However, all our hopes and aspirations were beetle beyond any possibility to come true under the regime in power.  Isayas regime failed to deliver peace, freedom, justice, equality and prosperity.  However, the country being held up captive by an iron hand of a dictator who trusts no one but on himself.

The out come of the fourteen years dictator regime was:

  • hunger, illness, and ignorance
  • Enslave Eritrea’s in the name of national service.
  • economic destruction
  • corruption and bribery
  • Mass imprisonment

The military junta has stolen our independence that achieved with our struggle and great scarification and stolen our dreams in the desirable Eritrea that we wished to live in honourable life without fear of arbitrary detentions.

To achieve our objectives of a democratic government, which respect, protect and grants a better life in peace justice stability and social equality and freedom.

 We should change the current injustice brutal dictatorship regime in our country, in to a genuine democratic alternative, which stands on a right foundation.

  This to be achieved we should continue in the course of struggle against the dictatorship regime to remove it completely from the power.  Our change agent should be peaceful means. Popular Uprising accountable commitment and effective political work accompanied by our national Unity.

 My belief is that any change that achieved through violence and foreign interventions will not be better from the existing regime but will be the worse.




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