A Tribute to Mr. Seyoum Ogbamichael

By Dr. Salah Ibrahim

22 Dec 2205

The end of 2005 has brought sad news not only to the family and relatives of the late Mr Seyoum Ogbamichael, but also to his comrades in the opposition camp and to the peace-loving and democratic forces in the Eritrean society. It was with great sadness and sorrow that we received the news about the passing away of almost a life-long fighter of freedom, democracy, justice and social harmony. This letter is to offer my condolence to all people concerned, expressing my grief and sadness on the death and great loss of one of Eritrea’s heroes, who like many of his colleagues, scarified dearly to the Eritrean people. During pre-independence, Seyoum was a fine highly valued member of ELF who always assumed a central place in the life of the Eritrean struggle and played a vital role in strengthening the ELF. Post-independence, he tirelessly continued his struggle to fulfill the missing dream of the majority of Eritreans. The Eritrean people owe a debt of gratitude to the late Seyoum and the many like him for services rendered to Eritrea and its people.     

My first impression about Seyoum came about following the long and interesting interview by Saleh Younis, of the Awate Team, in June 2001 http://www.awate.com/artman/publish/article_4339.shtml. The first time I met him personally was during his visit to Australia in June of this year.  I will always remember Seyoum for the following:

  • A gifted public speaker with tremendous communication and diplomatic skills.
  • A fighter for the democratisation of the opposition camp.
  • An advocator for the broader public participation in the political process and decision-making.
  • A recogniser of diversity as richness and blessing; a promoter of multiculturalism and social harmony.


Finally, I ask Allah to give his family, relatives and colleagues in the opposition camp the strength and courage to pass through this difficult time.

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