No to demonstrations for the survival of the tyranny !Yes to the Eritrean peoples struggle for freedom and justice!


By Fesseha Nair


There has never been heard in the revolutions of people that people who fled from the persecution of dictatorship rally dictatorship in their home lands while they live in democratic countries. Eritreans are exception to this theory. In recent years various dictatorships of both internal and external origin have collapsed when confronted by defiant, mobilised people but in Eritrea we see people more mobilised by the dictator and support the dictator instead of joining their oppressed people at home.

The dictator in Eritrea is today in conflict with the Eritrean people at home and the international community in the world because of its wrong policies that have been the causes of destabilisation and conflict creating. The dictator’s criminal activities has gone beyond the country and become a threat to international security and peace. The international community have been warning and requesting the dictator in Eritrea to cooperation but it has rejected all calls and instead attacked all the regional and international organizations like IGAD, AU, EU and at last UN. If a member nation of the UN is a threat to the international security and peace then it is the UNSC ( United Nations Scurity council) responsibility to take steps against this member country.

The sanction resolution 1907 imposed by the UNSC has not come simply to damage the Eritrean people but directed to the dictator to change its behaviour of non-cooperation. The resolution of sanction is based on facts and previous resolutions and statements concerning the situation in Somalia and the border dispute with Djibouti given to this regime to abide by the UN Charter for peace security in the world. But all these resolutions were defied by the ruling party in Eritrea.

The dictator in Eritrea will now use the diaspora Eritreans against the UNSC resolution by planning a strategy and its implementations. One of this is the rallies that will be held on 22nd of February in Switzerland, Washington and Canada and many other minor cities. Can such rallies and campaigns save the dictator from the sanctions imposed to it? Can such rallies and campaigns lift the sanction?

Can seminars and conferences led by cadres, like Gidewon Abay, Sophia Tesfamariam and others help to lift the UNSC’s sanctions?

The main objective of all these rallies and campaigns is to save the dictatorship and elongate the Eritrean people’s suffering under the brutalities of one man rule.

The issue of being a threat to the international peace security is more serious than the violence of human rights in a country that is a member of the UN. The regime in Eritrea has being a threat to the peace and security of the region in the Horn of Africa and gradually against the world by its link with its international terrorism. It is now in stage where no demonstrations and rallies can help.

February 22nd should not be a rally to save the dictator from sanctions but a day for the victory of the Eritrean people who have been sanctioned for so many years’ under dictatorship and it is an equivalent to the 24th May of 1991 when Eritrea was liberated by our gallant freedom fighters, symbolizing independence, liberty, freedom and justice.

This day should be instead a day of civil disobedience saying no demonstrations for the dictator’s survival but stand in solidarity with our people at home suffering under dictatorial grip.

You who are deceived by the dictator’s misguiding directives and planning to attend the rallies in Switzerland, Washington and Canada must realize that your rallies are of no use to lift the sanctions aimed to the regime that has been a threat to the world peace and security.

Your participation in these rallies will one day be a case of legal issue that your citizenship of your residence country or the permit of residence shall be put in question to be withdrawn according your support or link with a system that has link with international terrorism. The writer of this article would like to give you the brotherly advice not to participate in such rallies but stand on the side of your people for peace, freedom and justice.

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1 Comment for “No to demonstrations for the survival of the tyranny !Yes to the Eritrean peoples struggle for freedom and justice!”

  1. salam,
    The opposition leaders have the responsibility to convince the oppressed people inside the country and in exile to rise up against this shifta regime. It is time for revolution and resistence. we have been betrayed and suffred too much.
    We have to speak up rally ,write petition. we shall not fear the evil little devils. we must fight by any means and we will live in peace some day.

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