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“What is certain is that we cannot accept the prospect of a world where the majority continues to become poorer and poorer while a few individuals continue to amass incredible riches. While the World Bank was celebrating its fiftieth birthday, demonstrators in the streets of Washington were declaring that “fifty years is enough!” They were part of a strong “Fifty Years Is Enough” campaign that has been mobilizing across the United States and other countries”

Abeba Isahac, (Africa – From Independence to Re-Colonization!???) –Asmarino.com

December 30, 2001

Whenever I come across, Addis or Abeba my memories trigger the good Ethiopians I met/neighbored in Diaspora including ex-Addisan Eritrean deportees. I have interacted with such lovely people whom I found ingenious, cultured and inspire good taste. Political crises, wars, and the mutual qualms caused by both neighboring countries rulers, notwithstanding, I still manage to uphold due respect to the Ethiopian people and always call and pray for good neighborhood in the region. After all, we were and are all victims of ruthless exploitation and maneuvers.

The Late Gen. Aman Andom , a man of intellect, was quoted to had said in Agordat (1974), in response to our fathers who were fighting for liberation, that our vision is to unite the East African colonial creation states and not to disintegrate further.

Subsequently, he was accused – by none than the ex-president Mengistu Hailemariam led Derg (military council)- of collaborating to secede Eritrea, attacked in his residence house in Addis Abeba, and bombarded to a heroic demise, with finger in a hot trigger. Aman was looking millennium ahead, because later on Somalia fell apart followed by the liberation of Eritrea.

Nonetheless, Majority, if not all, Eritreans staunchly stand to sustain the choice of our countrywide, when historically (at least for half a century) sacrificed their dearest sons/daughters, to a cherished unanimous and remarkable ballot decision to build a free nation, Eritrea, with its officially recognized boundaries.

It is pertinent that other than the archaic dream for controlled access to the sea, the nostalgia for the Atzes Tewodros/Yohanes and Sellasie Sou’wester (a hat without which Ethiopia looks bold on a school map) – save Menilik who did actually recognize Eritrea as a neighboring country – and the feudal heritage fostered by Amhara hegemony down to its rudimentary euphoria under ex-president Mangistu Haile mariam, may become a bolster lot for a desperate challenger to rally and govern the peoples of Ethiopia.  Eritrea, more specifically Assab port, shall remain subject for manipulation in the power struggle within Ethiopia at least for the foreseeable future. Similarly despotic subjugators in Eritrea shall exploit “fear of foreign aggression” under the rhetoric “no voice” but defending the motherland. If the southern neighbor initiates war well and good, else we have to make it happen.

The writer’s name Abeba tempted me to read, “He who hits the hardest” posted on Shabait.com on 5/6/2005 http://www.shabait.com/cgi-bin/articles-new/exec/search.cgi Quote:

“Despite all his blunders during his one term presidency, ex President Carter did learn quickly on how to restore his legacy by doing what he has been doing ever since he left office, and using it as a stepping stone, he has through that door, again managed to fool the rest of the world by pretending to become the statesman that the world calls upon during third world experimentations with western democracy.  It was only recently that his true nature has started to come out, perhaps because of his strong animosity toward Eritrea and its people that he did not even care to let his guard down, just this once.. But most important, I think he was emboldened by those Eritrean wannabe who have been saying all along that Eritrea would never have gained her independence if not for the woyane. So, I suppose the ex president saw no harm in repeating what he thought were already being said by other Eritreans, since he cannot tell who is who. That is the dilemma of the whole situation. “

Emphasis within quotes mine, through out.

The attack against ex-President Jimmy Carter is perfectly in line with the hullabaloo of the ruling man in Eritrea against US and its values as signified by displaying movies and documentaries showing US atrocities starting from the “wild west noble!! Savages” to the present Pharaoh’s rhetoric and incursions.

It was only recently that his true nature has started to come out”. I like this, but I wonder how recent?!!!

Nobody contests the Eritean people’s treasured sacrifice to merit hard won independence. Nonetheless, no sane with political sense can deny the role of USA and Weyane. The later is still paying the price of its stand and collaboration with EPLF in many ways both inside Eritrea (wiping out other organizations then) and Ethiopia consolidating mutual forces. Incidentally, if it were not for America, President Issaias would not have sustained power longer in the first place, not to speak of assistance given during the cold war. Nonetheless, if America were not involved in the Horn of Africa, we would have peacefully bypassed the Ethiopian occupation and gained independence similar to the other ex-Italian colonies, Libya and Somalia.

But her stand has its roots, see her Article  (Who is the Sponsor?, Asmarino,  November 13, 2001 ), she quote another writer’s article she treasures as ever green as follows:

“They (USA) did it in Eritrea. First they engaged us with Woyane and now they are pressing us to be against our leader. They are creating organization after organization some time in Germany the other time in North America just to create chaos in Eritrea. I suggest it should be included in the constitution to punish a political organization created outside Eritrea. I am against all political activities out side Eritrea. The political organizations that are created outside Eritrea are financed by CIA and are worthless to Eritrea Except to enhance the hidden agenda of CIA, political organizations financed by CIA are criminals that should be triad as treason to motherland. I suggest it should be included in the constitution to punish a political organization created outside Eritrea.

The support we give to our leader is to our best. By doing so we deny access to CIA intrigues. Being it Anthony Lake or Paul Henze won’t fool as if they are not CIA agents. At last Eritrea is going to prevail.”

No comments, after all it was an article she admired/ retrieved and recommended.

I, as a true Eritrean, who had never been blessed with any sympathy from America and Weyane, honestly acknowledge and appreciate their role in recognizing and facilitating (or at least for not disrupting) a celebrated incarnation of our longstanding struggle for freedom.. Both the GOE labeled culprits plus Sudan were instrumental in making transfer of power as smooth. Yet, were responsible to inflate the PIA balloon and assist in creation of outright hegomaniac (hegemony maniac) and despotic regime, the earaly praises of ex- USA President Clinton rings a bell

Further, what is of interest is the fact that such write-ups are real images of PIAs self talk and illusions. I bet PIA had set the venue for the gofers. PIA talks to himself; but in between a journalist like Ustaza Neema Debesai for instance fails to read (or deliberately breaches) the rule. When the master asks your opinion, he is not testing your faculties, he is just talking to himself and you have to echo loud and clear. She failed the litmus; all her years under GOE did not manage to refine! Or redefine her proper. Ustaza Neema was in the first place a victim! of a totally different culture, likely from her ELF days, when she could confidently respond to Mr. Ahmed Nasser’s ‘Aish raayeek?’ (What is your opinion?) Uttered, demanded your own opinion and feedback, never tantamount to betraying nay it goes with the spirit of the  “unwritten general rule” then. That was and is ELF’s major contribution to the early process of making a civil society in a dire need of reviving the old aged culture of tolerance (albeit some offenses against Yamanawian! and falluls!, are yet to be assessed). And most of the freedom of expressions in most medias were actually rekindled or promoted by those who had the benefit of experiencing it under ELF what ever their political color might be now and have been then.

The tragic aspect of the scenario is when shall the remaining GOE journalists or writers acknowledge that PIA has lost his faculties if there is no yardstick to measure bragging?


To be continued

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