September 13, 2006

Eritrean Congress Party (Info. Office)

In human history no matter the depth of contents, any kind of theory is worth nothing unless accompanied by action. A strategy based on clear vision should progress towards implementation to justify the forecast of a certain theory as a guide for action is realizable.  In order to take action, the question of organization should be considered as a great concern in no way to skip.  The Eritrean opposition camp towards erecting a democratic nation will never take shape unless the issue of a meaningful organization is well understood as a mechanism to resolve the problem.

Eritrean opposition forces should acquire the real political will to really pay attention to the cause. And “where political will prevails solutions will follow”. The vision, strategic set up of the Eritrean Congress Party: to fight the enemy as an enemy of a dictatorial nature – to be liable to the Adi strategy – to grow and build a publicly recognized leadership by means of unifying similar organizations and act solidly block by block – to confront the enemy by all means relevant to its nature – to approach and be connected to the Eritrean people by their only asset, land ownership – to move a step forward by taking action so as to lead by example and leave the slogan for others who use it as a mechanism for delaying tactics – to make the Eritrean people feel represented by a viable opposition is a  foot step to follow and a compass to be guided with..

The ECP basic strategy that will eventually evolve to a common national political platform is about to be heard by many. In fact, it has started to lay its building bricks where some have already shown the will to adhere. We have paved the way for our young men/women to have their visions in tact and our old men/women to dream their dreams. In a situation an opposition camp is in a state of strategic mess, there can never be clear vision or imaginable dreams. 

The ECP also acknowledges that it shares certain drawbacks at every stage it attempts to step forward. The risk being surmountable and with in the range of our capacity, our actions are accepted and our experience becomes a guiding light to the next move. We believe when ever an organization is in the right strategy, corrective measures are always within reach.  Similarly, when ever an organization is in the wrong strategy, there is no short cut to fix a problem other than to become a victim of pile of mishandling.

The ECP surrenders its every belief in getting organized and taking action to deliver the promises of each slogan.  No trust between leadership and society did grow through the barrel of a trumpet (slogan) with out action being taken.  Fifteen years under the yoke of a dictatorial regime shows that our slogans are aged and if we hit the same road what remains is nothing but death.  Action refreshes a slogan.

So far, no one denies that we have an opposition camp at distant from effectiveness in accordance with the purpose of having an instrument for action.  Some might think that it is a structural problem and consider six months or a year to fix. Others might think a matter of tolerance and transparency and it is genuine when none members are invited to their congress.  All these factors are secondary that do not provoke to turn slogan into action. The secret, basic and primary issue is to free oneself from unworkable combination of organizations and create a functional one, based on the stretch of the strategy that the ECP docked long before it was too late. A wrongly craved and failed combination of organizations can never create a situation to substitute a failed state. Our party is working hard to bring the strategy in danger back in track and many are in the watch list for the ECP’S strategic pick up.

Even though the demise of our enemy is inevitable, it is a historical weakness and failure to leave a task pending for a generation to succeed.  The young generation is paying the price for a crime it did not commit and for the inactions of its predecessors.  We must be able to reorganize the entire situation of the opposition camp, uncover the deceiving blanket in the name of covenant, take action and accomplish the task we owe, pay the burden  that we share and present the remaining portion of the young to the young. Simply crying against the dictatorial regime and counting its wrong doings is a strategy of runaways and incapability.

To day, if the truth is to be told, most of our opposition organizations have become unprofessional news tellers (media) telling, rather echoing second hand information. Some of us are deeply concerned in weakened critics, misleading evaluations, and self authorized award givers as if we are in entertaining stage.  History will tell who will win the price. To our understanding, the Eritrean people who will decisively bit the enemy will capture any award forthcoming.  A wrong mind set is always judgmental and always counts less by one forgetting itself.

 The habit of organizational touring from city to city and secluded annual cultural events remained to be a tradition with no outcome.  The agenda of the present situation (Hliwi Qnetat) year in and year out never activated any one’s feelings. Instead, it has become a reason to underestimate the messenger’s value. People know what the present situation looks like in their respective bedrooms well ahead of these messengers. Our leaders are forgetting that present situation includes that almost every one in the Diaspora is up to date of what is happening in our Eritrea and elsewhere. Our leaders are not aware of their audience’s level of understanding which is the key element of what a messenger should be cautious of before deliverance. A message, lesson should be conveyed and thought considering the level of the audience to provoke feelings and bear result. Modern technology is traveling faster than any emergency or express ticket.

The opposition should hear and adhere to the demand of the people on timely manner. “Everything changes, the only constant being change itself”. If leaders are unable to read the situation and are stack in the same redundant thinking every now and then, there is no way to salivate. After all, the audience remains the same every year, less in number with dead or depreciated appetite. Leaders must consider time restrictions to accomplish a certain job. A year with nothing being done is a decade. In the course of time, for many of us changing leaders might mean a solution. This is an individualistic rigid attitude. The key is changing thinking that matches the situation making a leader a leader. The transfer of power from one to another foretells the requirement of change of thinking to a certain circumstance.

The ECP proposal of getting organized according to the nature of the daily soaring contradiction and taking action based on the strategy of no mercy against the merciless system is on the move to materialize. An inch of contribution on this strategy from any one according to capacity is as equal as any other which might be considered humungous. The ECP took enough time to evaluate the experience of the opposition including its own and reached that to build a better house, start with collecting better parts is the only way to finish the project. A collection of parts that do not fit to each other is waste of time and only worth of recycling. Our strategy of get organized and take action is taking shape, succeeding and victory will be promoted.

Glory to our martyrs!

Victory to the disadvantaged Eritrean people!

ECP (Info. Office)

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