Important message from concerned Eritreans in Seattle, WA USA

Help needed from Eritrean websites to force debate about community national, cultural and holidays celebrations and their ideals.

What started in the Gedli era and continued through the Euphoria of independence years the Dictatorial control is entrenched in the communities in Diaspora.

 And those who oppose the control of the freedom of our people seem too distracted by their focuses to the oppression inside the country and are forgetting that the regime is busy undermining the freedom of the immigrant Eritrean communities in the free world of western Nations right under their nose.

Lately Immigrant Eritrean community’s sports and cultural festivals seem to have fallen in total control of PFDJ and are used as instruments spliting comunities and of show off for the one man rule.

PFDJ’s higher cadres and operatives in the respective communities are using the stage of our community cultural festivals, and those who oppose the control of the one man rule are not taking the time to inform their public.

Our public and youth are obliged and responsible to debate if the festivals held in their communities are free and for all Eritreans, or if they are controlled by PFDJ, the same way the life of our people in Eritrea is controlled by the one man party. Shouldn’t our festivals participating all parties and sectors of our people?

Hopping many will join the debate regarding PFDJ’s selfish hunger to enslave our people by milking their hard earned dollars and the importance of holding free and genuine community cultural holidays and celebrations. We are writing this infomercial peace about the upcoming summer cultural sports and cultural celebrations, but especially those scheduled in our city the city of Seattle, WA for this summer.

The Eritrean North American Soccer Tournament will start kick in July 1, 2006 and will continue through July 8, 2006.

Another Community festival of the western US, this one strictly managed by PFDJ operatives and usually attended by higher cabinet ministers and embassies of the regime will be held in August 5, 2006 also in our City the city of Seattle, WA.

We would like to start the debate by forwarding our argument against the control of our festivals by the one-man party as a message to our youth and our public.

Message to the Eritrean Youth and Eritrean Public, who are planning to attend the Eritrean Soccer Tournament in Seattle Washington which is scheduled to kick start in July 1st and through July 8th

Be aware of the tactics of control of our people by the unconstitutional GOE

Reason why the Eritrean government wishes to remain in control of Sporting & Festival activities inside and outside the country

  • It wants your money not your free participation or your say in your community affairs, or your right to pursue your happiness.
  • To control and oppress our people inside and in the Diaspora.
  • It makes videotapes to show-off and use your pictures while seemingly you are having a goodtime” on EriTV for propaganda.
  • Many young Eritreans like yourself in Eritrea live in detention & are tortured for this or that crime & every one living outside the country has their loved ones their broth/sister including their parents their friends or some-one they know detained and tortured and still pretend to support the government, why?
  • We know the only motive people who live outside the country pretend to support the country is the “Fear Motive” they want to visit to see their country, parents and loved ones and if they criticize the oppression of their people they fear the one man regime would hurt them.
  • Every day Eritrean youth are risking their life to escape the torture and prison they fear coming to them, in a country without rule of law or constitution.
  • Every year young Eritrean national soccer players are disappearing in foreign countries to run away from oppression abandoning their teams throwing away their fame as stars of their people.
  • Four national players have recently disappeared from Tanzania, living the Eritrean national Team incapacitated to save their life.
  • Eritrean National Federation is lead by military colonels and generals
  • The players are always accompanied by military and security personnel where ever they go. Developing teams, community institutions and organizations by citizens are unthinkable in Eritrea. Every thing including sports is controlled by the government.

                    Youth in Eritrea are angry to see you legitimize the regime’s actions.

We are not against our communities and our people Sporting & Cultural Festivals.

We are against the one party of PFDJ’s continuous schemes of divide and rule on our people through our community initiatives of Cultural celebration, and sports for our youth and communities.

No single party could unify the Eritrean youth. That is like expecting all American youth to rally behind the Republican or Democratic parties.

Festivals & sports could bring Eritrean youth together only if they break free from the control of a government or any single party.

The Eritrean North American Soccer Sports Federation is a suspect of falling under the control of PFDJ. It is seriously charged as lacking accountability to the communities and teams who trusted them to run clean sports competition and entertainment to promote athletics and health of our youth & bring our youth and communities together.

The Eritrean North American Soccer and Sports Federation clearly failed to do what many other immigrant communities African American or any other immigrant communities are able to do.

Providing full injury and health insurance to their players during their tournament

Developing, supporting and promotion of network system to support players who cannot afford to compete because of temporary financial problems.

The North American Soccer Sports Fed has been raising considerable funds that could have covered most of the required funds to support teams and youth but has not been responsible and accountable.

This year The ENASF is inviting musical entertainers mostly from Eritrea. Customarily the FED does not disclose how much it is paying these musicians. It has not disclosed who will be the honorary invitee. Most of the disclosure in their mission statement and by law has loopholes that allow them to funnel public money not to the objectives they were raised but to places the fed want to send.

The teams who elected the Board members of the ENSF FED are called to correct the problem by demanding accountability and auditing the financial handling of their organization.

Join the movement for the respect of Human rights in Eritrea

Don’t let the same government which has placed the entire Eritrean people under house-arrest fool you.

Join and Rally for individual liberties and respect for the people

Our youth while competing and cheering in the tournament we hope you enjoy the competition and celebrations but remember to use alternative entertainment venues than those to benefit the oppressive regime.

PS; Attributes

Most of the information we used above was furnished to us by Toronto concerned Eritreans and what ever credit should go to them.


Concerned Eritreans in Seattle, WA

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