An Open Letter to President George. W. Bush On the Humanitarian Crisis in Eritrea

The Honorable Geroge. W. Bush

President of the United States

                Dear President,

I am writing to you this open letter, being one of the thousands suffering under the tyranny of the one man rule in Eritrea.

Eritrea is a tiny state in Eastern Africa got its independence in 1993 with a population of not more than 2 million. Here, I would like to provide a short overview on the humanitarian crisis in Eritrea.

The regime in Eritrea is one of the dysfunctional states in the world without no constitution and institutions. It is an authoritarian government neither committed nor willing to engage in dialogue, peace and democracy in Eritrea. It is a brutal regime known by its mass arresting, extra- judicial killings and torture. There is no freedom of speech, religion and the regime is opposed to all human and democratic rights of its citizens. Thousands of dissidents from the government, military, civil society and religious leaders are languishing in the prisons of the regime in Eritrea without legal proceedings.

His Excellency,

During your presidential inauguration you told the world that your government will work for freedom and struggle against tyrants. Your government has been actively involved to end conflicts in Africa and other conflict- ridden states in the world. The state in Eritrea is one of conflict ridden state opposing democracy and dialogue for establishing peace and stability internally with its own people; and externally with its neighbours. The tyrant in Eritrea is the main cause of instability and turmoil in East African countries.

Dear President,

We have learned that the regime in Eritrea is neither committed nor willing to democratise and this has been evidenced by the calls and recommendations passed by the International community. The tyrant in Eritrea is the cause and breeding ground for terrorist plans and acts. It has been terrorising its citizens and arming others against neighbour countries in the Horn of Africa. As it was assessed by world peace institutions, the existence of brutal government in Eritrea is a threat to peace, democracy and development. The Eritrean people have been denied their fundamental rights by the tyrant regime to solve their domestic problems, build institutions that constitute a free society.

Mr. President,

The situation in Eritrea is not new to your government. It has been witnessed that the regime in Eritrea is a non –performing state, neither committed nor willing to engage in dialogue to resolve conflicts peacefully. But, there is a potential for democratic development in Eritrea opposing tyrants and terrorism and that is the Eritrean Political Opposition organizations. It is these potential your government need to locate and find possible ways to approach them. The Eritrean opposition organizations include political and civil society organizations scattered all over the world. The Eritrean Democratic Allaince ( EDA) comprising more than a dozen political organizations is a way towards democratization in Eritrea leading to the need  for including all the key stakeholders in the ongoing transition from tyranny to democracy.

His Excellency,

The Eritrean people’s case should not be forgotten or overshadowed by the conflict in the Middle East. The potential for democratic development in Eritrea struggling for peaceful and democratic transition, eventhough,  they are the owners of democratisation, need the support of your government to defeat the tyrant regime in Eritrea. The formation of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance was a positive step for the uniting the divided political organizations since its foundation in 2004.

The Alliance is now working to consolidate its organization and expand to include the broader segments of Eritrean society, including civil society leaders, business and religious leaders, and other key stakeholders.

I humbly urge your government to support this process of unity and as well as the potential for democratic development.


Fesseha Nair

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