By Jemal s.Ibrahim


If the broom dose not reach the dust the dust will not be removed by it self.       Dictatorships do not just change their minds and decide to heed to the will of the people. Today, the challenge for all Eritrean’s that desire to see democratic government in their homeland is to be part of the process that will continue to increase pressure on the regime. After sacrifice paid by thousands of martyrs Independence was achieved. Eritrea was born out of the enormous sacrifice of its people. What has been the reward of this independence under the rule of the dictator? The country is independent, but the people are not free. The dictatorship has betrayed the objective of our liberation struggle (Democracy and Justice) for which our martyrs fell and others lost their limbs.  What is more, the people’s living conditions and human right abuse have become worse than under the former foreign occupation. Those who have relatives abroad who send them remittances are able to cope. How the rest manage to survive is a mystery. Thousands are dying from malnutrition. Enslaving Eritrea’s in the name of national serves.  Every person between the ages of 18 and 50 is subject to indefinite military service. As a consequence, Several thousands have crossed over the border into neighbouring countries, and even beyond, at great risk to their lives ( Libyan desert and the Mediterranean sea ) Those  who  remain behind dreaming of a day when they too can escape. The PFDJ government had turned the whole country into an undeclared open prison. Mass arrest thousands have disappeared imprisoned and killed for no crime.  Eritrean’s had struggle for the rule of law and justice but they have been denied those rights. The Eritrean people desperately need change. Who will bring change and how? Establishing a framework of minimum program is not enough to bring change. Change can come in one way only if and only if we build united strong opposition. The Eritrean opposition is making progress from time to time but it is not enough. Are they effective? Yes they will be effective as long we participate and contribute our individual roles. The opposition must unite to build a strong front against Isayas and ask the international community for help to demarcate the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia and to get rid of Isayas unlawful oppressive regime. Opposition parties need to continue to work out their differences and try to come up with a common program that appeal to Eritrean’s    from diverse ethnic backgrounds and from all walks of life.  Opposition leaders must stop blaming each other for the past mistakes. The opposition have to arouse our people especially our national defence forces using modern means of communication and to unify its member’s efforts back home and abroad. The opposition must organize political training centers for members to create cadres. The   Eritrean dictator is never to be trusted under any circumstance. The opposition must apply Newton’s law of physics in Eritrean politics.   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the aim is to bring a democratic alltarnative in eritrean then it doesn´t matter if the opposition start   armed resistance, deals with evil or woyane. All we need is to change an evil dictator.

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