Yearning for a Leadership/Leader

Leadership is the process of persuasion and example by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to take action that is in accord with leader’s purpose, or the shared purposes of all”

                                                John W. Gardner


Leaders do the right things and managers do things right—- a classic interpretation of leaders. Many simply see leaders as those in top positions in an organization. To others, leaders are people at the cutting edge of a movement. Still, to others, leaders are empowered followers. In today’s confusing and highly critical world, leaders might simply be those people who are sticking their necks out.


Theories abound about leadership, e.g.., great man theory, group man theory … and so on. It’s neither my intention nor my desire to establish definition of a leader. However, establishing the definition of a leader may not even matter— not now when our country and our people facing with increasing crises— and unimaginable challenges. Today, we need action oriented, dedicated, selfless and visionary much more intellectual rigor.

The need for saving our society is stronger than ever before and demands on our leaders’ service are greater than ever before. Today, our leaders must able to face new and complex challenges— challenges that are fraught with risk, change and uncertainty. We yearn for leaders with sprit and vision. We don’t need leaders locked in status quo. We are looking and in- need of leaders who can and willing to change themselves and who can face and embrace changes. In particular, we need leaders who can help us Eritrean ask the hard questions to ourselves— and to others. In nutshell, we’re looking of leadership in the opposition that speaks from the heart and speak the truth and that can deliver results.   


We should demand our leaders to carry out their process by applying their leadership attributes, such as belief, values, character, knowledge, experience and skills. Lack of it, should they know they have to step aside or yield to others. We are in need of a dedicated and a mental toughness leader. I don’t mean a mean leader; but a tough-minded leader who sees things as they are and will pay the price. No one can lead without being blamed or criticized. People are looking for leadership/leaders who take full responsibility for their actions, and if they fumble repeatedly they ought to step-down instead of regrouping under different tent and name and repeating over and over again the same mistake. Looking closely to some of our leaders in the opposition, among them conservatively speaking they have over 1000 years of experience in the struggle. And when one evaluates their results the result is astoundingly unsatisfying to put it politely. Instead of eying the ball—-toppling the dictator and bringing liberty to their people they being and still bickering and arguing over simple, minuet and irrelevant issues among themselves over and over with no end insight. As a result we had witnessed splinter group after splinter within the opposition as a customary. People has had enough of this madness and demanding a new course of action. Hence, we urge you to postpone your opinion of difference and focus in unison to the downfall of the dictator and debate it later in free Eritrea as elected representative in the house of representative representing your party or constituency. 


The good news is Eritrean people around the world are inspired and encouraged by the achievements made by the ELF_RC at their 6th National Congress. Invited observers witnessed transparency, accountability in the process, and seeing youths and women being elected to the leadership.  Coming out of the congress successfully with progressive democratic programs and clear vision for country’s future: _ such as new economic policy, formation of an all inclusive political party, resolving land issues legally and justly and their over- all outlook of heeling the divisive and reactionary policies of the rogue regime post its downfall infused a new hope to many Eritreans.


As a result once again the majority of Eritrean people asking and demanding ELF_RC and the coming new party to play its share in providing leadership skills to bring about an end to the misery of ours— the Leadership/Leader crisis issue in order to reach our promised destiny—- liberates our country and our people. 


Y Abrahim   

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