Eritrean Community in Australia Annual General Meeting



Dear friends and colleagues,

We are please to inform you that the Eritrean Community in Australia Annual General Meeting was held on 19 March 2005, and a new Executive Committee was elected. The new Committee is as follows:

Dr. Berhan Ahmed (President)

Mr. Ahmed Abdelrehim (Vice-President)

Dr Salah Jimi (Public Officer)

Mr. Idris Shanino (Treasurer)

Mrs. Raga Osman (Social Relation)

Mr. Osman Shihaby (Secretary)

The new committees consist of various talented, skilled, committed and new generation of leadership. The new president Dr. Berhan Ahmed is well know among the different communities (African, Middle Eastern, and the main stream Australian public) from his involvement with the last federal election as a senate candidate and in various human right and communities committees within the Muslim and African Communities in Melbourne. Attached is the summary profile of the new committee members, which provide background information on their respected positions. A detailed profile of all committee members will be displayed in our Eritrean Community website within the next few weeks so you can get to know them better, and no doubt they will become familiar faces to you in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully they can step into the very large shoes of the outgoing committee.

The new team will also engage and co-ordinate activities with other African communities in Victoria to create harmony, and inspire African youth for a greater contribution in multicultural Australia. We look forward to work with you for the benefit of our communities and the environment at large.

Kind regards,

Dr. Berhan Ahmed


Dr. Berhan Ahmed (President):


Dr Ahmed worked with CSIRO’s Division of Forestry and Forest Products for over 10 years and completed an Agricultural Science Ph. D. from University of Melbourne in 2001. Currently he is working as a senior research Fellow at The University of Melbourne with the Faculty of Land and Food resource. Dr Ahmed’s leadership role will explore new ways of engaging all Eritreans’ participation, decision making and eliminate the culture of cover up, continued hostility and lack of co-operation among community members. Dr. Ahmed said “my job as a president is to help others achieve their full potential, and also want to see community members engaged actively in shaping their own futures with a confidence that comes from a sense of pride of their identity and respect and trust of each other”. Mobile: + 61 405 479 275. Mr. Ahmed A. Abdelrehim (Vice President):

An Engineer by profession, and well known as an accomplished musician, active campaigner in youth issues and human rights, Mr. Abdelrehim is passionate about empowering disadvantaged groups encouraging them to participate and be part of the mainstream society. He is a member of Care for Cancer Children board of directors and has vast fundraising and project management experience. *

Contact: Mobile: + 61 402 517 420 Email: Dr. Salah Jimi (Public Officer):


Dr Jimi completed his PhD at Monash University in 2004. He undertook most of his PhD research work at CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research. Currently, Dr Jimi is a lecturer in the Geography and Environmental Science at Monash University. He enjoys involvement in community and voluntary work. He has been active in assisting new arrivals and citizens within the Eritrean community with settlement issues. He believes a strong community is needed in order to make positive contribution to the broader Australian society. Mobile: + 61 0401380636 Email: Mr. Idris Shanino (Treasurer):

Known for being practical and a great motivator within the Eritrean community, Mr. Shanino enjoys long experience in community development. He is active in Educational programs for the youth and served the Eritrean Community in various roles over the past few years, particularly he is a good financial manager. Mrs. Rajaa Osman (Social Relations):

Passionate about heath, safety and community wellbeing, Mrs. Osman participated in promoting programs for women’s health and children health. She is an active member of the Eritrean Women’s Association in Australia and believes in strong family values and social participation. Mr. Osman Shihaby (Secretary):

With a strong technical background, Mr. Shihaby has a passion for photography and video editing. Well known within the Eritrean Community in Australia for his hard work and initiative, he has been active in sports, has served as secretary of the soccer federation in the past and still encourages youth to be active in sport. Brief profile of the Executive Team

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