Duhhhh …it is a Demonstration mate and it is supposed to be noisy.

A PFDJ GaG party official (Beef DJ) walks arrogantly towards the Police Officer with a wicked

smile on his face and starts complaining…



Beef DJ:

“… you see zeese crrrrazy pipple, zey olwayz make traple.”Police Officer

: “What did they do?”Beef DJ:

“you know, zey olwayz do zis and somsing like zat, oll ze time traple”Police Officer

they caused?”

: “What is it that you call trouble, can you tell me exactly what was the troubleBeef DJ:

“zey are emm…aaa…making too much noise you can see for yourselif”Police Officer

that what you calling noise?

: “What I can see for myself is people conducting a peaceful demonstration, isBeef DJ:

can’t hear inside ze hall & ze meeting, you know?

“ah???…aaa…eHim, no…ooh… yaEmmm… they make noise all ze time, wePolice Officer

demonstration people are supposed to make noise.”

: “What I know is that this is called a peaceful demonstration mate, and in aBeef DJ:

“…ab…maaa, ti…aaa, bii….bb-bbut…ttii….taa…mmm, baa….”Police Officer

: “Enough. Could you now step back behind the gate – oh, and stay there”The Beef DJ man walks away, his fake and wicked smile exposed, his face red like fire.

It was not surprising that our PFDJite brother did not understand the concept of demonstrations

and rallies? Soon we found out who his mentor was. A few minutes later, the President

on our big screens asking….

é appeared“What is Democracy? What is Free Press?”

The demonstrators gather around the big screen to watch a segment from a documentary shown

on ABC TV. PIA admitting he had no knowledge of anything called Free Press or Democracy …

well, no wonder he does not know Joshua either, a prominent writer and independent journalist

now in jail. PIA, a man who has no clue about free press or democracy, insists that he intends to

stay in power

why the minister of labor Mrs. Askalu had not clue either.

don’t want imported democracy”


“… as long as I live”. If the head of the government has no clue, then it is obvious“We want to know what democracy is. Weshe boasted. We guess she perhaps prefers HOME GROWNor she’d rather instead of importing democracy-IMPORTING TYRANY.Dear Mrs. Askalu, dear Mr. President, the meaning of democracy is universal, no one country

owns that, but all of humanity. Democracy is about respecting the individual’s and collective God

given rights. Democracy is about being able to have a say in matters that affect your life and well

being. It is about being able to defend yourself in an open court when you are accused. It is about

having the right to chose who leads you, it is about being able to dream and have ambitions as a

youth without being forced to slavery and endless cycle of abuse and torture…this is enough for

now, it might be too much for you to handle.

Peaceful demonstration is the most civilised form of self-expression and is one of the pillars of

any democratic system. Without allowing the right of the citizen to demonstrate peacefully, no

nation can claim to be democratic. These rallies are our rights, these demonstrations are a mean

of showing respect for the democracy that we are enjoying in this great nation Australia, it is a

way of asserting our readiness to exercise our right to speak freely, it is about showing the PFDJ

regime that we are not afraid to speak out openly.

Fulfilling the promise & living the oath.

For three years now since these series of peaceful demonstrations have been taking place in

Melbourne and around Australia.

and destroy the fear that PFDJ has spread in the hearts of Eritreans in Diaspora. Fear of not

being able to visit Eritrea, fear of not being able to be united with loved ones, fear of losing an

investment or a property…etc. Melbournians have spoken for three years loud and clear … WE


The festival of the people, by the people.

Through these rallies people were able to break the silence“… You see zeese crrrrazy pipple, zey olwayz make traple.”

trouble because we decided that we will speak our mind. We were called crazy because we

decided not to be slaves and blind followers to a ruthless regime. We are troublemakers because

we defied and challenged the authority, the authority that is


thing to do. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we enjoyed every moment of it. It was not a

demonstration any more, it was not a rally any more, it was a

said our brother. We are crazy and makingunelected, unqualified &. We spoke on behalf of the victimised, and we enjoyed it because it is an honourableResistance Festival, and it was aSolidarity Festival

Himbasha. Kids dancing and playing, adults mingling, sharing stories and jokes.

While we gathered to send a message of solidarity to the weak and oppressed people of Eritrea,

those inside the GaG fiesta, according to PFDJ, were gathered to

traitors and anti Eritreanisam, that we will not allow any attempt to divide or weaken our government…

mingled with their leaders and government representatives”

many who attended the fiesta did so for the sake of dancing and listening to music solely, but this

is how the PFDJites use things for their propaganda.

Our campaign over the past three years was to empower the people, the ordinary individual,

marginalised and isolated by a ruthless and heartless regime, we got a long way to go but WE ARE

DOING VERY WELL SO FAR. As the famous slogan goes….

. It was an outdoor festival for the family. Barbecue, Boon, Embaba and“…send a clear message to weyane,(Unelected and illegitimate). We knowQalsina newiH’u 3wetna nay giden’u

That was the famous slogan during the armed struggle, a long struggle for justice but a sure

victory. A new generation finds itself facing a new struggle,

people of a liberated sovereign nation

now we are ready for the next step,

We know, there are many who are frustrated with the PFDJ regime, but we also know for a fact

that those who are outspoken are few. We know we have limited resources compared with that of

a regime that controls an entire nation with billions of dollars in its coffers.

We also know when we struggle to raise a few hundred dollars to hold a rally,

to spend up to 200K for a Gag fiesta designed as a counter to our resistance rally, and this shows

how effective our campaigns have been so far

creative bunch of passionate people, we have been a great source of headache to the PFDJ in

Melbourne. We consider that a plus for us.

a peaceful struggle to liberate the. We have demonstrated, rallied, wrote letters, petitioned,RECLAIM OUR FESTIVAL.the regime is ready. We know for a fact that with our little crowd butWe know and we are ready for all the obstacles that the regime will be placing on our way

aiming hard at those who are leading this peaceful movement, and to break our backs.



Who Challenged Whom?

We are used to the same rhetoric every year from the GaG party, it is possible we may also have

our own media hype, but we are not obsessed with the number of people that attended or not

attended. However, when they claim 1600 attended their GaG festival (This means 250 in PFDJ

mathematics), we remind them that there are almost 7000 Eritreans in Melbourne alone, many of

them chose to stay at home rather than give PFDJ $$$, we say well done to those who stayed home

and we hope they will take an extra step next time and join us. Unlike the PFDJ supporters who

want to weaken the people and strengthen the regime, we are interested in empowerment of the

people and asserting our believes. We are not interested in declaring who failed and who

succeeded. We are not interested for we know WE CAN NEVER SUCCEED UNTIL JUSTICE IS


million dollars to lure people and create a festival of deception,

will not give up power as long as he is alive, we also declare we will challenge his regime as

long as we are alive, and he knows well, the people of Eritrea will live longer than his regime.

the President may declare that heHere is what the PFDJ GaG festival organisers wrote:

challenges against an external adversary. This could be a rival company, rival sportsman, rival brand of a

product or even a rival politician Remember you are always as good as your challenger and an intelligent

rival forces you to lift your game”.

” In normal circumstances you direct youThey fail to admit who the main challenger was over the last few years to their festival that forced

them to lift their game. It is good to see though, indirectly admitting that having a competition is a

good thing for anything to advance and improve. This is why for the past year, the Consular Office

in Melbourne and the Embassy in Canberra had no other job but to campaign for the festival.

Money was not important, the regime was ready to spend whatever it takes to stop the resistance

movement in Melbourne.

“But in the absence of such a challenge or when your challenger is hopeless, hapless, fragmented disjointed,

disorganised and at the best of times ignorant, the idea of an external challenger ceases to exist and instead

the real challenge has to come from with in. In this case you become the challenger and the challenged.

However it is a great mistake to drop your guard or relax a bit simply because you face a hopeless challenger.

Do not we know that miracles do happen and a turtle could out race a rabbit?”

shoot your own foot. LOL :). Miracles do happen, with our very limited resources, here we are

facing the regime openly for the third consecutive year, sleepless weekend nights, and in between

a protest and a protest, the resistance caravan is traveling in every capital city around Australia to

spread the message.

They also said,

bad apple”

wish, we will still be there, we will get bigger, louder and more effective, IGNORING US WILL

NOT MAKE US GO AWAY, we have already………………

Emm, well …suit yourself,“But let’s not worry too much about them, for they are an insignificant minority. A case of. Well, all we can say is, continue to ignore the insignificant minority as much as youMADE A PROMISE & TOOK AN OATH.

True to the promise we made and the Oath we took in the past years…

Again, holding hands in a circle, we affirmed the promise and the oath….

We will speak on behalf of the weak and the oppressed

We will reject injustice and dictatorship

We will demand and call for Peace, Fairness and RULE OF LAW

We will fulfill our obligation to our people and Humanity

We will call…wrong-wrong and right-right


ritrYANA (Eritryana@yahoo.com.au)Media Watch

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